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Grisly Hong Kong murders spark banker backlash

Hong Kong - The murder of two young Indonesian women in Hong Kong allegedly by a British expatriate has sparked a backlash against wealthy Western bankers accused of treating the financial hub as their own personal playground.

Review: ‘Bankers - 3. Payback Time’ Special

This is the third and final episode of this short BBC TV series. For the most part it hits the nail on the head, but it still perpetuates the greatest fiction of all.

Op-Ed: The challenge being drowned out by noise

We watch the battle for the Presidency get thrown into the gutter by a President unable to lead the Nation out of its disastrous stagnation.

EU Finance Regulator on Avaaz — 'Put bankers behind bars'

Avaaz has started a brand new petition, asking the European Commission and the EU Parliament to introduce strong regulation against market abuse, including criminal sanctions for bankers.

Op-Ed: Bilderbergers breaking the Logan Act?

Chantilly - Theories are now being spread around that the Bilderberg Conference is actually illegal. All attendees could literally be arrested for breaking a certain law.

Madrid escorts declare sex war against bankers

Madrid - Spanish banks have come under fire recently for many reasons, including foreclosures on thousands of homes. Madrid's high-class escorts are getting revenge.

Zuckerberg warns bankers to stop leaking info to press

Palo Alto - Reportedly Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is warning bankers involved with the social network's IPO to keep information to themselves.

Op-Ed: When Bankers Were Good

This BBC documentary examines the philanthropic activities of British bankers from building accommodation for the “deserving poor” to the founding of the British Goat Society.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog unleashed on Occupy Wall Street

Reappearing on TBS' Conan O'Brien Show, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visited the Occupy Wall Street movement and created an off-shoot movement of his own.

Wall Street Bankers call protesters unsophisticated and gullible

New York - Privately, Wall Street Bankers are disdainful of the Occupy protesters and say they feel misunderstood. But publicly they give voice to the idea that they understand their anger. But that doesn't stop the bankers from seething themselves.

Glenn Beck: Activists to 'drag you into the streets and kill you'

Conservative talk personality Glenn Beck, commenting on the Occupy Wall Street protests from his web-based GBTV program, characterized the anti-capitalist activists as 'radicals' that will 'kill everybody.'

Bankers' Christmas parties to be held in war memorial park

As Occupy Wall Street Protests gain ground in the US, there are plans afoot in the UK to organize Christmas parties for bankers' in a war memorial dedicated to merchant seamen.

Op-Ed: Guess what, UK gov't, greed is NOT good!

A report on the comeuppance of British banks who were ripping off customers by the million with fraudulent sales of payment protection insurance.

Iceland shows the way, the hunt for irresponsible bankers is on

Reykjav - Since Iceland's three largest banks collapsed in late 2008, most of the former executives, owners and shareholders have been living outside the country, perhaps feeling safe. Lately, however, some have been arrested and others are wanted by Interpol.

House Financial Reform Bill Bequeaths Bankers $4 Trillion

"The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009," a 1,279 page 'reform' bill passed by the House, does little to protect consumers while insuring up to $4 trillion to Wall Street from the government should the need arise.

Hospital cleaners outshine bankers in benefits to society Special

A recently released think tank study has revealed startling evidence suggesting that hospital cleaners are vastly more valuable to society than bankers.

Visit the English Seaside and 'Whack a Banker'

Visitors to a seaside town in Eastern England, who may be frustrated with the excesses of the financial world, are now being given the chance to 'Whack a Banker'.

Banks Hit Back Over Calls to Ban Big Bonuses

Banks underpinned by Government guarantees should be banned from the big bonus culture states shadow chancellor George Osbourne.

Op-Ed: Wall Street’s blindest find gigs in prairie dog town

So Nouriel Roubini hasn’t grown a long white beard and found a couple of golden tablets and a movie producer, and the theme from Exodus isn’t roaring in the background. But Wall Street is emptying of its poor oppressed millionaire office boys.

Bankers Bet on Number of Arrests, Deaths and Injuries at G20

As the protests and marches against the G20 and bankers were turning violent, many traders were making money by placing bets on number of Arrests, Deaths and Injuries.

Wall Street Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex

A New York madam, who managed prostitutes for Wall Street professionals claims she has a list of 9,800 clients who spent hundreds of thousand dollars through their corporate credit cards.

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