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Bailouts News

Op-Ed: Congress should adjust federal spending and give pension bailouts

Pensions are in trouble in the United States, and Congress is poised to pass a spending bill allowing a reduction in pension benefits for millions of workers. This is outrageous.

Op-Ed: Will SWAT teams arrest bankers who owe $3 trillion for bailouts?

As the passions around the Cliven Bundy situation in Nevada swirl and kick into warp drive, the battle to define the real issues rages on.

Op-Ed: European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize with praise, shock & humor

Oslo - The EU, a 27-nation organization, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its historic role in "uniting the continent" and its contributions “to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.''

Millions of people protest in 80 Spanish cities (video)

Madrid - On July 19, millions took to the streets in 80 major cities throughout Spain. Union workers, 15m members, the general public and many others let their voices be heard.

Fed in secret $16 trillion bailout of US and European banks

Results of the first ever Government Accountability Office audit of the Federal Reserve in its 100 year history indicate that the bank dished out $16 trillion to most major banks, corporations and governments in what the Fed calls all-inclusive loans.

UAW workers to pay 10 years payroll deduction for Ford tax cut Special

Jefferson City - The Missouri State Senate passed a bill which will require United Auto Workers (UAW) employees to finance, through payroll deduction for up to ten years, a tax incentive for Ford Motor Company to keep open its Claycomo, Missouri manufacturing plant.

CEO: 1,000 banks to fail in next two years

John Kanas, former Chairman and CEO of North Fork, believes that more than 1,000 banks are going to fail within the next two years.

Colonial BancGroup becomes biggest bank failure of 2009

Throughout 2009, 80 banks have failed due to the recession and unemployment still continuing, which gives banks loan losses.

Reuters: Warren Buffett Made Millions on Bailouts

In a new report, companies that Warren Buffett, the world's richest man, invested in needed Troubled Asset Relief funding.

Study Shows More CEOs Got Raises in 2008

The recession may be in full swing but for CEO's it appears most have escaped unscathed. In 2008 more U.S. chief executives got a raise instead of losing their jobs, according to an AFL-CIO survey released on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: EU split? Read the analyses, and guess again

The European Union is the result of about 40 years solid work in creating a strong economic zone. The meltdown, however, is causing splits, particularly with the weak Eastern European economies calling for help, and the big guys saying “no bailouts”.

Op-Ed: Credit Card Debt Woes? No Sympathy, No Bails from This Victim

Credit card holders are going bankrupt. People are ducking debt. Foreclosures are happening in every city. Debt is spreading. Credit is getting harder and harder to get.

Op-Ed: No more mismanagement with bailout money- Obama

In any other country on Earth, America’s corporate cretins would be facing lengthy jail terms, bankruptcy, and be utterly discredited. Now the problem is to get them to stop redecorating their offices with bailout money.

Op-Ed: A few hundred billion later: Where’s all that money gone?

The new synonym for ‘destructive, useless and expensive’ is banks. After all the bailouts, all the desperate saving of financial institutions, and all the grief of the housing and investment markets, the banks are doing nothing.

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