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Q&A: B2B holiday marketing during the pandemic Special

The COVID-19 crisis has led to dramatic economic shifts and forced businesses to evolve with changing customer behaviors. This means businesses need to pivot their B2B holiday marketing strategies.

B2C Retail Benchmark Report looks at first quarter of 2020

Episerver has released a new study with dips into the state of businesses to consumer interactions, putting in place a benchmark for businesses in relation to the first quarter of 2020.

New study shows gap between B2B CX expectations and realities

The path towards digital transformation for businesses that primarily trade or offer services to other businesses is not smooth, with considerable gaps opening up between expectations and the current state, according to a new report.

Q&A: Why B2B sellers need 3D visualization Special

In order to remain at the forefront of the B2B market, enterprises need to provide potential customers with a multimedia experience. This means making full use of images, videos and virtual reality, according to Kris Goldhair of KBMax.

Q&A: Nature vs. Nurture - Are good salespeople born or made? Special

Theresa O’Neil, CMO at Showpad, discusses with Digital Journal how sales organizations can uplevel their middle-of-the-pack performers with artificial intelligence driven training and coaching technology.

Blockchain is transforming the B2B data exchange: Interview Special

Business-to-business blockchain can increase revenue and potentially take third-party data vendors (Amazon, Facebook) out of the equation entirely, according to Andrew Ma of LemoChain.

AI Translation-as-a-Service provider Unbabel raises $23m funding

Unbabel, a startup developing an AI-powered translation network, has raised $23m in Series B funding. The company combines AI translation with human refinements provided by 55,000 linguists around the world. It targets its service at global enterprises.

Apple and GE partnership puts industrial IoT on the iPhone

Apple and GE have announced a partnership that will see GE's Predix industrial IoT platform land on iOS. Developers will be able to build industrial IoT services that can run on the iPhone and iPad, offering a way to access analytics from iOS devices.

Samsung's 360 Round lets content creators livestream in VR

Samsung's announced its own 360-degree camera designed for virtual reality content creation. The Samsung 360 Round incorporates 17 lenses and can livestream 4K and 3D video with spatial audio soundtracks. It's a complete package for VR content creators.

Microsoft claims Teams enterprise chat app used by 125k firms

Microsoft has celebrated six months since it released its Slack rival Teams by announcing over 125,000 businesses are using the app. The company refused to disclose how many users that represents though, instead sticking to aggregate enterprise numbers.

Photo filtering app Prisma pivots towards B2B AI technologies

The firm behind photo filtering app Prisma has announced it's shifting its focus away from consumer apps. While Prisma won't be going away, the company plans to develop a new B2B portfolio where it will license its existing machine learning tech.

Microsoft's new business apps make customer management easier

Microsoft has announced three new apps to help small businesses find and engage with customers. The products are part of its Office 365 cloud subscription service. They let you advertise your firm online, manage email campaigns and send invoices.

The B2B perspective of CES 2016

We all know the Consumer Electronics Show as a geekfest for cool tech gadgets, some of which may never be mass-marketed.

B2B marketing trends to look for in 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, many of us are reflecting on the past year and what we learned. For B2B marketers, it’s also time to look ahead to 2016 and make decisions about what we’ll be investing in, and what we’ll no longer budget for.

How to deal with fake traffic and bots

You’ve heard about bots and traffic fraud. You know it exists but are you aware of how prevalent it is and how it can affect your B2B firm’s bottom line?

Using specialty consulting firms to improve B2B processes

Every B2B company, whether large or small, will use a consulting firm at some point. But many specialty firms exist that can help B2B firms proactively find processes within their operations that can be corrected before something goes wrong.

How 3D printing is influencing B2B firms

The possibilities are seemingly endless, as small and large businesses’ usage of 3D printing has now spiked, for an array of uses.

Do B2B marketers still not get content marketing?

More than half of B2B marketers surveyed are unclear about what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like.

Op-Ed: Should your B2B company be as transparent as possible?

It used to be that when a company was privately owned, things were, well, mostly private. A company may have disclosed the number of employees and maybe annual sales but all other information was kept behind closed doors.

What you need to know about geofencing in mobile marketing

A person walks into a store with their mobile phone or smartwatch and suddenly a discount code or targeted product ad appears from that store on their device. Welcome to the threshold of a geofenced boundary.

Battle of the September conferences, Inbound vs Dreamforce

A new feature from B2B News Network looks at what two major tech conferences, Inbound and Dreamforce, have to offer in the coming weeks.

What every B2B marketer can learn from the Toronto Blue Jays

For fans of the Toronto Blue Jays, August 2015 is a month for the history books. From a mediocre record at the start of the month (51-51), the Jays now lead the AL East with a record of 74-56.

What B2B CEOs can learn from Trevor Noah, Tony Hawk and Mad Men

New Orleans - They may seem like business professionals with disparate interests, but comedian Trevor Noah, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and athlete Tony Hawk all understand what it takes to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Inside the future of the Internet of Things

Is the Internet of Things here to stay or a futuristic scenario that won’t truly come to fruition? Earlier this year, The Motley Fool stated, “buzzwords may come and go, but this one refers to a real megatrend in technology.”

Why B2B audiences are finding new appeal in augmented reality

Augmented reality suffered a very public, very embarrassing setback last year with the Google Glass debacle. 2015 has been the year when AR, the laying or projecting of digital content over real-world people, places and things, is really taking off.

To partner or to acquire, that is the B2B question

Many B2B companies are partnering with similar companies in their industry. But when would it be smarter to acquire that company instead of partnering with them? When is it smart to sell?

Report: B2B marketers view mobile as ‘crucial enabler’ for sales

Salesforce recently released its 2015 State of B2B Marketing Report which highlighted several B2B marketing trends, including a substantial section dedicated to mobile.

Business success lessons from two Canadian CEOs

Toronto - A Toronto panel with two prominent CEOs, one who works in the B2B space, looked at the best practises to achieving business success.

Report: 80% of B2B marketers want to increase their LinkedIn use

A new report found 80 percent of B2B marketers intend to boost their use of LinkedIn. A total of 91 percent of B2B marketers said social media was important to their business.

What every B2B business can learn from Game of Thrones

On its surface, Game of Thrones is a bloody look at a continent engulfed in war. But just as the Sun Tzu classic The Art of War inspired a number of lessons for business leaders, so too can the politics behind the hit medieval fantasy series.
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