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BBC micro:bit to teach 'hundreds of millions' to code

The BBC has handed over control of its micro:bit mini-computer to a non-profit organisation that will promote it worldwide. For the first time, the tiny educational device will be available internationally, exposing "tens of millions" of children to code.

BBC to be forced to reveal stars' pay

London - Britain's government unveiled plans Thursday to force the BBC to reveal the salaries of more of its star journalists and presenters as part of reforms of the public broadcaster.

You can now buy the BBC's palm-sized computer to get kids coding

The BBC micro:bit, a £13 computer handed out for free to schoolchildren in the UK, is now available to buy online. The hackable device was created by the media organisation to get kids coding, following the spirit of the BBC Micro in the 80s.

North Korea detains, expels BBC reporter

Seoul - A BBC reporter in North Korea was detained, interrogated for eight hours and eventually expelled over his reporting in the run-up to a rare ruling party congress, the British broadcaster said on Monday.

UK Comedy legend Ronnie Corbett dead at 85

The showbiz fraternity is in mourning today following the passing of one of the English speaking world's best-loved entertainers, a mainstay of British television and theatre for over 60 years.

BBC faces huge cuts to news budget

London - The BBC is to spend less money on news and current affairs following a £80 million ($130 million) cut to its funding. The reduction will be phased over a four year period.

Op-Ed: A phony John Paul II love story distorted his real persona

Internet-age journalism sensationalized and distorted what was an innocent but highly significant relationship between John Paul II and a Polish-American philosopher.

Op-Ed: Mainstream media get basic facts wrong on Libya

Tripoli - On reading many articles on Libya, I have been shocked at the fact that professional news organizations such as Reuters, AFP, and the BBC have reported as facts statements that are demonstrably false. This article presents a number of examples.

Katie Markham talks 'Adele at the BBC' and her own tribute show Special

British songstress Katie Markham chatted with Digital Journal about being a part of "Adele at the BBC," where she was one of the Adele impersonators. In addition, she talks about her own Adele tribute show.

Review: Doctor Who Festival materializes in London Special

London - The Doctor Who Festival is a celebratory event for 2015, taking place in several venues worldwide. During November, the event reached London, taking over the Excel Centre for three days. Digital Journal paid a visit.

BBC 'seeks to broadcast' into N.Korea

London - The BBC plans to launch a radio news service for broadcast into North Korea as part of an expansion of its World Service offering, a source told AFP on Saturday.

Review: Planet of the Apes brought to life with live orchestra Special

London - As part of London's Meltdown Festival a restored version of the first Planet of the Apes films was shown accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Turkey accuses BBC of making propaganda for 'terrorist' PKK

Istanbul - Turkey on Friday accused the BBC of making propaganda for the "terrorist" Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) over a report on the outlawed group's female fighters in northern Iraq.

Op-Ed: Voice of America in intellectual twilight zone against Putin

U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) turned its back on famous British-American historian of Soviet crimes Robert Conquest.

Op-Ed: 'Leftist' BBC under scrutiny from conservative government

London - Rupert Murdoch hates public broadcasters. So do many U.S., UK and Australian conservative politicians. The BBC is now part of the global hate campaign directed at the whole idea of public broadcast. The excuse is that it’s “leftist.”

BBC reveals the micro:bit computer — free for all UK children

The BBC has revealed the details of its new pocket-sized computer that will be given away free of charge to all 11- and 12-year-olds in the UK as part of the organisation's initiative to get more children interested in computers and coding.

BBC experiment lets you change TV channels with your mind

The BBC has announced that it is experimenting with brainwave reading devices that could let you control the iPlayer with only your mind. The broadcasting company has already built an internal prototype that lets you choose a program by thinking of it.

BBC offers former 'Top Gear' hosts $7.1 million: Report

Two months after the BBC unceremoniously ended its hit car show "Top Gear," the network has scrambled to find replacements for the show's three departed hosts.

Rockstar Games' parent company sues BBC over upcoming GTA drama

The BBC has been hit with a lawsuit by Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Grand Theft Auto creators Rockstar Games, over allegations of potential trademark misuse in the broadcasting company's upcoming drama about the GTA franchise.

Op-Ed: Voice of America disappoints

U.S. taxpayer funded Voice of America (VOA) has problems offering timely analysis of Kremlin propaganda, such as President Putin's latest defense of the Hitler-Stalin Pact which launched World War II.

Op-Ed: Voice of America can learn from State Dept. about social media

When it comes to a few important journalistic new media skills, such as speed of posting information online and use of social media, U.S. State Department's public diplomacy is leagues ahead of U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA).

Death threats made to BBC chief after Clarkson axe

London - British police were on Sunday investigating death threats against BBC director-general Tony Hall following his decision to drop popular "Top Gear" presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

BBC drops 'Top Gear' host Clarkson over producer attack

London - The BBC announced Wednesday that it was dropping one of its most popular presenters, "Top Gear" host Jeremy Clarkson, for physically attacking a producer.

'Grand Theft Auto' is going to become a BBC TV drama

The BBC has announced that it's going to create a TV show based on the hit videogame series "Grand Theft Auto." It comes as part of the BBC's new "Make it Digital" initiative, which is all about technology.

Review: ʻFawlty Towers’ tribute debuts in Toronto; don’t mention the food Special

Toronto - Nearly forty years after the show’s debut, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get a third series of “Fawlty Towers”. But if you’re desperate for a substitute, along with a meal, you could do worse than “Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience”.

Interview with Arabella Weir Special

The talented English actress, presenter, author and comedienne, who charmed her way into the nation's heart in the 1990s by asking "Does my bum look big in this?" kindly took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Digital Journal.

Op-Ed: BBC vs Google over 'the right to be forgotten'

The BBC is to publish a continually updated list of its articles removed from Google. This is a direct challenge to Google's controversial "right to be forgotten" rule.

BBC reporters 'badly beaten' in southern Russia

Astrakhan - A team of BBC journalists was beaten and their camera smashed in southern Russia, where they were looking into reports of Russian soldiers killed while on secret deployments near Ukraine, the broadcaster said Thursday.

Rare sturgeon, porpoise face extinction in China's Yangtze River

China's Yangtze River is home to many rare species. However, pollution and the country's rapacious need for dams is threatening at least two rare species: the Chinese sturgeon and the finless porpoise.

From Genesis reuniting to Mike + The Mechanics on tour

If you've been praying for a Genesis reunion, there's one taking place right now, but don't expect to see Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins sharing a concert stage anytime soon. However, you can catch Mike Rutherford and his band on the road next year.
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Press photos of Lip Service
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