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Bailout News

Op-Ed: Should the Fed save Wall Street during COVID-19 outbreak?

As stocks around the world tumbled on worries about a fast-spreading virus, investors have been clamoring for the superheroes of the financial world to ride to the rescue once again. But can central banks fix this crisis?

Exelon CEO — No grid emergency to justify DOE coal, nuke bailout

The CEO of the largest nuclear generator in the U.S. says the retirement of coal and nuclear plants does not constitute a grid emergency that warrants urgent intervention from the federal government, as President Donald Trump directed last week.

Op-Ed: Dumbest move yet— Saving coal plants in name of national security

U.S. President Donald Trump has directed Energy Secretary Rick Perry to take emergency steps to keep coal and nuclear power plants running, the White House said Friday.

Greece approves austerity measures to stay in euro economy

Athens - Greece's parliament argued long into the night Thursday but finally approved a long list of new austerity measures to keep the government afloat with emergency loans from other European Union nations.

Revised Greek bailout request to 'take into account' creditors' concerns

Atenas - Greece will on Wednesday present a revised bailout request that will "take into account" the concerns of international creditors, a government official said.

Eurozone refuses Greek bailout extension, more talks Wednesday

Brussels - Eurozone finance ministers declined to extend Greece's bailout Tuesday hours before its expiry and a possible IMF default but talks will continue Wednesday after Athens asked for a new aid plan, officials said.

Greece refuses to bow to German pressure, no bailout extension: PM

Atenas - Greece's prime minister Alexis Tsipras said Tuesday that the country "cannot return to an age of bailouts and suppression," ahead of critical talks with Athens's EU creditors.

Disneyland Paris gets one billion euro bailout from Walt Disney

It seems the economic crisis in Europe has had its effects on the company which operates Disneyland Paris. While the park is a top draw for European visitors, there has been a sharp fall in the number of visitors and what they spend there.

Greece, lenders will miss March 10 deadline for rescue loan deal: sources

Greece and its international lenders will miss a self-imposed March 10 deadline to clinch a deal that will release the next tranche of the country's rescue loans, three senior Greek government sources said late on Friday.

Can Slovenia avoid an EU bailout?

Ljubljana - Shortly after its independence in 1991, the small country of Slovenia was quickly heralded as one of Europe’s ‘success stories’.

Cyprus to sell about 400 million euros of gold reserves

Nicosia - The island nation of Cyprus has confirmed that it will sell 400 million euros of gold reserves to finance its part of the bailout, according to an assessment released by the European Commission on Wednesday.

Banking officials — Cyprus can amend terms of bailout

In order to qualify for a bailout of 10 billion euro Cypriot citizens had to pay a sizable levy, one-off tax, from their bank deposits.

USDA weighs sugar bailout that may boost candy prices

In the US, the USDA is considering buying around 400,000 tons of sugar in order to limit supply and boost prices so sugar producers can pay back loans, which they are in danger of defaulting on, to the government.

Op-Ed: The Obama General Motors duplicity

For three years our consciousness has been bombarded with assertions from Obama, his handlers, and his justifiers, that he is pro-business, -- after all did he not singlehandedly “save” America’s auto industry? Enough with the lies already!

TEPCO now under Japan state control in 1 trillion yen bailout

Tokyo - The Japanese company that operated Fukushima received a trillion Yen ($12.8 billion) bailout today, effectively putting the company under government control.

Millions of people protest in 80 Spanish cities (video)

Madrid - On July 19, millions took to the streets in 80 major cities throughout Spain. Union workers, 15m members, the general public and many others let their voices be heard.

Finance Minister confirms RIM won't receive Canadian bailout

Fredericton - Research in Motion, the struggling Canadian-owned BlackBerry-maker, will not receive a bailout from the federal government, confirmed Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty Thursday in New Brunswick.

Op-Ed: Bailout — The Movie

A new film is soon to be released that tells us what we know already: America was plundered by Wall Street. But watch it anyway.

Review: A bailout in 'Coronation Street' and a lesson for Greece Special

The culmination of a plot in this long running soap has implications far beyond a mythical Mancunian town, but will the Greeks or anyone else take the hint?

Videos: real despair spreads through Greece

Athens - In the aftermath of the protests on Saturday, Athens is still cleaning up the mess from the fires and damage caused in the riot. A "must watch" video in the European Parliament states the situation clearly.

Op-Ed: Abraham Lincoln — The saviour of Europe?

The so-called debt crisis is being used by the banks and their political lapdogs to peddle yet another bailout, failing which Europe and the world will plunge into a new recession, but there is another solution.

Greek PM survives non-confidence vote, still expected to resign

Athens - Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou narrowly survived a non-confidence vote this afternoon, but is still expected to resign amid fierce debate over the latest Greek bailout.

Op-Ed: Why taxation is unnecessary

The super-rich on both sides of the Atlantic are appealing to their governments to tax them more to aid those less fortunate than themselves. The truth is, all taxation is totally unnecessary.

Op-Ed: Movement for financial reform grows

Mainstream political movements are now embracing financial reform, and are beginning to talk openly about stripping the banks of their power.

Op-Ed: No bailout for Japanese earthquake victims

Three years after they nearly wrecked the world economy, it is business as usual for the banksters, not so for the victims of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake.

IMF expert warns Ireland to seek a bailout now or risk bankruptcy

Irish press is abuzz with the words of advice given to Ireland's government by IMF expert, Simon Johnson. Johnson is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

U.S. Treasury to sell 7.7 billion shares stake in Citigroup

Washington - The United States Treasury Department has announced that it will sell its 7.7 billion shares stake in Citigroup that it acquired during the banker bailouts, amounting to $33.2 billion.

Op-Ed: Wangling AIG To Precipice Proved Profitable for Goldman Sachs

An NYT investigative report offers more insight into the predatory practices of Goldman Sachs, their role in pushing AIG to brink of bankruptcy, and more evidence suggesting the financial bailout was fraudulent and illegal

Emails Suggest Geithner Colluded With AIG to Violate SEC Rules

Recently released emails from Nov. 2008 suggest that New York Fed President Timothy Geithner instructed AIG to withhold key details from the public about the 'back-door bailout' that benefited Goldman Sachs and more than a dozen other Wall Street firms

House Financial Reform Bill Bequeaths Bankers $4 Trillion

"The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009," a 1,279 page 'reform' bill passed by the House, does little to protect consumers while insuring up to $4 trillion to Wall Street from the government should the need arise.
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Protesting financial market bailout.
Protesting financial market bailout.
SEIU International
LEADERS: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands...
LEADERS: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands at the Kremlin in Moscow in April.
Kremlin's Press Service

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