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Bamboo News

Five fascinating facts that you may not know about the red panda

Scampering around in the trees from Nepal to northern Myanmar is an animal that is so cute, it looks like a creature from a child's dream. Perhaps it is, but it's also actually real. Red pandas can also be found in the mountains of southwestern China.

Pandas have a sweet tooth

Biologists have looked into why pandas, unlike other similar mammals, have a sweet tooth. They have come up with a series of novel reasons.

Giant Pandas are strong at adapting to environment change

Giant pandas are better at adapting to environmental stress than scientists had previously thought, and the Giant Panda is one of the toughest animals in dealing with changing conditions.

Woman lost in Nepal survives on grass and bamboo

A Japanese woman who left her hotel room in Nepal for a short walk ended up being lost for almost two weeks, and eating grass and bamboo to survive.

Busting the Bamboo Bubble

During the last years, textiles made from bamboo have become known as more or less green and sustainable products, and this has led a number of producers to erroneously label many a rayon product as made from bamboo.

Fabrik launches green hard drive made with bamboo and recyclable aluminum

The Fabrik hard drive is encased with bamboo and aluminum raw materials, providing 90 per cent power savings over conventional hard drives.

Blankets, Blouses Made From Bamboo Get Big Boost

Chemists in Colorado now are reporting solutions to two major problems with bamboo fabrics that may speed adoption of this plant in garments and other consumer products.

Bamboo bras are the latest in eco chic

Definitely for girls who want to go green while retaining a certain modish chic. Vogue has provided its list of 30 tips on how to save the world while still managing to turn heads.

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Bamboo Image

Lucky bamboo in the Imperial Garden that lies beyond the Inner Court
Lucky bamboo in the Imperial Garden that lies beyond the Inner Court
Kids of a village of Tripura  India. Bamboo is an important item to people rural India as well as Tr...
Kids of a village of Tripura, India. Bamboo is an important item to people rural India as well as Tripura. People of poor and lower income group prefer less costly bamboo made materials for setting up houses. Look at bamboos being piled up and bamboo made houses behind the kids in the photo. Importantly, bamboo made houses provide relative safer shelter in earth quack prone areas like Tripura.
Workers preparing bamboo scaffolding.
Workers preparing bamboo scaffolding.

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