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Balcony News

Four party-goers killed in French balcony collapse

Angers - Four young people died after a balcony collapsed at a newly-built block of flats in France while they were celebrating a house-warming, authorities said Sunday.

Four killed when balcony collapses in France

Angers - Four people were killed and 14 injured when a balcony collapsed in western France as young people were attending a housewarming party, local authorities and media said Sunday.

State could bar builders of Berkeley balcony that collapsed

Sacramento - California regulators could revoke the licenses of five contractors that worked on a Berkeley apartment complex where a balcony collapsed last year, killing six college-age students and injuring seven others.

Woman arrested after dog flung from a balcony

Scarborough - Last month, a dog was thrown from an apartment balcony in Scarborough. Now, a woman has been arrested for allegedly committing the act.

California balcony in fatal collapse was dangerously overcrowded

Berkeley - An apartment balcony that collapsed near the University of California campus here, killing six young people at a birthday party, was overcrowded well beyond its structural limits Tuesday when it gave way, Berkeley officials have acknowledged.

Video shows toddler balancing on balcony edge

Footage claimed to be shot in India has left thousands of viewers feeling tense. The video shows a toddler balancing on a window ledge that is about 50-feet above the ground.

Italian boy jumps from balcony after father breaks Playstation

Bergamo - The 13-year-old boy had been spending too much time playing games on his Playstation, and not enough time studying. When he received a bad grade at school, his father destroyed his Playstation. The boy was so upset he jumped from the balcony.

Ecuadorian man falls from balcony in Spain seeking WiFi signal

Murcia - A 23-year-old Ecuadorian man was leaning over the second-floor balcony, trying to find a WiFi signal on his mobile phone. He apparently lost his balance and fell to his death.

Video: Neighbor saves toddler dangling over 40-foot balcony

A young boy in Guangzhou, China got into a very dangerous situation up on the fourth floor of an apartment building when he climbed out onto a balcony.

Houston man accused of throwing puppies off balcony, 2 dead

Houston - The local Houston police department announced that a man is being charged with animal cruelty. The man allegedly threw five puppies over his balcony, which resulted in the deaths of two of them.

Toddler falls from Ontario balcony

Uxbridge - An Uxbridge toddler is fighting for his life at a Toronto area trauma hospital after falling off a balcony at his home this weekend.

Father Who Jumped Four Floors With His Children Has Denied Murder

In an emotional trail this week, a woman, has had to face her husband in court after he leapt from a hotel balcony with their two young children in a bitter row over their marriage. One of the children was killed in the deliberate fall

5 Year Old Boy Survives 90 Foot Fall From Balcony

A 5 year old boy's mother was cleaning the apartment and noticed her son was missing. Next, she heard him screaming and moaning. She ran outside and saw that he was on the ground, lying on his back.

"Balcony Rapist" due to be released Friday

Paul Callow, the so-called "Balcony Rapist", is due to be released from custody in British Columbia on Friday.

Charges after child dangled off balcony

A mother dangled her child over a balcony after fighting with the 3 year old.

Toronto Balcony Rapist out of jail

He served 20 years and experts say he is still violent but they have to release him.

Police arrest naked couple on balcony

"A couple in their 50s were charged with indecent exposure for allegedly having sex on the balcony of a Myrtle Beach, S.C., hotel in broad daylight."

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William and Kate kiss on the balcony
William and Kate kiss on the balcony
Beacon Radio
A screengrab shows a balcony collapsed during a party in Berkeley  California.
A screengrab shows a balcony collapsed during a party in Berkeley, California.
Screengrab CBS News
Erwn van der Meer
The hotel bar balcony  at The Oxfordshire Hotel.
The hotel bar balcony, at The Oxfordshire Hotel.
This balcony could have been a scene from  Dream of Red Mansions
This balcony could have been a scene from "Dream of Red Mansions"

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