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Landlord whips out pool cue during bar brawl

Barry Birch, a pub landlord, used a pool cue to hit a top jockey and his two friends who were drinking in his establishment.

Op-Ed: How bar codes revolutionized shopping

If you ran a supermarket in, say, 1960 then you had a problem. The number of different consumer goods kept increasing but how could you accurately price every item at checkout?

Daily Relief: Monday 31 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes sheep storming Le Lourve, a 14-year-old giving advice to the US Government, and a new dating method.

Exclusive Japan bar sues website for unwanted publicity

Tokyo - An exclusive Japanese bar is suing a foodie website, arguing that unwanted publicity from a review is damaging its operational strategy of being little-known and hard to find, reports said on Thursday.The bar in the western city of Osaka, which was not...

French pub fined €9,000 for customer taking glass back to bar

In yet another case of from the sublime to the ridiculous, a pub in Brittany, France has been fined by French officials for using "undeclared labor," just because a customer took his own glass back to the bar.

Actor Josh Brolin involved in bar fight over the weekend

Actor Josh Brolin, 45, was filmed fighting with a bouncer outside a bar in Santa Monica, California. The video starts with Brolin throwing a few punches, but ends with a hug.

Man sets fire at bar over male revue poster he didn't like

Phoenix - A man was arrested after he allegedly set fire to a bar in Phoenix because he did not like a poster that showed shirtless men.

Man acts as bouncer, hits bar patrons in toilet, video goes viral

Johannesburg - A video, showing an alleged bouncer assaulting patrons of a bar in Fourways, Johannesburg has gone viral. The patrons were apparently smoking marijuana in the bathroom, the guy was apparently not actually a bouncer.

Police have last laugh in Marbella 'nitrous oxide' arrests

Marbella - Three British expats have been detained by Spanish police for distributing nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) in balloons at a bar in Marbella, popular resort on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

Spanish bar owner in trouble over 'naked waitress' raffle

Granada - The owner of a bar in Salobreña near Granada got into trouble with the police recently, after offering clients a chance to win a one-night stand with a nude waitress in a raffle, to promote an upcoming party.

Review: The Workshop is a traditional burger joint in Palo Alto Special

Palo Alto - University Avenue may have a diverse choice of eateries but you could always find a good burger. The Workshop is an example of an establishment were one could kick back with some good beers, burgers, and buddies.

Sports bar deck collapses in Miami-area, leaves dozens in water

Miami Beach - An outdoor deck behind a popular Miami-area sports bar collapsed during the NBA finals. Dozens of patrons were sent into the waters of Biscayne Bay, and three people were critically injured.

11 people disappear from Mexico City bar in possible kidnapping

Mexico - Six men, mostly in their 20's, along with a 16-year-old boy and four young women have vanished from a bar in Mexico City. Police fear that they may have been kidnapped.

Coca Cola completes a study: Spain, the Spanish and their pubs

According to the Coca Cola company, a study they have just completed shows that there are 350,000 catering establishments in Spain, meaning on average there is one bar for every 132 inhabitants.

Review: Café Yanx — 'An American in Marbella', since 1997 Special

Marbella - Their website reads, "Here at Yanx, we like to think of ourselves as a smooth quality vintage with a successful pedigree going back some thirteen years." And it really shows with their incredibly tasty, all-American food, served here in Spain.

Get a free garlic pizza at the Dove & Olive pub in Sydney Special

Sydney - Digital Journal’s resident Sydney myth buster has busted the myth that there is no such thing as a free lunch. There is and it can be found at the Dove & Olive Hotel (pub/bar), 156 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills.

Tapas event comes to São Paulo

Rio De Janeiro - Spanish Tapas week has arrived in Brazil. Until August 12th, people in São Paulo can enjoy a selection of Spanish Tapas.

Man urinates on woman after she rejects his advances at bar

Boulder police arrested a man who witnesses say approached a woman and when she rejected his advances, he urinated on her.

Panel discusses problems affecting Sydney area Special

Sydney - A public forum was held at the Kings Cross Hotel and presented by FBi Radio and Time Out Sydney. It comes after the death of Thomas Kelly who was hit in the head in an unprovoked attack.

Georgia man burned after bet to set his head on fire with rum

Augusta - During a night of drinking at a Georgia bar, a man bet his friends he could pour a shot of Bacardi 151 on his head and light it on fire.

