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Ousted Communist leader Zhao Ziyang is buried: family

Beijing - A former Chinese Communist Party leader ousted after he opposed the use of force to quell 1989 democracy protests was buried over a decade after he died, his family said, in a service ignored by state media.

Serbian late strongman Milosevic's widow buried

Pozarevac - The ashes of Mirjana Markovic, the widow of Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic, were on Saturday buried in Serbia along with her late husband.

'Our duty to our martyrs': preparing NZ dead for burial

Christchurch - For three days and nights the volunteers toiled, diligently washing the bodies of those murdered by a white supremacist in the Christchurch mosque massacres, finally embracing when the last victim was wrapped in a shroud.

New city of the dead takes shape underneath Jerusalem

Jerusalem - Under the serene and silent hills of Jerusalem's largest Jewish cemetery, a team drills into stone to create a vast underground burial site, melding modern technologies with ancient concepts.

Mafia godfather buried amid friends and foes in Corleone

Rome - Former "boss of bosses" Toto Riina, one of the most feared godfathers in the history of the Sicilian Mafia, was buried Wednesday in his hometown of Corleone.

Reunion hopes shattered, a Rohingya weeps for his family

Chhota Angutia - Weeping and groaning, Alif Jukhar dug into the earth of the grave with his bare hands. Alif, a long-time Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh, had hoped -- for the first time in three decades -- to be reunited with his family.

Ebola burial teams saved thousands of lives

Geneva - A new study, reviewing the actions taken in response to the 2014-2015 West African Ebola crisis, has found the burial practices conducted by medical staff were highly effective in reducing the infection spread.

Paris bomber buried in Brussels

Brussels - A suicide bomber who blew himself up in the Paris attacks was buried Thursday in Brussels, an AFP reporter witnessed, as police pursued two suspected Islamic extremists who escaped a deadly raid this week.

Israel to return bodies of 23 Palestinian attackers

Jerusalem - Israel was set Friday to hand over the bodies of 23 Palestinians killed during recent attacks on Israelis, the army said, in an apparent bid to ease tensions.

Paris attacker Samy Amimour buried

Paris - Samy Amimour, one of the men that massacred 90 people at the Bataclan music venue in Paris, was buried north of the city, local officials said Sunday.

Malaysia finds more graves and human remains near Thai border

Kangar - Malaysian police said on Sunday they had found 24 human skeletons - all believed to be victims of trafficking - in newly discovered graves along the Thai border in the northern Malaysian state of Perlis.

Malaysia bids sombre farewell to nameless Rohingya dead

Alor Setar - Malaysian authorities on Monday held a sombre mass funeral for 21 suspected ethnic Rohingya found in human-trafficking graves last month, with fellow Muslims praying for the unidentified victims to find a place in heaven.

Mandela's body en route to Qunu via helicopter

Nelson Mandela's body will take a trip by helicopter this morning to Qunu in the Eastern Cape, for his burial on Sunday.

British burial space may be gone within two decades

Pending a legal change, British citizens may not have anywhere to be buried when they die in the near future. An extensive BBC survey recently found that many burial sites will run out of space within a decade, while some are already out of space.

You can have your own space funeral for just under $2K

Technology is booming in the funeral industry right now, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Now thanks to Elysium Space, we've reached a new milestone in burial tech, offering you your own funeral in space for just under $2,000. (Seriously.)

Op-Ed: Cremation yes or no? Religions, traditions, and modern times Special

Among the variety of funerary practices observed in various cultures and countries, burial and cremation are the most common. Some religions prefer the one and ban the other, sometimes both are 'allowed.' Even today, cremation occurs in only 31 nations.

Osama bin Laden's death: Secret e-mails document burial at sea

Washington - AP has obtained e-mails between US military officials that give details of Osama bin Laden's burial at sea. The ten extensively redacted e-mails were released by the DoD in response to a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by the group Judicial Watch.

Elvis Presley crypt to be auctioned off next month

Memphis - Elvis Presley's original crypt in Memphis, Tenn. is slated to hit the auction block late next month. Bidding for the burial spot will start at the modest price of $100,000 but chances are not to stay there for very long.

Poisoning by tar balls may have caused ancient peoples’ decline

Los Angeles - A group of researchers are suggesting bitumen, found in tar balls and containing carcinogenic agents, may have led to a decline in health of California’s prehistoric peoples, the Chumash, who regularly used the now-known toxic material.

Bin Laden buried at sea

There will be no grave for the followers of Osama bin Laden to visit. Official reports say that the man called the face of global terrorism by CNN has been buried at sea.

Unique Old Bulgar burial site discovered

Pliska - A burial site of the Old Bulgars, described as unique in Europe, has been unearthed near the Black Sea coast at the site of early medieval Bulgaria’s first capital, Pliska.

Date set for Michael Jackson burial

Michael Jackson will be buried on what would have been his 51st birthday. Joe Jackson told the media on Monday that his son will be buried on August 29.

Grandparents to Set Burial Date for Caylee Anthony This Week

After a whirlwind of details have surfaced about the killing of Caylee Anthony and her grandfather’s attempts at suicide on Friday, the child will finally be put to rest.

Home Burials A Way To Save Money During The Final Passage

With the cost of funerals hovering around $10,000 many simply can't afford the frills a funeral director tacks on the final passage of life. Some are even opting to bury their own as in olden days. In most areas this is legal.

Doomed Chernobyl reactor to be buried in giant steel coffin

Plans are underway to bury the Chernobyl nuclear station with a giant steel coffin to prevent further radioactive leaks. The Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded in 1986.

Funeral company offers pay-per-view burial service

A British crematorium will offer a new “pay-per-view funeral” service for the friends and families of the dead who are unable to attend the service. they can watch the service remotely from their computer.

Baby John, Family Heirloom to be Buried Today

In April 2006, authorities learned of the remains of a mummified baby being displayed on a bureau in an apartment in Concord, N.H.. After inconclusive DNA testing, the unknown baby will be buried today.

Maria Lauterbach Will Be Laid To Rest Today

Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach will be buried today at St. Christopher Catholic Church near Dayton, Ohio. The young marine grabbed the nation's attention when she came up missing in December.

Green Burials Let You Give Back To Mother Earth

A Portland, Oregon burial firm is championing the cause of "natural" burials. Passing on chemicals and using only all natural materials in the construction of the'll be just like it was, oh, 200 years ago.

Benazir Bhutto Flown To Family Home For Burial

Benazir Bhutto's body was flown ancestral home to Gari-Khuda Baksh in Sindh province on Friday for burial a day after the former Prime Minister was cut down. Her death has spurred violence throughout Pakistan with angry mobs taking to the streets.
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Reconstruction of the distinguished lady from York
Reconstruction of the distinguished lady from York
Yorkshire Museum
Emptied grave  ready to receive a new occupant
Emptied grave, ready to receive a new occupant
A tomb of one of the Hunnic leaders from Noyon Uul-Noin Ula
A tomb of one of the Hunnic leaders from Noyon Uul-Noin Ula
Borbála Obrusánszky
A contemporary grave for a child. Zorgvliet  Amsterdam. The Dutch law allows for much choice and per...
A contemporary grave for a child. Zorgvliet, Amsterdam. The Dutch law allows for much choice and personal wishes
The most lavish and beautiful grave; the Taj Mahal mausoleum. Agra  India
The most lavish and beautiful grave; the Taj Mahal mausoleum. Agra, India
Burial on Nias  a small island off the Sumatra coast.
Burial on Nias, a small island off the Sumatra coast.
Robert Capa s headstone.
Robert Capa's headstone.

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