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Bank Robbery News

FBI: Man robbed bank so he wouldn't have to live with wife

Kansas City - According to authorities, a 70-year-old Kansas City, Kansas man decided to rob a bank in order to go to jail. He decided being incarcerated was better than having to live with his wife. He managed to accomplish his goal.

Babysitter arrested for taking kids with her to rob bank

Severance - A Colorado woman has been dubbed the "Babysitter Bandit" after it was alleged she robbed a bank, taking two children with her and telling a teller a man in her car would harm the kids if she did not give him money.

Joseph and Jenny Carrier caught after going on bank robbery spree

Joseph and Jenny Carrier, husband and wife, were arrested in Pennsylvania after allegedly robbing a bank in Wilmington, Delaware.

Butcher robbed bank to recoup wages lost gambling, police say

A Pennsylvania grocer is jailed in connection with an alleged bank robbery after he reportedly gambled away his entire paycheck.

Stockton police blamed for hostage death in California shootout

Stockton - Police in the Northern California city of Stockton have hired an outside group to investigate last summer's bank robbery and shootout that killed two of three suspects but also resulted in the death of a woman who had been taken hostage.

$100,000 reward offered for arrest, conviction of AK-47 Bandit

Los Angeles - The FBI is asking the public for help in solving a string of bank robberies by the "AK-47 Bandit," offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the serial robber.

Bank robbery suspect, hostage dead after high speed police chase

Stockton - Two people are confirmed dead following a Stockton, CA bank robbery that lead to a high speed pursuit and gun battle between police and the suspects.

Review: The gang is back in 'Payday 2' Special

Gamers who are seeking a crime-thrilled adventure but can't wait for 'Grand Theft Auto V' will take joy in organizing a major heist in 'Payday 2'.

Greece: Prison escapees commit €1 million bank robbery

Two armed robbers who held up the National Bank of Greece in Larissa on Thursday and made off with €1 million euros, have been identified as two of the Albanian prisoners who escaped from Trikala prison in March.

Police in Canada use social media in search for bank robber

Police forces across the country have gotten together and are using social media in an attempt to capture a man who has been robbing banks throughout Canada since 2010.

Video: Ronald Scott Catt, son, daughter arrested for bank robbery

Katy - Police in Texas say they have arrested Ronald Scott Catt, 50, his 20-year-old son Hayden and his 18-year-old daughter Abigail on charges of bank robbery in two states. Police say the three may be responsible for seven bank robberies in two states.

Grandfather in Germany given light sentence for bank robbery

Hiddenhausen - A grandfather in Germany was given a light sentence after he attempted to rob a bank in order to get money to help pay for the costs of medical treatment for his sick granddaughter.

Video: Bank robbers throw wads of stolen money out car window

Los Angeles - Bank robbery suspects in Los Angeles began throwing wads of money out of their vehicle as Los Angeles police were pursuing them Wednesday.

Gunman wearing Darth Vader mask robs bank

Toledo - The Sith have returned. A man, dressed up as Darth Vader, entered an Ohio bank on May 23 and robbed the Huntington Bank branch, escaping with an undisclosed amount of cash.

N.Y. man attempts to rob three banks with an unusual weapon

Forty-nine-year-old Lawrence Deptola had an unusual choice of a weapon to use during his alleged crime. He attempted to rob three separate banks, but was highly unsuccessful.

Firefighter allegedly robs bank, leaves teller $20 tip

Dallas - In an unusual turn of events, a man allegedly robbed a Texas bank, then turned around and tipped the bank teller he'd just stolen from, according to media reports.

Video of bank robber shooting himself in the foot goes viral

Parana - A video showing a bumbling bank robber caught by a closed-circuit tv camera shooting himself in the foot while guarding the door in a bank heist has went viral after being featured on the Internet.

Bank robber returns to bar to finish beer

Tampa - Authorities say that an alleged Florida bank robber ordered a beer at a tavern, left to go and rob a nearby bank, then returned a half an hour later to finish his beer. Authorities apprehended the suspect while he was inside the bar.

'Polite' bank thief gets reduced charge for good manners

Hagerstown - A man in Maryland who stole $3,500 from a bank has been allowed to enter a plea bargain for a reduced charge due to his politeness and non-violence during the holdup.

Man robs bank for $1 to get free health care

Charlotte - While some people rob banks to get money, one North Carolina man robbed a bank for a different reason: he can't afford health care. But in prison, health care is free.

Toronto bank complies with robber request

Markham - Crime is sadly a fact of life for many people in Canada. Knowing the best way to respond in certain situations can be a matter of life and death when you are a victim of crime.

Alleged bank robber wrecks car, gets busted in Toronto area

Toronto - On Thursday afternoon York Regional Police were called to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at 12943 Highway 27 in the Township of King after a man had reportedly robbed the establishment.

Armed robber shot dead by police after slipping on ice

Washington - A would-be armed robber, holding a gun to the head of his hostage, slipped on ice and was shot dead in a hail of bullets from as many as six police officers outside a bank in Washington DC on Friday.

Wife turns in husband for bank robbery after news airs picture

Bradenton - A Florida man was arrested on robbery charges in West Bradenton after his wife saw a photo of him, captured on a bank surveillance video, on the evening news. After seeing the news segment the woman called local police.

Ontario police nab two bank robbers Saturday Special

Brampton - Peel Police have arrested a pair of Toronto teenagers alleged to have robbed three banks this summer. The arrests occurred a brazen robbery of not just a bank but a young boy selling candy bars for charity.

Bank robber sought by Ontario police

Mississauga - The Bank of Nova Scotia has been hit twice this week in two Mississauga locations by a bank robber. Peel Regional Police are seeking the public's help in identifying a suspect caught on video camera.

Greek bank robbers detained after botched robbery attempt

Athens - During one of the busiest periods in a town near Athens, three men stormed into a local bank and attempted to rob it. However, after they failed, authorities arrested the three men and no one was hurt.

Alleged bank robbed arrested in Toronto

Toronto - A man has been arrested for allegedly robbing a bank on Kingston Avenue last month. The suspect is alleged to have committed a number of other robberies in the Toronto area.

FBI desperate for information on the Geezer Bandit after robbery

Vista - They call him the Geezer Bandit, because this senior looks like a grandfather. Like most successful armed robbers, he has a 'price on his head.' There is a total of $16,000 in rewards offered for information on the brazen bank robber.

French robbers spend weekend digging for pay dirt

Paris - A group of robbers spent nine hours in a Paris bank vault over the weekend after digging through a series of tunnels and cellars to access it.
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Police investigators are looking for help identifying a man who is suspected of robbing two banks in...
Police investigators are looking for help identifying a man who is suspected of robbing two banks in Toronto and a third in Cobourg.
Photo courtesy Toronto Police
Bank robbers begin throwing money out the their vehicle as they are pursued by police.
Bank robbers begin throwing money out the their vehicle as they are pursued by police.
Screen Capture
Members of Spain s National Police arrest members of  The Sewer Gang  who have been robbing banks in...
Members of Spain's National Police arrest members of "The Sewer Gang" who have been robbing banks in Madrid using the drainage system.
National Police
Lawrence John Ripple  70
Lawrence John Ripple, 70
Wyandotte Sheriff's Department
CCTV footage shows a suspect in a bank robbery moments before he shoots himself in the foot.
CCTV footage shows a suspect in a bank robbery moments before he shoots himself in the foot.
CCTV screen grab
Residents begin running up to bank robber s car hoping to have money thrown at them.
Residents begin running up to bank robber's car hoping to have money thrown at them.
Screen Capture

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