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Daughter testifies in Hong Kong 'yoga ball' murder trial

Fpo - The daughter of an anaesthetist accused of gassing his wife and another daughter to death using a yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide described her dead sister as her "soulmate" in a Hong Kong court Monday.

Anaesthetist killed wife, daughter 'with gas-filled yoga ball'

Fpo - An anaesthetist gassed his wife and daughter to death using a yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide, a Hong Kong court has heard.

Topless protest at high-society Vienna ball

Vienna - A topless activist caused an upset in Vienna on Thursday as she burst onto the red carpet of a high-society ball live on television to protest the attendance of Ukraine's president.

Review: New Year's Eve at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall was superb Special

Wantagh - What better way to ring in the New Year "2018" than attend the biggest party on Long Island, which was held at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall on December 31.

'Cinderella' dances to victory

Disney's "Cinderella" has won with ease and takes the box office, much like "Maleficent" did a year ago. If the formula seems familiar, it is.

Kardashian confronts tradition at elite Vienna ball

At 24, Olga Goreglyad is a veteran of society balls around Europe but her ambition will not be fulfilled until she dances on Thursday night as a debutante at Vienna's Opera Ball - something celebrity ...

Video: Golfer Sergio Garcia hits ball from tree at Bay Hill

What does a pro-golfer do when his ball ends up in a tree? In the case of Sergio Garcia, he climbs up there and hits it, one-handed.

Girl dies after being hit by ball at UK school

Basildon - A 12-year-old girl died after a rugby ball struck her in the chest during a PE class at a school in the UK this morning.

The throwable panoramic Camera Ball

Just when you think technological gadgets like the iPhone 4s is as good as it's going to get, another creative tech gadget slides into home base.

Actor Mila Kunis accepts YouTube date proposal from US soldier

Fancy taking a celebrity on a date? As with everything in the modern world, YouTube is the answer! Well, at least it is for Sgt. Scott Moore - a US soldier who used the video-sharing community to ask Mila Kunis to the upcoming Marine Corps Ball.

Ball-catching Beagle is YouTube sensation

Have you ever seen a dog catch a ball with the reflexes of Lebron James? Probably not. Well now's your chance. Meet Purin!

MTV celebrates the new year with 'Jersey Shore' ball drop

MTV rang in the new year with a ball drop of their own - featuring Snooki, the 'Jersey Shore' firebrand, descending in a Seaside Heights glitzy ball drop.

Kids have a 'ball' with donation of sports equipment

Balls of every shape, variety and color were collected by a Los Angeles newspaper for a charity the helps kids stay out of trouble by participating in sports and other activities.

Dragon Ball Z steps it up by going HD

The show may not be a gem, but the games sure are amazingly fun. But now you have an even better excuse to play the thrashing, flying, fire balling games they call Budokai. Dragon Ball Z is going Next Gen.

Papelbon's dog takes a bite of World Series history

According to Jonathon Papelbon, his bulldog loves baseballs as a chew toy, but decided to go for something with a little extra with his taste. It was only time before Papelbon noticed his World Series ball was tore to shreds.

Wrecking Ball Runs Amok In Pa. Town

The 1,500-pound, 3-foot-wide ball broke loose from a crane cable and rolled nearly a mile downhill. It smashed more than a dozen vehicles and injured three people as it bounced from curb to curb.

Chinese have a ball for seniors

The largest Chinese New Year gala in North America was held in Toronto last night and raised more than $1 million for seniors in the GTA. The 2007 Dragon Ball at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, celebrating the Year of the Pig, is a fundraising event

North Carolina Jail Guard Claims $74.5M Lottery Winnings

In a sign of "Show me the Money" a prison guard stepped forward to claim her $74.5 million Powerball jackpot before dashing off in a stretch SUV limousine.

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top Makes VW microbus Ball Art

A new piece of art by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame.

Watch this Soccer Ball CURVE (Almost Defies Physics)

I don't know how the hell he kicked the ball, never seen that much curve in a soccer match. You have to see it to believe it.

Video of steel ball dropping into sand

Watch the sand behave like a liquid as this steel ball hits.

TSA hassles, and cops arrest, guy with airport clearance badge for rubber band ball

"I was departing a small commuter airport in Southern California last week and I found myself in jail! Here's the story with the facts, and without any "'emotional hype.'" - from the author of the linked story

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Liverpool all-star striker Luis Suarez
Liverpool all-star striker Luis Suarez
Flickr user Ruaraidh Gillies
The official match ball at the South Africa FIFA World Cup
The official match ball at the South Africa FIFA World Cup
From left to right:
Guy C. Hachey  COO Bombardier Aerospace and gala co-chair; Line Beauchamp  Queb...
From left to right: Guy C. Hachey, COO Bombardier Aerospace and gala co-chair; Line Beauchamp, Quebec Minister of Education, Recreation & Sports; Constance V. Pathy, board chairperson of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens; Christiane Hachey, gala co-chair
Photos by Guy Labissionnière & Blue Strom Média
Ilya (mr. Wood)
Arjen Robben with burst ball.
Arjen Robben with burst ball.
YouTube Screen Capture - seartschi
Caters News Agengy

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