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Bacon News

Man jailed for slapping Muslim teen with bacon

London - A man in the United Kingdom has been sentenced to jail after slapping a Muslim teen with bacon. The incident was captured on film.

U.K. woman, 86, fights would-be mugger with...bacon?

Manchester - The attempted robbery of an octogenarian in a grocery store was reported by the Greater Manchester Police. But video evidence reveals the incident that was related by police was a tad exaggerated.

Five Bacon paintings reported stolen in Madrid

Madrid - Five paintings by British artist Francis Bacon worth an estimated 30 million euros have been stolen from the Madrid home of their owner, El Pais reported Sunday.

Introducing bacon scented underwear

Bacon scented underwear is a real thing. Both men and women can buy the unique line of underwear. The company behind the undies is J&D's Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt.

Bacteria help deliver fish-oil diet benefits

Diets rich in fish oil compared with diets where lard is the predominant fat lead to very different types of bacteria being found in the guts. The bacteria appear to help with the health benefits of fish oil and the harmful effects of lard.

Introducing a hot dog bun made entirely out of bacon

Soon it will be International Bacon Day, and someone has created the perfect dish for the occasion. Grillocracy created what is known as the Ultimate All Bacon Hot Dog Bun.

MRSA superbug in supermarket pork sparks alarm over farming risks

Cambridge - A strain of the MRSA superbug linked to the overuse of antibiotics has been discovered in pork sold by several prominent British supermarkets, according to an investigation by The Guardian.

Bacon-obsessed woman convicted in McDonald's shooting

Grand Rapids - After just one hour of deliberating, a jury in Michigan concluded that a woman who fired a shot into a McDonald's after employees twice forgot to put bacon on her hamburger was guilty of firing at the building intentionally.

Bringing home the bacon gets tough for pork lovers

The cost of that delicious BLT is going to keep getting higher as the price of pork, and therefore bacon, continues to soar.

Three people jailed for wrapping bacon around mosque door handles

Edinburgh - Three people were given jail sentences after having defaced a Scottish mosque back in January 2013. According to sources, the group wrapped bacon around the door handles and threw some through the front doorway.

Review: Francis Bacon And Henry Moore Together In Terror And Beauty Special

Toronto - The work of two wildly different artists is paired for a new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. While it's ambitious, Francis Bacon and Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty disappoints with a false sense of connection between the artists.

Strips of pork belly linked to reduction of ‘normal’ sperm

The traditional breakfast meat that pairs well with eggs and hash browns has become a pop culture staple. Forget the bacon cheeseburger.

Swedish man injured by 500-600 kilos of bacon falling on him

Gothenburg - A man, working in a warehouse in the meatpacking district of Gothenburg was knocked unconscious when a trolley loaded with bacon toppled and fell on to him.

Video: Pearl Cantrell, 105, says bacon is the key to longevity

A 105-year-old Texas woman, Pearl Cantrell, says the secret to longevity is bacon. Her 81-year-old son Billy Allen shares his mother's secret: She begins her day with a cup of "coffee pudding," that is, coffee with milk, sugar, biscuit and bacon.

Bacon condoms: The latest in tasty meat fun

J&D Foods is run by Justin and Dave. Apparently they are "just two regular guys" and it's their dream "to make everything taste like bacon." Now it seems they have ventured into the sex market.

Bacon shaving cream, from the folks who brought you 'Baconnaise'

Everything goes better with bacon, the old saying goes, and now one intrepid company is taking that axiom to a whole new level by introducing bacon-infused shaving cream.

Comedian traveling across U.S. with bacon as only currency

Comedian-actor Josh Sankey has teamed up with Oscar Mayer in a bizarre bid: to travel across 12 American cities with their brand of bacon as his only form of currency. No cash, credit cards, debit or cheques. Only bacon, and lots of it.

Bacon sundaes, bacon-wrapped hot dogs coming to Toronto's CNE

It's all about the bacon (and past favourites such as deep-fried butter) at Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition this summer. The Toronto Star Food Building will offer bacon sundaes, bacon popcorn, pulled meat on pancakes and much more.

