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Bangkok News

Thai junta leader Prayuth wants media blackout for ex PM Thaksin

Bangkok - Thailand’s military junta head Prayuth Chan-ocha has asked the national media to “stop reporting" about former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Woman commits 'death by crocodile' in apparent suicide

Bangkok - In Thailand on Friday, a despondent 65-year old woman jumped to her death into a watery pit filled with voracious crocodiles while horrified onlookers looked on. The pool is said to house hundreds of the large reptiles.

Scuffles erupt outside polling station in Bangkok

Bangkok - Protesters were blocking the entrance to a polling station in Bangkok on Sunday, leading to a scuffle with the security guards of a ruling party politican coming to cast his ballot.

Thai Army ready to take action to 'solve' political conflict

Bangkok - The Royal Thai Army (RTA) is prepared to intervene if the political situation worsens, army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha said Wednesday.

Thai protesters march again in bid to bring down government

Bangkok - Protesters in Thailand, readying for an attempted revolution later this month, took to the streets on Sunday and marched through the capital city.

Bangkok police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at protesters

Bangkok - A policeman was killed, and almost 100 people hurt, when Thai police fired teargas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters Thursday attempting to disrupt planning for a February election.

Bangkok and its little known, hidden away fertility shrine Special

Bangkok - Every guidebook on Thailand or Bangkok features all the major sites to see in the city, Buddhist temples, floating markets and open-air restaurants, but hardly ever do you find information on the unique shrine I'm presenting here.

641 simultaneous Thai massages smash Ozzie Guinness World Record

Bangkok - Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and a senior representative from Guinness Records, Rob Molloy watched 641 massage therapists break the Australian world record set in 2010.

The legendary ruins of the historical city of Ayutthaya, Thailand Special

Ayutthaya - The ancient city of Ayutthaya was the Thai capital for over 400 years and one of the largest and most magnificent cities in Southeast Asia. Impressive ruins of temples and palaces show the remains of this once glorious city ravaged by war.

'Cooking with Poo' — Would the title of the book put you off?

Bangkok - Cookery book "Cooking with Poo" has won the Diagram Prize for the oddest book title of the year. But the reference to Poo is not what you think it might be. Meet Saiyuud Diwong, a cookery teacher in Bangkok, Thailand.

Top Italian Mafia boss arrested in Thailand thanks to Facebook

Bangkok - Vito Roberto Palazzolo, 64, sentenced in absentia by an Italian court in 2009 to nine years in jail for being the treasurer of godfathers Toto' Riina and Bernardo Provenzano, was arrested in Thailand on March 30.

Clumsy Iranian bomber blows up his home and legs in Bangkok

Bangkok - An Iranian bomber bungled his way pathetically through a bombing mission. After accidentally blowing up his own house, he blew off his own legs after a grenade he hurled at Thai police bounced off a tree and then exploded at his feet.

Thailand backs Twitter censorship policy

Bangkok - Thai government becomes first to endorse Twitter's controversial decision to permit country-specific censorship of content.

Thai thief steals 10,000 panties, smells them while driving

Bangkok - Most people have a little junk in the trunk, but police have discovered that one man in Bangkok was using his car to store stolen pairs of women's panties.

Thai man married dead woman

No mention of a combo rate for the combined marriage and funeral services of one couple, from Thailand, the husband of which, who chose to do both on the same day. Disclaimer: The video isn't for everyone, some might be offended by it.

U.S. warns tourists of 'possible terrorist threat' in Bangkok

Bangkok - The U.S. embassy in Thailand warned on Friday that there is a "real and very credible" threat of a terrorist attack against American citizens in Bangkok.

Op-Ed: Christmas in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok - Christmas atmosphere in Bangkok, Thailand is extremely lively and colorful: an explosion of Asian kitsch. Nobody knows the reasons why ancient peoples celebrated the day in which the sun god began to beat back the forces of darkness and returned to shine.

Op-Ed: Four transgender flight attendants hired by new Thai airline

Bangkok - If you're sick of traditional male and female cabin crew when flying to exotic locations around the world, then you should book a flight with PC Air, which recently hired a team of transgender flight attendants.

TopFinds: The Bangkok flood crisis, Lohan to pose for Playboy

Floods inundate areas of Bangkok. An airship causes UFO hysteria in China. Actor Lindsay Lohan is reportedly offered a Playboy deal. These are the top stories from around the world.

Op-Ed: In the media - Bangkok and the floods Special

Bangkok - Walking into my neighborhood Tesco Lotus last night was a shock - the shelves were mostly bare. But my neighborhood is not one of the "most endangered" from floods that are threatening Bangkok.

