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Balloon News

Seven injured in Australia hot air balloon crash

Melbourne - Seven people were taken to hospital Thursday with back injuries and fractures after a hot air balloon crashed in high winds during a dawn tour in Australia, officials said.

S. African tourist killed in Egypt balloon crash, 12 injured

Cairo - A South African tourist was killed and 12 other people were injured when a hot air balloon crashed near Egypt's ancient city of Luxor on Friday, a health ministry official said.

Balloon in deadly Texas crash likely touched power line

Washington - A hot air balloon that went down in a fiery crash in a Texas pasture, killing all 16 people on board, likely struck a power line, an investigator said.

Recent fatal hot air balloon crashes

Washington - Saturday's hot air balloon crash in central Texas is feared to have left 16 people dead. If confirmed it would be the deadliest such accident in the United States on record.

Up to 16 feared dead in Texas hot air balloon crash

Washington - Up to 16 people are feared dead after a large hot air balloon caught fire and crashed in central Texas on Saturday, officials said.

Google reveals more on how 'Project Loon' balloon Internet works

Google has released a new video showing how it intends Project Loon to be an innovative new way of providing rural areas with access to the Internet. The unique effort could offer a connection to anyone with a smartphone.

Google close to sending solar-powered drones into the sky

Google has announced at Mobile World Congress that it is close to an official launch of its Project Titan solar-powered drone program. The first drones could be flying before the end of the year.

Two bodies found after U.S. hot air balloon fire

Washington - Dozens of U.S. workers searched for the third occupant of a hot air balloon that went up in flames after hitting a power line in Virginia, killing two other people aboard.

'Spain to Space': Balloon ride of a life-time coming soon

Marbella - You too can have the chance of a six-hour round-trip, 36 km up into the stratosphere in a high-tech balloon, as long as you have a cool €110,000 to spare.

Op-Ed: Free-faller Baumgartner is one to celebrate in life and in death

Free-faller Felix Baumgartner is a man rushing the edges, delayed as he was today by winds; he will ascend and descend with an admirable madness licking genius in the stiff violence of the heavens.

Lawn chair balloonists forced to abandon flight

A thunderstorm forced two men who tied party balloons onto lawn chairs in their attempt to fly from Oregon to Montana in the US to set a world record.

Video: Toronto teens launch Lego man into space

Toronto - Two Canadian teenagers found themselves in the media spotlight after they launched a Lego man attached to a weather balloon nearly into space, capturing amazing images from 80,000 feet above Earth.

Farmer compensated after bull killed by balloon

A British farmer was compensated after a young bull was killed by a balloon released at a school, as part of a Comic Relief event, but he said the animal may have suffered a painful death - and many groups are calling for a ban on mass balloon releases.

Georgia teens charged in bleach balloon bomb assault

Lilburn - Teenagers armed with a bleach-filled super-squirter water gun and balloons have been charged following an assault on another student that resulted in severe injuries to the boy's eyes. Police also recovered bottles of bleach and rubber gloves at one home.

Parachutist's jump from balloon ride may have violated FAA rules

It was a jolting early morning experience on Valentine's Day for the passengers aboard a park’s balloon ride when one of them scaled the protective netting atop the balloon's basket, shaking the craft, and parachuted to the ground 330 feet below,

Pentagon offers $40,000 prize in red balloon game

Tomorrow morning Americans will take part in a treasure hunt designed to see how well people can coordinate with each other online. The person who first finds ten hidden weather balloons will be awarded the $40,000 prize.

Balloon-Boy Parents Plead Guilty

Guilty--the parents of a 6-year old Colorado boy who falsely claimed he was lost up high in a balloon, have decided to plead guitly to the crimes they committed.

Balloon boy's family had been pitching show idea to TLC

Was the boy in a balloon a cry to TLC? Months ago the father of the six-year-old who had been reported to fall off in a balloon had tried to get a show with the cable network.

Balloon boy vomits in live interview on NBC's 'Today Show'

In an interview with the father of Falcon Heene, the boy who was thought to be trapped in a runaway balloon over Colorado, the boy vomits while the father is asked if the ordeal was a prank.

Police: Boy found in good health after balloon lands in Colorado

Emergency officials scrambled Thursday to figure out how to rescue a boy who climbed into a homemade balloon aircraft and floated away into the Colorado sky. But once it landed, police found no one inside.

Interstate Lawn Chair Flight for Oregon man

Kent Couch is a gas station owner in Oregon, and just travelled to Idaho. In his lawn chair. With just over 150 party balloons attached.

Engagement ring gone with the wind in London

A man wanted to impress his girlfriend by putting an engagement ring in a balloon and let her pop the balloon after he proposed, but it ended up a nightmare when the balloon flew away with a gust of wind.

Boy's balloon finds pen-pal: Britain's Queen

A 4 year old boy sends a balloon to gain a pen pal, he got one, Britain's Queen.

Balloon Time = Celebrity?

Does your kid have a face all of America should see??? Then maybe they should be on a box for Balloons.

Arkansas students' balloon lands in N.C.

Twenty-two years ago, Mahlon Webb Jr. wrote a note, put it in a bottle and tossed it into the ocean at a North Carolina Beach. Five years ago, he got a call from a woman on Grand Cayman Island saying she'd found the bottle.

It's $250 a pop for a balloon on the loose

People will want to hold onto their balloons if the Senate agrees with a House vote yesterday to ban balloon releases.

Slow motion video sequence of a knife bursting a water balloon

A water filled balloon, exploding in slow motion.

NASA Scientific Balloon Sets World Record

Slowly rising from the Northwest region of Manitoba, Canada, near a small gold-mining towncalled Lynn Lake, a massive NASA balloon began a journey August 25 that took it to the fringes of space.

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Suborbital balloon trips will be on offer from Marbella in Spain by 2015.
Suborbital balloon trips will be on offer from Marbella in Spain by 2015.
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Mom with son inside.

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