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Exclusive premiere: Tyler Jordan releases new country song 'Back' Special

On Thursday, March 7, rising country singer-songwriter Tyler Jordan premieres his new song "Back" exclusively on Digital Journal.

Man falls into garbage truck, makes trash coffin to survive

A man in Yolo County, California, built himself a trash coffin after he accidentally fell into the back of a garbage truck, and he survived the ordeal.

Op-Ed: Prank vs Prank — Girlfriend strikes back with hot sauce

Jesse and Jeana joined Youtube back in 2009 and from then on they have blown up. Becoming a YouTube sensation with around 2.5 million subscribers on their PrankvsPrank channel, they are one of the funniest couples to watch on the web.

Australian teen could be fined for climbing on whale's back

Albany - A teenager in Australia could be fined for climbing on the back of a southern right whale; an act which environmental authorities said was reckless and illegal.

NAACP Supports Van Jones, Calls Beck a 'Right Wing Extremist'

The NAACP issued a statement Friday in full support of President Obama's embattled Green jobs czar, Van Jones. The NAACP went further, calling Glenn Beck a 'right wing extremist' and questioned advertisers' sponsorship of his show.

Swedish 'Condor Man' Successful Flies Across The Channel With A Jet Back Pack

A Swedish pilot known as Fusionman, has successfully flown across the English Channel using nothing other than a jet back pack. A short film clip can be seen via the link below. The man strapped himself to a wing and flew his solo flight last week

Oblivion for the PSP back on Schedule?

Next to the Halo Movie and Spore, this game has to be one of the most tossed around projects. The game was announced last year, but since then we haven't heard a thing. Is it possible to assassinate a PSP game before it's even bored?

New Delhi High Court orders judge back to law school

New Delhi's High Court justices, having been annoyed with lower court judges who issue problematic rulings, have decided to send one of them( Judge R. K. Tiwari ) back to law school.

The Age of Chivalry

There is nothing more romantic than reading medieval liturature. The stories are rife with a type honor, duty and passion we rarely see in our age but were alive and thriving in the Age of Chivalry.

Paris Ordered Back Into Court By Judge Who Let Her Go

Paris Hilton has been filmed being picked up up the Sheriff in a police car and sent back to court to decide whether she returns to jail or not. The Los Angeles county judge has ordered Miss Hilton to reappear at the court to decide her fate

Original Star Wars Cast to Reunite for TV Show Special

If a reality TV show called Bring Back Star Wars succeeds, we may see a reunion of the cast of the original films.

Tomb Raider is back, but is it the same?

When the movie came out, Angelina Jolie was based on the character Laura Croft. But is the Laura Croft character now based on Angelina Jolie?

Commodore is Back!

"Because the commodore name equals fast."

CN Rail workers ordered back to work by federal government

Ottawa has tabled legislation ordering twenty-eight hundred striking CN Rail workers back to work.

Body found in back of truck

A truck was impounded and held for 11 days before the body was found in the back of it.

Elderly Woman Conned; Get's House Back

They tricked her to sign over power of attorney, then they stuck her in a nursing home, stole her home, her money and cars.

Tijuana police get weapons back

Police in Tijuana have had their guns returned three weeks after they were ordered to turn them in.

Back in the Days... a Tandy 386 Computer w/2MB of RAM for $8499

Back to the Past, a Tandy Computer costs $8499 for 20 MHz, 80386 Processor, 2MB RAM

Sisters back from China with hope

The two Ontario sisters who left for China for Stem Cell treatment are back with hope of improvement.

Relieve back pain by drinking more water

Water: the power to save lives.

Woman stabbed in back at Toronto subway station

Police Issue Warning About The Potential Of A "Random Attacker" On The Subway after a woman was stabbed in the back.

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