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Bankrupt News

Op-Ed: Pentagon intelligence official indicted in covert weapons deal

In the pantheon of shady deals, things just don't get much shadier than this. Senior Navy intelligence official David W. Landersman has been indicted on charges of alleged theft and conspiracy.

Seniors going bankrupt in soaring numbers in Canada

Judy Southon, from Toronto, said she had her husband had great jobs and raised a son, and they owned a home, but she never thought she would have to declare bankruptcy.

Toronto bidder cancels plans to buy Atlantic City casino

Toronto - A Canadian investment firm appears to have has backed away from plans to buy a bankrupt Atlantic City, N.J., casino even though its indecision could cost $10 million.

Bankruptcy court auction of Atlantic City megacasino to resume

Atlantic City - A bankruptcy court-supervised auction for Revel, the multibillion-dollar Atlantic City casino that collapsed earlier this month, resumes today in New York City.

Op-Ed: The Top 5 worst mistakes Nintendo ever made

Despite being the most recognizable brand in video games, the Wii U is currently the worst selling console on the market. We take a look back at the Top 5 mistakes Nintendo has made to gain some perspective.

Parody website posts article claiming Paul Krugman is bankrupt

New York - The Daily Currant, a parody website, reported that New York Times columnist and Keynesian economist Paul Krugman filed for bankruptcy. Although the story is untrue, many news organizations picked it up as fact.

Wildlife shelter goes bankrupt, 112 monkeys get new home

Dilley - A group of animals, formerly residents of a San Antonio-based wildlife shelter, have found a new home after the shelter they previously lived in went bankrupt.

American city files for bankruptcy

Central Falls - The city of Central Falls, Rhode Island, whose motto is "A City with A Bright Future", has become the latest American community to file for bankruptcy.

Op-Ed: Can’t pay, won’t pay – a lesson in Greek economics

The reaction of the Greek Government to its debt crisis has been to submit to the dictatorship of finance with a package of "austerity" measures. An alternative solution is for Greece to default and take back its sovereignty.

Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy

Garden Grove - The financial crisis and the troubled times that followed have hit every sector of the economy. Even churches have been hit hard. Now Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California has filed for bankruptcy. It is apparent that nothing is sacred.

Will MGM go bankrupt?

Iconic American film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, known for its big-budget adventure extraveganzas and its symbolic roaring lion, is deep in debt.

Detroit Pistons 'Bad Boy' star files bankruptcy

Rick Mahorn, who was a member of the Pistons' 1989 NBA championship team from the "Bad Boys" era, has filed bankruptcy and has had his $500,000 home foreclosed on.

Obama says without health care changes U.S. 'will go bankrupt'

In a late-hour push to see the Democrats' health care measure through the Senate, President Obama said that without it the government 'will go bankrupt.' Obama later signed a $1.1 trillion spending bill into law

Let Social Security and Medicare Go Bankrupt, Expert Says

According to the Wall Street Journal not long ago, because of the recession Social Security and Medicare are scheduled to go bankrupt sooner than expected. One columnist declares this is good news How could that be?

Tea House Bankruptcy Takes Heart of LouisianaTown

Folks in the restaurant industry are hurting in many places. Fast food may be doing well, but the uptown cuisine is expensive. Small, specialty restaurants have overhead costs to meet, and the public wants to save money.

After bank melt down, Iceland goes back to fishing

Iceland's Prime minister has advised his country men to return to their traditional profession of fishing after the country's banking system collapsed last week.

Former 'Duke Rape Case' Prosecutor Mike Nifong Files For Bankruptcy

The disgraced and disbarred former prosecutor who made a name for himself during the now-famous rape case in which members of Duke's Lacrosse Team were charged with rape has filed for Chapter Seven protection.

Man Threatens To Bankrupt MySpace

Missouri man threatens to bankrupt MySpace, bulldoze their headquarters and purchase Fox News as party of his attack on the website.

Candidate says US going bankrupt

Presidential candidate Ron Paul, campaigning in Iowa, says that the US is going bankrupt.

Is court worth the time, effort, or cost?

Priced out of the system: Canadians are going bankrupt pursuing their legal rights- and even the 'winners' are saying it's not worth it.

US Airways withdraws bid for Delta

US Airways dropped its hostile $9.8 billion bid for Delta on Wednesday after Delta's creditors threw their support behind the airline's plan to emerge from bankruptcy on its own.

As Airlines Surge, Pilots Want Share

Now, as Airlines in the U.S. are beginning to rebound from their horrible loses and attract more investment, pilots are demanding a greater share of the benefits.

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With inflation rising dramatically  Venezuelans face worsening food shortages.
With inflation rising dramatically, Venezuelans face worsening food shortages.
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Damon Dash
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A Linens & Things going out of business
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