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Barbie News

Mattel unveils David Bowie Barbie doll

Los Angeles - A limited edition David Bowie Barbie was unveiled Thursday by toymaker Mattel to honor the 50th anniversary of the release of the iconic singer's hit single "Space Oddity.

Mexico court blocks sales of Frida Kahlo Barbie

Mexico - A Mexican court has barred sales of a controversial Frida Kahlo Barbie doll in the painter's home country, ruling her family owned the sole rights to her image, lawyers said Thursday.

Row erupts over new Frida Kahlo Barbie

Mexico - The new Frida Kahlo Barbie raised eyebrows, and indeed unibrows, from the moment it was announced.

Reality check: Barbie can now be tall, curvy or petite

New York - Barbie, long the stereotypical blue-eyed blonde bombshell, has been given a makeover. The iconic doll will now be available in three new body types -- tall, petite and curvy.

Mattel's Wi-Fi Barbie can tell stories, jokes to kids

Barbie maker Mattel has partnered with San Francisco start-up ToyTalk to develop Hello Barbie, that can engage in two-way conversation with children.

'Normal' barbie doll will come with acne, stretch marks and more

A "normal" barbie doll, created by Nickolay Lamm, has hips, thighs and even a backside that is proportioned to look like the average 19-year-old woman.

Video: Man dons Barbie costume and allegedly assaults woman

Authorities have confirmed that a man dressed up in a Barbie costume then attacked a woman while she was in the bathroom of a Big Lots.

Some say 'plus-size' Barbie promotes obesity

Earlier this week, an image of a "plus-size" Barbie doll went viral, and many people have voiced their opinion about it.

Barbie becomes first astronaut on Mars

London - NASA and Mattel have teamed up to send the 54-year-old doll on a mission to turn the red planet pink. It has been launched to celebrate the Mars Curiosity rover’s first birthday.

'I'm A Romney Girl' Barbie parody video goes viral

Both candidates for US President are the subjects of duelling music videos released this past week as supporters for both camps step up the political rhetoric, while trying to capture the attention of voters.

'Cancer Barbie' doll coming

The U.S. manufacturer of the Barbie franchise will release a bald Barbie doll next year in order to support children who lost their hair during cancer treatment.

Iran shuts down Barbie sales

Dozens of shops selling Barbie dolls have been closed down by Iranian Police as the authorities see them as symbols of Western culture eroding Islamic values.

Campaign for Mattel to produce bald Barbie growing

Mattel is being urged to mass produce a bald Barbie in order to make girls suffering from hair loss feel more attractive and to help children cope with hair loss among friends and relatives.

Barbie makes one-of-a-kind doll for designer Joe Mimran

Mattel has created the first Barbie celebrating a Canadian designer. The Joe Fresh Brand of fashion icon Joseph Mimran took three months for a specialist team of designers, stylists and cosmeticians to bring the toy to life.

Britain's youngest Botox user

With a mother known as the Human Barbie, it is not surprising Hannah Burge started her fight against wrinkles at the tender age of 15. She says she doesn't want to be haggard at 25.

Barbie's next gig? Computer engineer

Barbie has always been a career trendsetter so when Mattel decided it was time for new careers for their star doll they went to Facebook and Twitter for inspiration.

Black Barbie coming to UK

A new range of Barbie dolls will appear in UK shops from the next Easter. The figures are black or mixed-race, and have realistic features and curly hair

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie. You still look beautiful!

Although she hasn't changed a bit, other than donning a few undergarments, today is the birthday of a very famous American woman: Barbie.

New Book Reveals Sexy Side Of Barbie's Makers

Did you know that Barbie and Ken were made by swingers? That's the claim made by Jerry Oppenheimer in his book "Toy Monster: The Big, Bad World of Mattel" out next month.

Barbie Turns 50 in March

Barbara Millicent Roberts, famously called Barbie, will turn 50 in March of this year. More than a billion fashion items have been created for Barbie and her friends since 1959.

Barbie Bandits Bail Reduced

In Marietta, Georgia, one of the 'Barbie Bandits' is looking to get out on bail and a judge agrees to reduce it to $10,000.

Move Over Barbie: Baby Phat Designer Gets Her Own Matell Doll

She's hot, she's fashionable, she's been busted for drugs... and she's the new Mattel doll to hit shelves in time for Christmas.

Japanese Adults Buy Barbie Dolls To Dream Of New Shape

TOKYO (dpa) - Japanese retailers have been finding that women who buy Barbie dolls are often not shopping on behalf of daughters: the elongated doll is coveted by adults who secretly wish they had the same impossible body shape."Unlike in the United St...

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Mattel, Inc.
Two Argentinian artists  Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini  produced 33 dolls of various religious ...
Two Argentinian artists, Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini, produced 33 dolls of various religious figures for a show named “Barbie, The Plastic Religion,” which opens in Buenos Aires on Oct. 11.
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Coming soon is this  Cancer Barbie  doll version
Coming soon is this "Cancer Barbie" doll version
Courtesy Mattel

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