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Op-Ed: Wall Street still profiting at Main Street's expense

Stock market manipulations and subsidies continue profiting Wall Street at our expense -- a week after the stock market lost almost a trillion dollars in a matter of hours, the four largest banks claimed to make money for 63 trading days in a row

Bank of America drops $4.4 billion on Wall Street

Bank of America has reportedly used 19% of their 2009 generated revenues to pay workers' salaries, benefits and year-end bonuses.

Moynihan to Take over as Bank of America CEO

Brian Moynihan was announced this week as Ken Lewis' successor at Bank of America. Lewis will be retiring at the end of this month.

Obama Urges Banks to Start Lending

President Obama has started to urge banks to start lending in responsible ways to businesses. In light of recent TARP fund payments top bankers are now being challenged by the President.

Op-Ed: Bank of America: Still the Nation’s Banking Choice?

Bank of America: America's salvation bank, or are they really working for the American public? Here's my opinion on one of the largest banks in US history.

Bank of America to Repay TARP

Bank of America is preparing to pay back the $45 billion dollars it borrowed from the U.S. government as part of the Troubled Assessts Recovery Program (TARP).

Bank of America Suffers $1 Billion Third Quarter Loss

Bank of America announced on Friday a third quarter net loss of $1 billion, which it attributed to ongoing difficulties within the U.S. and global economies.

Customer sues Bank of America for '1,784 billion, trillion dollars'

After being "really, really unhappy" with Bank of America's customer service, Dalton Chiscolm wants $1,784 billion trillion dollars transferred into his bank account and an additional $200,164,000.

Judge Orders Trial for SEC Allegations Against Bank of America

A federal judge has ordered that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must go to court to prove their claim that the Bank of America misled investors over bonuses being paid by Merrill Lynch, the financial services firm they acquired last year.

Bank of America asks armless for thumbprint, deny check

What seemed to be a very simple task and almost a daily routine, an American armless man was denied cashing a check because he could not provide a thumbprint scan.

U.S. bank credit cards and the moving due dates scam

Many banks have deliberately designed billing systems to periodically generate payment due dates that are 5 to 6 days earlier than normal in an effort to catch automatic bill payers in a missed due date scam.

Bank Of America Tried To Collect Debt From Dead Woman's Son

Paul Kelleher had the hard task of calling his mother's creditors after she passed away last month from cancer. Although not easy to do the calls were routine until Kelleher got to his mother's Bank of America card.

Bank of America gets $138 billion bailout

The U.S. government has decided to bailout Bank of America with a mammoth $138 billion. The bailout includes $118 billion to guarantee toxic assets and another $20 billion as an investment from the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP).

Op-Ed: If you listen, you can hear a new economy slink through the ruins

The giants might not be falling, but some have nasty limps. Bank of America has a portfolio full of “quaint” assets that are needing some managing. Emerging from the rubble, however, is a new economy, unsure and timid.

Illinois Governor Suspends All Business With Bank of America

Bank of America withdrew money from a Chicago company and put many workers out of jobs without pay. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has now suspended all state business with the bank.

Bank Robber Uses Craigslist to Make Clean Get Away

A robber hired several men in Monroe, Washington to be decoys without their knowledge. Using Craigslist the man instructed the men to wear specific clothing and to meet near the Bank of America.

6-Year-Old Gets Credit Card From Bank of America

Six-year-old Bennett Christiansen applied for a credit card with his own handwriting and Bank of America (BOA) approved it without any hesitation, to the surprise of his mother.

Op-Ed: Bank of America shuts down Columbia Strategic Cash Portfolio

If you like whodunits, this is fun. Reuters, CNN, and the New York Times managed a hundred words or so. Bloomberg got the actual story. The fund was a $33 billion dollar fund, minimum $25 million, top end of the investment markets.

Bank teller who helped catch robber pushed to resign for accepting reward

A Bank of America teller helped catch a notorious bank robber, who robbed 19 banks in 10 months, was rewarded a $10,000 by law enforcement. The bank warned if he accepts the reward he should resign. The man resigned.

Bank Of America Refuses To Pay 80-Year-Old's $5,000 Bond

80 year old widow, Bette Miller purchased a $5,000 bond in 1984 from Rainier National Bank, whose assets are owned by current owner Bank of America. When Mrs. Miller tried to cash the bond with her certificate, the Bank of America refuses to pay the bond.

Bank of America puts $queeze on Identity Theft Victim

Due to identity theft, a single mom loses $68,000 in her bank accounts with Bank of America, who sues her for $23,312.04 overdraft fees

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