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Bag News

Chihuahua smuggles itself into airport in owner's suitcase

A Chihuahua has been found hiding in a suitcase in the baggage area of New York's LaGuardia airport, triggering a security alert that led to it being found inside the suitcase it had nestled itself in.

'Defective' Walmart bag caused wife's death, says husband

An overstuffed, defective Walmart shopping bag may have been to blame for the death of Lynette Freis. This is considering the strange way she met her fate.

17th century satchels making their comeback in fashion world

Miami - You may have seen the television Google commercial of a satchel maker surprised by the high demand of the 17th century bag. It has now made its return and has become the fashion trend to carry books and other accessories.

Review: Rise & Hang Travel Gear offer practical shelves in duffel bags Special

Imagine a duffel bag outfitted with accordion-style shelves inside, letting you neatly fold clothes instead of stuffing them haphazardly. Rise & Hang Travel Gear functions perfectly for road warriors looking for practical luggage.

Video: Aussie shows 'How to catch a kangaroo' with a shopping bag

An Australian demonstrates how to catch a kangaroo with a shopping bag. The bearded man, it appears, simply walks up to a kangaroo in the bush, opens his bag in front of the kangaroo, and it jumps into it.

Charges laid after starved dog thrown away in plastic bag

Newark - Charges have been laid against a woman believed to be the owner of a dog who was close to death from starvation when he was found inside a rubbish bag in a garbage chute.

Kitten left in bag on rubbish heap

Holborn - A three-month-old kitten was found shivering inside a plastic rubbish bag left on a pile of trash near a block of London flats.

Mother denies baby choked on marijuana bag Special

Waterloo - An Iowa mother who was arrested last week has challenged the paramedics-police account of an incident that left both mother and father facing a variety of charges including child endangerment, marijuana possession and interference with official acts.

Teen Finds And Returns $108,000, Gets $20 Reward From Police

A Utah teen came across a bank deposit bag worth more than $100,000 and returned it to the university police. The teen was rewarded $20 for his honesty.

Feel Good News of The Day: Man Finds $140,000, Turns It In To Police

Struggling landscaper Eli Estrada found a bag filled with $140,000 cash on the street and instead of keeping it and paying off his debt, he turned it into police. Estrada was quoted saying "I think I was nuts!"

There's Something About Mao: Cameron Diaz Commits Fashion Crime

Actress Cameron Diaz appears to have committed a major fashion crime in Peru. The voice of Princess Fiona in the animated Shrek films may have inadvertently offended Peruvians.

$1.4 Million Bag left on Park Bench

Suhrhoff finds a $1.4 Million Louis Vuitton bag full of jewelry and cash.

Bag the cat? Scratches may be least of worries

1) Buy some hamburgers, 2) Place your cat in the empty bag then upload the video to YouTube, 3) Profit??

Cop smacked with colostomy bag

I really only posted this story because I just had to use this photo. I couldn't stop laughing. Now on to the story ...

Big Brother's New toy: Another bloated Gas Bag watching You from the Sky

Lockheed Martin builds a High Altitude Airship, HAA, blimps that floats 12 miles above the earth and scans 600 miles radius from the sky.

Grandmother's head found in man's bag

South African police have arrested a 24-year-old man in Eastern Cape province who was found carrying the head and arms of his grandmother in his luggage, the SAPA news agency reported overnight.

Red E Bag, Dedicated Regurgitation Bag

I have no words for this one... hehe

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A couple avocados in a bag
A couple avocados in a bag
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A plastic bag in Toronto
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Who's too thrifty to toss a twisty-tie?
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A bag made from rotting fruit.
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