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Obama signs bipartisan student loan deal

Washington - On Friday, lawmakers from both parties were in the Oval Office, watching President Obama sign into law the "Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013", a bill designed to keep interest rates low for student loans.

Op-Ed: Obama visit turns African city upside down

Dakar - Visit by American presidents anywhere in the world are usually a nightmare for the host country in terms of security arrangements, not to talk of costs. President Barack Obama's current visit to Senegal is no exception.

Op-Ed: U.S. election all in a name as a Barack goes up against a Mitt

With the election drawing ever-nearer it's time to bring to mind once again the uniqueness of this contest. Not in the positions of the candidates on health or foreign policy, or even the economy. No, the first name uniqueness.

Obama: Take human rights in the Arms Trade Treaty forward Special

Sydney - Amnesty International and Act for Peace held a demonstration in Martin Place, Sydney to send a message to US President Barack Obama to reject the human rights escape clause in the current UN arms trade negotiations.

Op-Ed: Bombing Iran — A British anti-war view

The movement against perpetual wars for perpetual peace has become a broader church of late; retired architect James Thring is one of the loudest voices in this ad hoc coalition.

Op-Ed: Obama vs the torturers

Barack Obama may have been a disappointment as the candidate of change, but the alternatives in 2012 are a Christian Zionist who may well start World War III, and a woman who would allow the unemployed to starve.

Obama effigy set ablaze inside Wisconsin bar Special

Milwaukee - A Wisconsin bartender encouraged by drunken patrons of a Milwaukee Pub and Grill set a statue of President Obama on fire as customers sang, danced, drank and toasted the fiery end of Obama's political policy that the majority of the group disagree with.

Op-Ed: Why Obama's weigh in on Gates' arrest was not a mistake

Dealing with issues of racial inequality in America is part and parcel of the tremendous responsibility President Obama willingly took on when he became our nation's first black president.

Op-Ed: President Obama Now Feeling The Heat of the White House

In recent days, I could not help but think our new president is having second thoughts on the whole thing. Not only does he face economic crises here at home, he now faces off with the same old US adversaries abroad. Not much Hope for Change there.

An Elephantine Birth Day at Ringling Brothers

Weighing in at a hefty 250 pounds (ouch), an elephant calf was the first born of Ringling Bros‘. 14-year-old Bonnie. A bonnie gal indeed -- she had been performing at the circus until recently.

Op-Ed: Obama, The Ineffectual

Obama. The word divides the country into two sides; those who love him, and those who don't. The day after inauguration day, I pause and wonder: why are we so wrapped up in this man, since he's going to so obviously be ineffectual?

Op-Ed: Remember Me, President Elect Barack Obama

With the landslide victory of President Elect Barack Obama to the U.S. Presidency, how will this impact Canada? Will this administration be better equipped to handle the sometimes strained relationship between Canada and the U.S.A.? Lest they forget?

Obama's Grandmother Dies Today

Just over a week after he left his campaign to say one last goodbye to his grandmother, Barack Obama announced today that she has died of cancer.

Op-Ed: Is Barack Obama A Candidate or a Cult Of Personality?

Six politicians in Brazil have renamed themselves Obama. 'Barack' has been crowned Name of the Year by Laura Wattenberg, creator of Baby Name Wizard. And now the town of Olema in Marin County, CA has renamed itself Obama. This is not politics as usual.

Op-Ed: Would Obama Destroy America Along with the Whole Wide World?

On June 21st the Wall Street Journal issued the opinions of Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Mundell who said Barack Obama should not be elected President because his taxation policies would destroy the American economy. I disagree.

A German Take On Obama's Win: Onkel Baracks Hutte, or Uncle Barack's Cabin

German newspaper Die Tageszeitung is said to have a "leftist social sensitivity" so how bizarre is it that after Barack Obama's win over Hillary Clinton last Thursday, the headline they chose for a picture of the White House was 'Uncle Barack's Cabin'?

Op-Ed: Will The Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?

Though Barack Obama may be well on the way to the Democratic nomination and possibly even the Presidency, recent disturbing developments should have us all asking: just which Barack Obama would we be putting in control of government? And who else?

Op-Ed: Doting, Pandering, Catering! Oh My!

Hillary Clinton's appearance in West Virginia after her dismal showing in the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana is a clear indication that the Senator from New York has not recognized - publicly - that her marathon race to the White House is over.

Op-Ed: Money For The Revolution!

How long have I been saying this? How long have my fellow Conservative Watch Dogs been saying this? How long have the plethora of those "in the know" been saying this?

Op-Ed: Is Barack Obama the 'Teflon Don' of American Politics?

Jeremiah Wright. Louis Farrakan. William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. The Hamas Charter praised on TUCC website. Disgraced Hamas fundraiser and friend of Michelle, Hatem El-hady. Any one would sink any other politician. Why is Obama still standing?

Terror Fundraiser no 'Friend' of Michelle Obama, DJ Credited with Hot News Tip

Michelle Obama's 'Friend' name is gone from terrorist fundraiser Hatem El-Hady's Obama web page. UPDATE: LGF, Michelle Malkin credit DJ Mad King with hot news tip. UPDATE: Mr. El-Hady's web page now vanished from Obama campaign site. No explanation given.

Op-Ed: Barack Obama, We Are Not as Bitter as You Think.

His amazing ability to spout complete bull and still have followers lapping at his hand despite everything he has said and done to show his disconnection to the nation makes Barack Obama the great chameleon.

Op-Ed: Presidential Aspirant Appealing To The Emotional

I was always taught as a wee lad by my father that it is always best in the long run if people around you and those you have influence over, knew you to be solid in your stances. He also said that it is best to be honest and portray yourself as yourself.

Barack Obama using "Web 2.0"!

Barack Obama has a Facebook profile, Flickr account, and YouTube account. Will it help him?

Barack Obama on Daily Show

Senator Barack Obama appers on Daily Show with Jon Stewart and does well.

Obama introduces Iraq bill -- "The Iraq War De-escalation Act of 2007"

Barack Obama offers a plan to stop the escalation of the Iraq war ... and begin a phased redeployment of troops

Daily Show Jon Stewart weighs in on FOX's Obama Smear

Jon Stewart explains Fox's Obama Smear, Video

Obama bill to cap Iraq troops

Barack tosses in his two cents worth.

Barack Obama a Sex Offender?

Local Fox station (KMSP - Minneapolis/St. Paul) shows video of a Barack Obama rally during a story about a sex offender's sentencing.

Obama's first Presidential Commercial Released

While Barack may not be ready to announce his candidacy, his supporters are. They have already created a commercial supporting the future candidate.

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