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Bad science News

How reliable is that science paper?

A few scientists are open to bribery and influence, but science journals and the peer review process have long been held up to be robust examples of the scientific method. A new report throws up some doubts.

Do psychological studies have an inherent problem?

Scientific studies are often well-designed and the results stand the test of time. But not always. One area with a great deal of uncertainty is psychology and a new review has found many studies are not reproducible.

Making science better: Swap ‘bad science’ with ‘good science’

In a previous article, we looked at ‘bad science’ including deliberately misleading research. Although not common, bad science still occurs. How can scientific findings be improved? We assess some best practices.

What is ‘bad science’ and how to spot it?

In this first of a two part-article, Digital Journal peers into the world of science and looks at ‘bad science.’ Not all scientific studies are as reliable or believable as they seem. We look at why this sometimes happens.

Round two of the kale debate — Dangers based on 'bad science'

The Internet has been awash with charges that kale, the new "superfood," may make you sick if eaten to excess because of an excess of thallium in its leaves. These charges are being discredited as being nothing more than "bad science."

Op-Ed: A bar of chocolate a day helps you lose weight. Really?

There is plenty of good science out there, and there is plenty of bad science. A scientist and journalist, John Bohannon, has highlighted how quickly 'bad science' can circulate with a spoof feature on chocolate and weight loss.

Review: Can Divergent, a series not for teens, be saved by the producers? Special

Chicago - The FIRST Divergent movie is great fun and better than the book, but will the final installment result in teen suicides, bad AP scores and a dumbed-down public? Can the sanity of Divergent viewers be saved with a new ending to the series?

Does HIV really cause AIDS? Fierce debate is rekindled Special

The fierce row over whether HIV really does cause AIDS has been rekindled in a UK-based humanist publication in which a leading American AIDS dissident takes on what he calls the “AIDS Establishment.”

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Is kale really good for you?
Is kale really good for you?
Hilah Cooking
A retracted science paper.
A retracted science paper.
Joel West

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