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Eleven nervous Democrats push White House on Keystone XL

Washington - Today Pres. Obama continued to delay making a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline as more Democrats joined Republicans in calling for him to approve it for permitting

Former FBI agent alleges Obama's CIA nominee converted to Islam

John Guandalo a former special agent with the FBI is making stunning accusations that Pres. Obama's pick to head the CIA made a conversion to Islam while serving in the Middle East.

Video: Voters have their say in 'Dear Mr. President'

NPR has launched a little project through Tumblr called "Inauguration 2013" where people can have their say on who they voted for and what US President Obama's priorities should be for the second term.

Op-Ed: Was Barack Obama born in Mombasa, Kenya?

Mombasa - There has been much controversy about Obama's birth certificate ever since he was first elected. People have said that the birth certificate he held was counterfeit.

Op-Ed: Will 'Silent Majority' take back helm?

With Mitt Romney’s decisive win in Florida, it’s looking more and more like a two-man race. Not the Republican Primary, the 2012 presidential election.

Op-Ed: An Open Letter To The Ignorant Supporters of McCain

What's in a name? Apparently a lot when you run for office. It is pretty sad when the best reason not to vote for the opponent is his name. If you are a smart supporter of McCain, this isn't for you.

Op-Ed: I Am Spartacus! um, Hussein! Yes, Spartacus Hussein, That's Correct

In a time of growing controversy over the nationality and religious beliefs of one Presidential candidate, there is a growing support movement that is showing a new trend for Obama supporters; the inclusion of the name Hussein into their names.

Op-Ed: Bill Clinton says 'Obama can kiss my ass'

Entering the final leg of this years election cycle, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama is finding that the water is getting a little hotter in some places, and where Bill Clinton is concerned, it's downright frosty.

Op-Ed: John McCain Setting His Sights From Behind

It's a common misconception about old warriors that they aren't up to the grade when it comes to a down and dirty fight. The thing about old warriors is that they become old warriors by learning how to fight better than their younger opponents.

Lou Dobbs Considers, Whether To Hussein Or Not To Hussein, Barack Obama

On February 27, 2008, Lou Dobbs invited the American public to use Barack Obama's middle name, if they want to, despite the fact that Barack doesn't use it. By contrast, he did not invite the public to call him Louis Carl Dobbs.

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