Op-Ed: In times of natural disaster, why do politicians lie?

Bangkok - In times of natural disasters why can't our politicians be straightforward and tell us the truth? Why do they tell us one thing and end up doing another?

Bangkok braces for flooding in its suburbs Special

Bangkok - As seasonal monsoon rain worsens because of a series of tropical depressions over Thailand, flooding is occurring in wide areas of its central, northern and northeastern regions.

Op-Ed: The 'wolf pack' returns for a second hangover in Hangover II Special

This weekend The Hangover:Part II rose straight to number one in the box office standings, taking over $30 million already, and I would say this is totally deserved having seen it this weekend.

Over 1,000 aborted fetuses uncovered in Bangkok temple

A macabre collection of well over 1,500 fetuses have now been discovered in two raids this week at the morgue of a Thai Buddhist temple in an outlying district of Bangkok.

Orangutan kickboxing sparks Thailand tourism, angers critics Special

Bangkok - Kickboxing may be Thailand's number one sport but orangutan boxing is fast becoming popular. Hundreds of spectators pay to see the apes beat each other with boxing gloves, while other apes in bikinis perform as round card girls and bell ringers.

Business as usual at Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok Special

Bangkok - As with many other modern big cities, Bangkok has plenty of markets and Western-style shopping malls, but one can only get the true feel of an Asian market at Chatuchak.

Dissident Thai general assassinated during interview

Bangkok - A so-called renegade general who sympathized with the Red-Shirts was shot in Bangkok, shortly after the government's military planned to encircle the encampment of anti-government demonstrators, trying to crack down on the protests.

Chief of army calls for Thailand's government to be dissolved

Bangkok - Several developments today are shaping the future of Thailand, as the army chief calls for the government to be dissolved, and country's Election Commission finds reasons to disband the Democrat Party of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Reuters journalist shot, killed in Bangkok protests

Bangkok - On April 10, Hiro Muramodo, a Japanese cameraman for Reuters, was killed by a stray bullet during the riots in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok clashes result in 21 deaths among army and protesters

Bangkok - A violent clash between army and protesters last night left 4 army personnel dead and 17 red-shirt demonstrators. Finally, the army was forced to retreat and even left several tanks behind in the streets of the old city.
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Bangkok Image

Bangkok Pullman G Hotel
Bangkok Pullman G Hotel
Anti-government protesters help a fellow protester injured in a grenade attack during a rally in Ban...
Anti-government protesters help a fellow protester injured in a grenade attack during a rally in Bangkok January 17, 2014
With permission by Reuters
Anti-government protester in Bangkok  Thailand. Photo Alessio Fratticcioli.
Anti-government protester in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo Alessio Fratticcioli.
Image of the violent clashes at Bangkok s Democracy Monument on April 10  2010
Image of the violent clashes at Bangkok's Democracy Monument on April 10, 2010
Bangkok Post Video
small SE Asian gila monster trying to escape the flood waters
small SE Asian gila monster trying to escape the flood waters
Redshirt protesters rolling a burning tire into Rama IV in downtown Bangkok on Saturday.
Redshirt protesters rolling a burning tire into Rama IV in downtown Bangkok on Saturday.
by Cengiz Yar Jr/HFWH
Samutprakarn Crocodile Zoo in Bangkok  Thailand
Samutprakarn Crocodile Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand
Temple dancer. A young girl in Bangkok  Thailand.
Temple dancer. A young girl in Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok Thai Temple
Bangkok Thai Temple
Tom yam kung nam khon
Tom yam kung nam khon
Model graces the foyer of Pullman Bangkok G Hotel
Model graces the foyer of Pullman Bangkok G Hotel
Pullman Hotel G Bangkok
Shrine to the goddess Chao Mae Tuptim
Shrine to the goddess Chao Mae Tuptim
Shrine to the goddess Chao Mae Tuptim
Shrine to the goddess Chao Mae Tuptim
A fire burning in Bangkok
A fire burning in Bangkok
by Timo Kozlowski
Thailand Prime Minister visits the set of The Hangover Part 2 which filmed in Bangkok in 2010.  He m...
Thailand Prime Minister visits the set of The Hangover Part 2 which filmed in Bangkok in 2010. He met with Todd Phillips, director.
Krung Thep  the city also known as Bangkok
Krung Thep, the city also known as Bangkok
Large phallus made of marble  about 8 feet long.
Large phallus made of marble, about 8 feet long.
Red-shirted protesters in Bangkok  Thailand on April 3  2010
Red-shirted protesters in Bangkok, Thailand on April 3, 2010
by pittaya
Ingredients for green curry
Ingredients for green curry
Fotoos VanRobin from Netherlands