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Clients of Bank of Cyprus could lose up to 60% of their savings

Nicosia - Depositors with more than 100,000 euros in their Bank of Cyprus accounts could now possibly lose up to 60% of their savings.

Video: RT interviews Foreign Minister on Iceland's success

Iceland's Foreign Minister, Ossur Skarphedinsson, explains how his country managed to pull itself away from the financial abyss in 2008, without forcing the people to bail out the banks or imposing austerity measures.

Review: A bailout in 'Coronation Street' and a lesson for Greece Special

The culmination of a plot in this long running soap has implications far beyond a mythical Mancunian town, but will the Greeks or anyone else take the hint?

Greece makes call for financial bail out

The Greek economy has been struggling in recent times and tonight it made a call for a bail out. It has turned to the European Union and the IMF for emergency loans to rescue the country from its financial crisis.

Op-Ed: Wall street versus Main street

Wall Street seems to be getting back on its feet. Banks are giving back bailout money. Yet Main Street is still hurting.

Oops, U.S. Gave $78 Billion Too Much to Bail Out Banks

The Congressional Oversight Panel announced Friday that George Bush's administration overpaid tens of billions of dollars bailing out Wall Street banks last year. That overpayment that came from taxpayers stands at $78 billion.

Bailed Out Banks Seeking Foreign Workers

The bailed out banks are now trying to get droves of foreign workers into the U.S. for high-paying jobs. That's the word from the Associated Press' review of visa applications.

Op-Ed: The Ups and Downs of the Porn Industry

One thing is for sure, there seems to be more ups and downs in the porn industry during hard economic times than for someone staying in a cheap hotel room that’s next to the elevator.

Can Bush Rescue Autoworkers from Sinking Ship when Captains Took the Lifeboats?

Labor was asked to make concessions in order for Republicans to pass the auto bail out bill. In the meantime General Motors captains had already taken enough loot off the ship that when it sinks they’ll have enough lifeboats to be safe

Senate Decides Not to Bail Out the Big Three: Dems Fear Severe Market Reaction

It is 12 pm, ET, December 11, 2008. The announcement has just been made that the Senate has voted and rejected a bail out of the Big Three auto makers, something Harry Reid, top Democrat in the Senate considers will cause a serious negative reaction.

Op-Ed: Has it really come to this, America?

The Democrats' dangerous disregard to free markets and the natural economic system in America are in danger of fundamentally changing our country forever.

Op-Ed: Civic Banking, the Bank Where You Choose and You Decide

The current crisis will no doubt shake the foundations of every garden variety of banking as we know it. Ordinary folks are angry at the largesse of top banking executives. The Civic Banking model may come out as a clear winner .

Op-Ed: The Financial Crisis is Not A Failure of the Free Market

Turn on the television, the radio. Scour the Internet. Google the term “financial crisis” and you are bound to hear frantic tales of the eminent Wall Street collapse.

Op-Ed: The Wall Street Rescue Properly Dies

When America went to bed last evening, the vast majority more than likely lost sleep or frankly just didn't care about the rescue or highway robbery issue. I watched guard and was pleased that the measure failed. First, please review the following.

Op-Ed: John McCain Bails on His Values

"I said the government has to enact reform to prevent the kind of crisis we have, and there was a role for government, and I supported a bipartisan solution."

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