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Kanye says he and Kim are the most influential fashion couple

Hiphop mogul Kanye West appeared on "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" Tuesday, and revealed his belief that when it comes to fashion, he and his fiancee, Kim Kardashian, are more influential than Barack and Michelle Obama.

Publisher set to turn Paula Deen's story into a comic book

Bluewater Productions will include Paula Deen in its female empowerment comic book series called "Female Force." Deen's illustrated story, "Female Force: Paula Deen," is scheduled to be released in October.

Barbara Walters to announce 2014 retirement

New York - Longtime ABC news anchor Barbara Walters is set to announce Monday morning on "The View" that she will retire from journalism next summer. Walters created the daytime talk show in 1997.

Joy Behar drops out of The View

New York - The View's vivaciously liberal and often controversial redhead Joy Behar has decided to move on from The View after a 15 year residency which has pushed her to the forefront of the American zeitgeist.

Barbara Walters' triumphant return to The View

New York - Barbara Walters, who has returned to the Alphabet Network's hit program The View after recovering for six weeks from a concussion and chicken pox, received a heartfelt welcome from her sister co-anchors along with Mayor Bloomberg and Regis Philbin.

Barbara Walters hospitalized after cut forehead due to fall

Anchorwoman Barbara Walters was hospitalized for a forehead cut after falling at the residence of the British Ambassador in Washington.

President Obama says marijuana not 'top priority'

Washington - In an interview with Barbara Walters, President Obama stated federal law enforcement officials and prosecutors should not make Colorado and Washington laws legalizing marijuana a "top priority" in the war on drugs.

IRS seizes LiLo's bank accounts

New York - The IRS has seized Lindsay Lohan's bank accounts to retrieve over $200,000 which is owed to them from the star's earnings from the Lifetime network's megaflop Liz And Dick

Obama visits with 'The View' as world leaders meet

New York - While world leaders meet in New York, President Barack Obama will head for the comparative political safety of The View, a talk television show starring Barbara Walters and several other adoring hosts.

Transgendered beauty queen makes history at Miss Universe Canada

Jenna Talackova made history last night becoming the first-ever transgendered beauty queen to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

Barbara Walters reveals her most fascinating people for 2011

New York - It's the list we've all been waiting for. Barbara Walter's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 has just aired on TV. A few surprisingly fascinating figures were not on the list including Prince William and wife Kate, Casey Anthony, and Hillary Clinton.

Op-Ed: No one cares about 'The World According to Paris.'

It would seem Paris Hilton, and her new reality show, "The World According to Paris," are—as the hotel heiress would say—“not hot.”

Barbara Walters to undergo operation for heart valve replacement

New York - Barbara Walters, 80, one of America's most popular television journalists, announced this morning on ABC's The View that she will undergo heart surgery later this week to replace a heart valve.

Barbara Walters Finds Fun and Controversy in Talk About Sex Toys

Sex toys are in the news. While North Dakota floods and the President speaks, there are some things that must not be overlooked.

Jimmy Kimmel dresses in drag for appearance on The View

On March 9, Jimmy Kimmel appeared on the View, dressed as Rosie O'Donnell. He seemed to surprise the ladies of The View, who had a great laugh.

Rosie Bombs Again

Rosie O'Donnell's Variety show for NBC bombed after one show, which aired last Wednesday night. Some say her show just didn’t pass muster but Barbara Walters upstaged Rosie again with her interview of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Pregnant Man Doing It Again

It seems Thomas Beatie enjoys being a man trapped in a pregnant woman's body. Beatie is having a second baby due on June 12. His and wife Nancy welcomed their first child on June 29 this year.

Another Co-Host Planned For The View

The day following Whoopi Goldberg's start on The View the show announced they will be adding another to the panel. A fifth co-host will take her seat on Monday, Sept.10. Who will it be? No one is telling

Barbara Walters calls Trump a "Poor Pathetic Man"

"That poor, pathetic man," said Walters, drawing whoops of approval from her TV audience this morning. This is the latest in the series of verbal wars between Rosie and Trump.....

Barbara Walters says "all is well" after Ripa-Rosie flare-up

Barbara Walters says "all is well with the world" after yesterday's flare-up on "The View" between Rosie O'Donnell and Kelly Ripa.

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President Obama addresses recently passed laws legalizing marijuana in Washington and Colorado with ...
President Obama addresses recently passed laws legalizing marijuana in Washington and Colorado with Barbara Walters.
White House/Pete Souza
President Barack Obama records an episode of The View at ABC Studios in New York  N.Y.  July 28  201...
President Barack Obama records an episode of The View at ABC Studios in New York, N.Y., July 28, 2010. Pictured, from left, are Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
File photo: Pete Souza / White House

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