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Bank of America News

Bank of America embarks on cloud-first digital transformation

Bank of America announced it's embracing a cloud-first digital transformation supported by Microsoft's cloud infrastructure. The organisation said it will be a "digital leader" in financial services, adopting cloud systems to help it grow its business.

Will robots take away your job? Special

In the classic sci fi film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” a robot vaporizes anyone standing in its way. In reality, though, it’s not people that robots are vaporizing, it’s their jobs.

U.S. Government fines BoA for its abuse of military families

Charlotte - The United States government has fined lending giant Bank of America $30 million for its abuses of military members and their families in violation of federal law.

Citigroup to pay $7 billion to settle U.S. financial claims

Washington D.c. - U.S. banking giant Citigroup Inc. agreed Monday to pay $7 billion to settle government claims that it lied to investors when it sold them some $30 billion in financial products backed by subprime mortgages, precipitating the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

Op-Ed: The secret rise of corporate spying Special

Olympia - Last November a global protest led by the leaderless collective Anonymous was held in hundreds of cities all over the world, including Olympia, Washington.

Bank of America tellers picket ATM machines in Manhattan

Three tellers in Manhattan picketed ATM machines this week because they believe they threaten jobs by supporting cheap labor in call centers in places such as Jacksonville, Florida or Delaware.

Op-Ed: Sell these major banks involved in corruption and scandals

JPMorgan, Bank of America, HSBC Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, have been involved in both money laundering and LIBOR scandals. Should you trust management and invest in these banks?

Bank of America introduces ATMs with video chat

Bank Of America has decided to introduce live video conferencing to its ATMs. The company says that the move will allow their customer to speak with bank tellers beyond their normal business hours.

Op-Ed: Wall Street as real organized crime? US cities scams hit the fan

Sydney - Wall Street is the epitome of the corruption, insanity and anti-democratic forces at work in the USA. It breaks laws like corn flakes and gets protection from its spineless political pets while bankrupting cities and counties.

Want to close your bank account? It'll likely cost you

Banks have been angering people for a long time now and there might be just one additional reason to add to the list. A new survey has found banks are charging fees to consumers wanting to close their accounts, along with a few other "hassles".

Army reservist battles with Bank of America over debit charges

Utica - A U.S. Army reservist is struggling with the Bank of America over fraudulent charges he says were made to his bank account after he used his debit card. The amount in question is over $25,000.

Bank of America tests 'Mortgage to Lease' plan for foreclosures

Bank of America has announced it is in the midst of unrolling a new program called "Mortgage to Lease." This plan is to be offered to selected mortgage customers facing foreclosure.

Occupy the Bank of America — 'Fight BAC' day 15 March 2012

Occupiers, who have lost their homes to the Bank of America decided it was time to move into the bank and set up their living room.

Bank of America cooks up new monthly fees

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That seems to be the Bank of America's new approach when it comes to cooking up ways to tack on fees for its customers.

Bank of America declares living customer dead for last 3 years

Prosperity - Imagine living day in and out not knowing you were dead? That's what Arthur Livingston recently discovered. In Oct. the Prosperity, S.C. man tried to obtain a loan from a mortgage company. It was at that time he learned he had been declared "dead."

Record bank bonuses of $156 billion expected for 2011

Yet again the banks are expected to announce record bonuses, estimated to be $156 billion for 2011. These bonuses are not confined to the U.S.

Bank of America scraps $5 monthly debit card fee

Bank of America finally decided to retract their recently imposed $5 monthly debit card fee on customers. Competitors Wells Fargo, SunTrust and Chase had already scrapped their (lower) proposed fees, and now BofA is following suit.

Bank of America forecloses on home destroyed by Hurricane Ike

Seabrook - A Texas man recently learned the Bank of America tried to foreclose on his home, a home that no longer exists. The home was destroyed in 2008 when Hurricane Ike swept through his area with 110 mph winds leaving behind dozens of destroyed homes.

Op-Ed: Bank of America to tack on $5 monthly fee to debit card users

Over the past several months a lot of upheaval has been going on in the banking industry, and one of the notable causes is due to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

Bank of America to cut 3,500 jobs, may cut another 10,000-plus

Charlotte - As part of a broader restructuring initiative, Bank of America will cut 3,500 jobs from its workforce. Reports are surfacing that the bank may cut more than 10,000 jobs company-wide in the coming months.

Op-Ed: Big US lenders giving help to tens of thousands of mortgagees

New York - Sanity at last? After millions of Americans have gone to the wall with their mortgages, two of the biggest lenders in the US are stepping in with loan relief. This a long overdue step in dealing with a real crisis for Main Street.

Mistaken foreclosure costs Florida man his personal possessions

Tampa - A Florida man has filed a lawsuit after a company hired by Countrywide Home Loans, to clean a home in foreclosure and remove the belongings, mistakenly went to his home and emptied it of all his furniture and personal possessions.

US Uncut Arkansas: Living and 'undead' protest tax dodgers Special

US Uncut Arkansas organized protests in three Arkansas cities to call attention to corporations that do not pay their fair share of taxes, even the "undead" showed up at the Fayetteville event.

Op-Ed: DoJ connection to Chamber's Wikileaks plot deserves a closer look

The recent revelation of the Wikileaks plot and collusive smear campaign by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not surprising, but the implication of the U.S. Department of Justice is, and that warrants a closer look.

Did Anonymous take down Bank of America's online banking today?

Customers are reporting Bank of America's online banking service is extremely slow or not working at all. The bank's spokesperson claims the disruption occurred because of routine upgrades, while others believe the hacking group Anonymous attacked BoA.

Person Shot and Killed During Robbery at Central Florida Bank Drive Thru

Orlando, Florida - A man was shot during robbery at Bank of America in Orlando, Florida while he was attempting to make a deposit.

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ArrowStream is in an office section of the Bank of America building shown here.
ArrowStream is in an office section of the Bank of America building shown here.
Neal Jennings
Screen capture from video of Occupiers moving into the Bank of America.
Screen capture from video of Occupiers moving into the Bank of America.
Bank of America ATM
Bank of America
Brian Katt
 Zombie  invasion at Bank of America. Fayetteville  Ark.  April 18  2011
"Zombie" invasion at Bank of America. Fayetteville, Ark. April 18, 2011
US Uncut Arkansas
Stephanie Bray  Executive Director  San Francisco General Hospital Foundation; Rich Guggenhime  Atto...
Stephanie Bray, Executive Director, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation; Rich Guggenhime, Attorney, Schiff Hardin LLP, Judy Guggenhime, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, Chair, Board of Directors; San Francisco Mayor Edwin M Lee; Anne Finucane, Global Strategy and Marketing Officer Bank of America; Larry Baer, President and CEO, San Francisco Giants
Courtesy of Drew Altizer Photography
Bank of America Times Square Billboard
New York: Bank of America branch
Digital Journal
Alex Proimos
US Uncut Arkansas protest at Bank of America on tax day.  Little Rock  Ark.  April 18  2011.
US Uncut Arkansas protest at Bank of America on tax day. Little Rock, Ark. April 18, 2011.
US Uncut Arkansas

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