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Banking News

Greek banks must find up to 14.4 bn euros after ECB stress test

Frankfurt - Four major Greek banks must find up to 14.4 billion euros ($15.8 billion) to survive potential economic shocks, the European Central Bank said, releasing the results of an in-depth financial health check.

Deutsche Bank to slash 15,000 jobs, exit 10 countries after losses

Frankfurt - Deutsche Bank, Germany's biggest lender, unveiled Thursday a massive new cost-cutting drive, saying it would axe thousands of jobs and close down operations in 10 countries after it clocked up record losses in the third quarter.

Swissleaks leaker says not planning to attend Swiss trial

Divonne-les-bains - A former HSBC employee who leaked documents alleging the bank helped clients evade millions of dollars in taxes said Wednesday he would not attend his trial in Switzerland because he would not get a fair hearing.

Farmers lose debt gamble in typhoon-plagued Philippines

Cabanatuan - Philippine rice farmer Francisco Santo Domingo's life is in ruins after losing yet another gamble with nature, but the typhoon that destroyed his crops means gleeful loan sharks have again hit the jackpot.

Kasparov urges France to cancel extradition of Kazakh opponent

Paris - Chess legend Garry Kasparov on Tuesday appealed to French President Francois Hollande to annul a decree to extradite exiled Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov to Russia, where he says he faces torture and rights abuses.

Credit Agricole to pay $800 mn in sanctions case: Source

New York - French bank Credit Agricole has agreed to pay $800 million to settle charges it flouted US sanctions in Iran and other countries, a person familiar with the matter said Monday.

France to extradite Kazakh opposition figure to Russia

Paris - The French government has given the green light for the extradition of Kazakh tycoon and opposition figure Mukhtar Ablyazov to Russia, where he is accused of embezzling billions of dollars, his lawyer told AFP Monday.

Sri Lanka promises 'no questions' if Swiss bank cash brought back

Colombo - Sri Lanka Friday asked citizens holding Swiss bank accounts to redeposit the cash in their home country and promised there would be "no questions asked" if they do.

French prosecutor wants dismissal of IMF chief negligence probe

Paris - The French public prosecutor's office requested the dismissal of a negligence case against IMF chief Christine Lagarde linked to her role in an arbitration case while she was finance minister.

Greeks wants government, and hope to shake off capital controls

Atenas - Greek elections Sunday may cause little change to its broad economic policy, dictated by the terms of its latest international bailout. But for thousands of businesses, a return to political stability and cash liquidity would be enough to start with.

Catalan breakaway 'would threaten financial stability'

Madrid - Major Spanish and European banks warned Friday that Catalonia would put "financial stability" at risk if it separated from Spain and the EU, potentially driving them to abandon the region.

Op-Ed: Leeching kids, sapped parents & the parable of the financial cave

The latest ‘poll’ feasted upon by Canadian media has to do with young adults who remain partially dependent on their parents after high school and in many cases after post-secondary education.

China cuts interest rates by 0.25 percentage points

Bejing - China's central bank on Tuesday cut its benchmark interest rates and the amount of cash banks must keep on hand, the latest stimulus aimed at boosting the world's second-largest economy as it battles a collapse in share prices.

'Thousands' of political heavyweights hold Swiss accounts: official

Bern - Thousands of so-called "politically exposed persons", or PEPs -- a category that includes heads of state and other top officials -- hold Swiss bank accounts, a Swiss foreign ministry official said Monday.

Heists go Hollywood with DefCon hacks

Las Vegas - Hollywood-style heists took on real-world potential as hackers at a Def Con gathering showed how to crack safes in full view of security cameras without ever being seen.

Greece's headache: How to lift the capital controls?

Atenas - It is just the headache Greece's government does not need right now: how can it loosen the capital controls that are shielding its banks, but strangling the rest of the economy?

Greek banks to reopen as revamped cabinet gets to work

Atenas - Greece said Saturday its banks will reopen after a three-week shutdown, as a revamped government took up the task of enacting unpopular fiscal reforms amid doubts over the viability of the country's planned bailout.

Greek bank shutdown cost economy 3 billion euros: Report

Atenas - The three-week shutdown of Greek banks has cost the country's struggling economy some 3.0 billion euros ($3.3 billion) not counting lost tourism revenue, a report said Saturday.

HSBC fires staff for mock Islamic State execution video

London - British bank HSBC fired six staff after they filmed a mock Islamic State-style execution video during a team-building day out and posted footage online, a spokesman confirmed on Tuesday.

All eyes on ECB after Greek 'No' vote

Frankfurt - All eyes were on the European Central Bank on Monday following the resounding 'No' in the Greek referendum, with the ECB seen as the only institution capable of calming market panic and preventing the Greek economy from collapsing.

Greek pensioners besiege banks to grab cash

Atenas - In chaotic scenes, thousands of elderly Greeks on Wednesday besieged the nation's crisis-hit banks, which reopened to allow them to withdraw vital cash from their state pensions."Let them go to hell!

Greek capital controls: key measures explained

Atenas - Greece has imposed capital controls and shut its banks temporarily after failing to reach a rescue deal with international creditors or get additional emergency funds from the European Central Bank.

Crisis-hit — Greece imposes capital controls, bank holiday

Atenas - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced Sunday that the country's crisis-hit banks will be shut on Monday and capital controls imposed to prevent withdrawals, after cash machines ran dry.

Op-Ed: Study says Americans dedicated to saving, but still struggling

Everyone loves having extra money in the bank, but when it comes to the practical aspect of building up a savings account many Americans are still struggling to meet their financial goals.

Bangladesh's unbanked poor hail 'revolutionary' service

Dhaka - For Rehana Akhter, rebuilding her life after losing her leg in Bangladesh's worst industrial disaster is an uphill battle, but her struggle is eased slightly by digital technology.

Wary Greeks withdrawing cash but no wild bank run

Atenas - Wary about the introduction of capital controls in case of a failure to agree a bailout deal on Monday, Greeks are withdrawing cash, but with a calm fatalism begotten from struggling through six years of economic crisis.

Russia warns of retaliation for Yukos overseas asset freeze

Moscow - Moscow warned Friday that state-linked foreign firms in Russia could be targeted for retaliation to the freezing of Russian official assets in Western Europe over legal claims from former Yukos shareholders.

Greek banks 'stable', government insists

Atenas - The Greek banking system is stable, the government said Friday ahead of an emergency European Central Bank session prompted by a rush of deposit withdrawals.

ECB to hold emergency meeting on Greek bank funding: sources

Frankfurt - The European Central Bank's decision-making governing council will hold an emergency session Friday to discuss a request from the Bank of Greece for an increase in liquidity to Greek banks, sources familiar with the matter told AFP.

Moscow says Russian embassy accounts frozen in Belgium

Moscow - Moscow on Thursday reacted furiously to a move by Belgium to freeze the accounts of Russian diplomatic missions and other organisations, summoning the Belgian ambassador over the "openly hostile act.
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GIANT: Credit Suisse headquarters at Paradeplatz in Zurich  Switzerland.
GIANT: Credit Suisse headquarters at Paradeplatz in Zurich, Switzerland.
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The Credit Lyonnais (now LCL) bank headquarters in Paris France
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Members of the organization have called on their supporters to boycott HSBC and see it as a test of ...
Members of the organization have called on their supporters to boycott HSBC and see it as a test of their faith.
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