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Banana News

Banana drug effective against viruses

Detroit - A chemical originally found bananas has the potential to combat a range of viruses , according to a new study. The drug is able to block the mechanism viruses use to take over human cells.

Man arrested after aiming unloaded banana at deputies

Grand Junction - A Colorado man was arrested because he allegedly pointed a banana at two deputies after telling them that he thought it would be "funny" to post on YouTube to "lighten the holiday spirit." However, the deputies didn't have the "holiday spirit."

‘Banana’: Luke Newberry to star in new Russell T Davies drama

Luke Newberry is joining to the cast of “Banana” — the brand-new gay-themed drama series from Russell T Davies for E4 — it has emerged.

Banana fungus poses global risk

A devastating fungal disease has hit a leading variety of banana in Africa and Middle East. There are now fears that the world's major banana production in Latin America will be affected.

Italy's black minister Cecile Kyenge has bananas thrown at her

Rome - Italy's first black minister, Cecile Kyenge, has been a target of racist slurs and attacks since appointment as the country's Integration Minister in April. A member of the audience threw bananas at her during a speech at a rally in Cervia, Friday.

Scientists investigate ways to slow down the ripening of fruit

Scientists have pinpointed the mechanism which results in fruit ripening. This relates to a plant gene which is activated by the production of the gaseous hormone ethylene.

Chocolate, peanut butter and banana beer launched

There is a growing trend in craft beers. The latest editions on the market include such new delights as a Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Ale.

Watch this cute sleeping baby try to eat a sweet banana

Watch a baby attempt to do two seemingly incompatible things at once: Eat a banana while falling sleeping, or should we rather say, fall asleep while eating a banana? Whichever way round, it amounts to attempting a stunt worthy of a camera's attention.

Woman mistakes boa constrictor for a banana

When Stacey Way was cleaning her bathroom floor she spotted something yellow lying alongside a pipe. At first glance she thought it was a banana, dropped by her young child. On closer inspection she realized it was a snake.

Japanese company plays Mozart to its bananas

Tokyo - A Japanese fruit company has been playing Mozart to its ripening bananas, claiming it produces a sweeter product. In fact, a wide variety of food and beverages have been enjoying classical music, including soy sauce, udon noodles, miso and even sake.

Teen tried to hold up shop with ‘banana gun’

A North Carolina teenager tried to rob an Internet café with a banana hidden under his T-shirt, but at the end the hapless boy ate the "weapon" before he was arrested by the police.

Space Banana to Soar Over Texas

Canadian artist claims his craft is meant to point out the absurdity of American politics.

Canadian Artist wants to give Texas a giant banana

The French gave us the Statute of Liberty, Mexico sort of gave us Texas, and now Canada wants to give us a giant helium-filled yellow banana.

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Del Monte s new bananas available in a plastic bag/wrap
Del Monte's new bananas available in a plastic bag/wrap
Del Monte
Baby falling asleep while eating banana
Baby falling asleep while eating banana
Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Sleeping baby tries to eat banana
Sleeping baby tries to eat banana
Baby falling asleep while trying to eat a banana
Baby falling asleep while trying to eat a banana
File photo: A woman grocery shopping.
File photo: A woman grocery shopping.
Flickr user Bruce Stockwell
Screenshot from video called Tattoo a Banana
Screenshot from video called Tattoo a Banana
YouTube screenshot

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