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Basic Income News

Young Koreans to be given $833 in basic income trial

A new universal basic income scheme is to be piloted in South Korea, where 170,000 young people (aged twenty-four) will be given the equivalent of $833 with very few conditions attached. The scheme also aims to boost local businesses.

Finland's basic income experiment is lowering stress levels

For the last five months, Finland has been giving 2,000 citizens unconditional income. The country is already seeing benefits, with one being citizens are reporting decrease stress.

Ontario proposes basic income of least $1,320 a month

The Canadian province of Ontario is planning to pay a basic income of at least $1,320/month to its citizens. It will be launching a pilot project in a number of communities in the province by Spring 2017.

Op-Ed: Who does the minimum wage help and hurt?

London - Chancellor George Osborne has announced an increase in the minimum wage? Clearly he doesn't know anything about economics, or maybe he does?

Op-Ed: Barack Obama talking sense and nonsense

Washington - In his recent speech on the economy, Barack Obama made a number of good points, but his proposed solutions to the problems are a different matter.

Op-Ed: Basic Income for Europe in 2014?

All governments are obsessed with controlling inflation and creating full employment. Both these ideas are based on false conceptions of economics.

Op-Ed: The Archbishops' follies on wages and Wonga

The Archbishops of York and Canterbury have recently spoken out on low pay and high interest rates. They mean well, but do they know what they're talking about?

Op-Ed: The Investment Broker and the Girl from The Hood

Investment broker Peter Schiff and rap artist Chapter Jackson are an unlikely combination, but Chapter is an unlikely kind of Conservative.

Op-Ed: Boycotting workfare

Although the workhouse has been consigned to history, there are those who are intent on bringing it back. Fortunately, there is now fierce opposition to these insidious schemes.

Op-Ed: Will robots replace everyday workers?

"A coming wave of robots could redefine our jobs. Will that redefine us?" It can do if we use a little lateral thinking, and take on board the thoughts of Major Douglas.

Op-Ed: The Unemployed and the Unemployable — in Fiction and Fact

Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith has set about reforming the benefit system, but how can he truly ensure that work always pays?

Op-Ed: Who Wants Workfare?

In the run-up to the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, one of the candidates has been making noises about workfare. So have many other people, a long time before that.

Op-Ed: Iain Duncan Smith and the fantasy of making work 'always' pay

Everyone agrees the benefit system in the UK is a total mess. The man appointed to sort it out thinks he has the answer, but Iain Duncan Smith doesn't even understand what is the real problem.

Op-Ed: Would Shakespeare be employable today?

What would William Shakespeare be able to do workwise if he were alive today? Or Irving Berlin for that matter? And why are our masters so concerned about the chimera of full employment?

Op-Ed: Milton Friedman - an appraisal five years after his death

The free market economist Milton Friedman died November 16, 2006; he was awarded the 1976 Nobel Prize for Economics, but how do his ideas shape up today?

Op-Ed: How bonuses pay and benefits don't

Yesterday, it was reported that the European Parliament was planning to curb the bonuses being paid to bank staff, while a guest on a BBC news programme explained how benefit claimants are stuck in the poverty trap.

Op-Ed: Why we need more not less ‘unemployment’

The trade unions, the Opposition, and even the Coalition Government make a lot of noise about job protection and job creation, the reality is that Britain and all advanced nations need fewer jobs, not more.

Op-Ed: Basic income — The only real solution to ‘unemployment’

The myth of the benefits culture is pushed by governments on both sides of the Atlantic because politicians and our over-paid economists are incapable of seeing the real problem.

Op-Ed: The unemployed and the unemployable

Hull - A brief, partial review of two recent BBC Television programmes, and some comment on the issues raised therein relating to petty offenders, poverty and social exclusion.

Op-Ed: Who benefits from welfare benefits?

An article about a forthcoming academic conference at the British Library Conference Centre which will discuss the welfare system in Britain: who benefits from it, and who doesn't.

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