Jack in the Box unveils bacon milkshake to negative reviews

There's a common saying among foodies: "Bacon makes everything better." But according to some reviewers, the bacon-flavored milkshake recently unveiled at fast food chain Jack in the Box is the exception to the rule.

Nosebleed? Detroit docs can cure it with a pork 'nasal tampon'

Detroit - Doctors in Detroit, Michigan are now advocating an offbeat way to treat nosebleeds. All you need to do is stick a "nasal tampon" made from salted, cured pork up your nostrils.

How to make a bacon Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your (bacon) branches? The fun chefs at Epic Meal Time have devised a way to make your very own holiday bacon tree, decorated with fast food ornaments.

Fargginay's treasure: Bacon fragrances on sale now

Legend has it that in the year 1920 a Parisian butcher accidentally concocted a powerful, mood-lifting elixir and discreetly distributed the popular remedy to those with power or fame. Four years later, the butcher lost his shop and the recipe to a fire.

Bacon soda the new holiday treat?

The new beverage concoction is a bacon-flavored soda that is available now for a limited time during the holiday season.

Food Advisory Some Piller’s taste Better than Bacon products

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is warning the public not to consume some Piller’s taste Better than Bacon Maple Flavoured Smoked Ham and Lean’n’ Tasty Smoked Ham Maple Flavour Bacon Style Slices .

Bacon Dogs Outlawed in LA

The Department of Public Health in Los Angelas has recently banned the selling of bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Ah, the sweet, salty, taste of health regulation.

Bacon As A Bookmark? Librarians Tell All

So, what do you use to mark the page you've just finished reading? Bacon, perhaps? Librarians say they never know what they'll find in the book drop.

Kevin Bacon and the Six Degrees Leads to Charity

Kevin Bacon is a genius at turning something "kind of horrifying" into a cause for the good. . .

Iran vows to 'humiliate' U.S.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashed out against the UN's decision to sanction Iran's nuclear aspirations, and vowed to 'humiliate' the US like it had done 'many times before.'

Settlement reached in Oregon priest abuse scandal

About 150 people who claimed they were molested by priests have agreed to settle their lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland for an undisclosed amount.
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Bacon Image

Bourbon bacon doughnuts from Cartems Donuterie are just one of the tantalizing temptations available...
Bourbon bacon doughnuts from Cartems Donuterie are just one of the tantalizing temptations available when ordering food online with
Image via
The full English breakfast includes bacon  eggs  sausages  beans and fried potatoes
The full English breakfast includes bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and fried potatoes
wrapping chicken in bacon.
wrapping chicken in bacon.
WikiMedia Commons
A starter of meats  served with potatoes with crunchy jackets  and fluffy inside.
A starter of meats, served with potatoes with crunchy jackets, and fluffy inside.
Oh so yummy and creamy:  bacon and gorgonzola linguine.
Oh so yummy and creamy: bacon and gorgonzola linguine.
The hot dog bacon bun courtesy Grillocracy
The hot dog bacon bun courtesy Grillocracy
Via Grillocracy
Francis Bacon  Second Version of Triptych   1944 / 1988. Oil and alkyds on canvas. Each panel 198 x ...
Francis Bacon, Second Version of Triptych, 1944 / 1988. Oil and alkyds on canvas. Each panel 198 x 147.5 cm (each panel), Tate Modern, London. © Estate of Francis Bacon / SODRAC (2013)
© Estate of Francis Bacon / SODRAC (2013)
Bacon-wrapped hot dogs
Bacon-wrapped hot dogs
the queen of subtle
Carissa Rogers
A plate of delicious fried bacon.
A plate of delicious fried bacon.
Shaneka Monique Torres  29.
Shaneka Monique Torres, 29.
Kent County Jail
Crumbled bacon. I could eat this plate for dinner. Or even just a snack. It s a sickness  I know.
Crumbled bacon. I could eat this plate for dinner. Or even just a snack. It's a sickness, I know.
Skewering bacon wrapped chicken...mmmm
Skewering bacon wrapped chicken...mmmm

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