Bar owner buys entire Texas town, names it 'Bikinis'

The owner of the Texas-based Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill has bought an entire town and has named it after his restaurant.

Jersey Shore cast members reportedly get into a fight

The members of "Jersey Shore" apparently got into their first fight of the season last night. Some of the members reportedly got into a bar fight.

Cheers! Increasing number of women involved in beer production

Beer brewing and drinking has long been seen as a male-dominated affair. However, contrary to popular belief the 8,000 year old beverage has mainly involved women. And now ladies are taking back what is theirs and joining the beer brewing world.

Mission Impossible star, Jeremy Renner, escapes knife attack

Phuket - Renner avoids serious injury, while drinking buddy and resort manager, Vorasit “Pla-wan” Issara, ends up in hospital with serious wounds

Op-Ed: Bartender impresses audience with 100 sake bomb dominoes

It currently appears that everybody is after their five minutes of YouTube fame, and this bartender is no exception. In a task that was executed to perfection, he calmly drops 100 sake bombs into a collection of cold beers, much like a set of dominoes.

The Flying Beaver Pubaret opens this weekend in Toronto Special

Toronto - What do you get when two lesbians join forces? A new bar called The Flying Beaver Pubaret. It's no joke, as these two proprietors are serious about pumping some fun back into modern times.

Man allegedly poses as female plastic surgeon to give 'breast exams'

Boise - Police arrested a man who allegedly posed as a female medical doctor after he convinced at least two women at local bars that he was a plastic surgeon. Police say he then fondled their breasts under the guise of what they believed to be a medical exam.

World record chocolate bar unveiled

Yerevan - There was plenty of chocolate for everyone in attendance when the world’s largest chocolate bar unveiled in Armenia. The huge bar weighed 4,410 kilograms (9,722 pounds).

Video screens over bar urinals draw criticism

Vancouver - The fact that people can watch bar patrons from video screens in restrooms has raised concerns. Vancouver's Opus Hotel has monitors over the urinals in the men's washroom, as well as in the women's washroom.

To ban or not to ban smoking on French brasserie terraces Special

Lyon - French smokers are up in arms over the decision by some Parisian brasseries to ban smoking on their exterior terraces. I decided see if the idea was catching on in the classier establishments of downtown Lyon.
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People at a bar
People at a bar
Glenn Harper
A range of different beers on display in Eindhoven. Be careful  some of these are very strong. The a...
A range of different beers on display in Eindhoven. Be careful, some of these are very strong. The average is 8 percent, with some as high as twelve percent (alcohol by volume).
A bartender s bar
A bartender's bar
Rice and D
Hiding text.
Hiding text.
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Andrew and his wife Molly _Feng Chao Bar _ Leshan City.
Andrew and his wife Molly _Feng Chao Bar _ Leshan City.
Feng Chao Bar
Feng Chao Bar
Business was slow yesterday afternoon at Cactus Joe s in Barboursville WV where man killed in bomb e...
Business was slow yesterday afternoon at Cactus Joe's in Barboursville WV where man killed in bomb explosion just hours before.
In the lower viewing gallery a champagne bar proves popular with visitors.
In the lower viewing gallery a champagne bar proves popular with visitors.
Brasserie l Espace Carnot  Lyon France
Brasserie l'Espace Carnot, Lyon France
A man  alleged to be Shane Myburgh  pretends to be a bouncer and beats up patrons in a bar.  The CCT...
A man, alleged to be Shane Myburgh, pretends to be a bouncer and beats up patrons in a bar. The CCTV video went viral.
Feng Chao Bar
Feng Chao Bar
Bar terrace  Paris France
Bar terrace, Paris France
Feuillu on Flick'r
Inside the New York-style bar
Inside the New York-style bar
A bar in Salobreña  Spain  advertised a raffle where the winner could spend the night with a  naked...
A bar in Salobreña, Spain, advertised a raffle where the winner could spend the night with a "naked waitress".
Video screengrab
Grim s dyke library bar
Grim's dyke library bar
Feng Chao Bar _ Leshan City_ China.
Feng Chao Bar _ Leshan City_ China.
The front of the Dove & Olive Hotel.
The front of the Dove & Olive Hotel.
An overview of the hotel s first-level bar
An overview of the hotel's first-level bar
Clients at the Brasserie les Arcades  Lyon France
Clients at the Brasserie les Arcades, Lyon France