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Op-Ed: Republicans' best trick yet — Making Paul Ryan seem reasonable

Washington - Just when you thought the U.S. Congress couldn't get more out-of-touch with the American people they're supposed to be representing comes this: the House of Representatives has picked Rep. Paul Ryan to be speaker.

Review: 'BioShock' brings the terror of Rapture to the iOS Special

The iOS port of 'BioShock' brings all the terror of Rapture that was experienced in the classic game in the palm of your hands.

Op-Ed: Rewarding the one per cent

A recent article in Forbes, by Harry Binswanger has the title: "Give Back? Yes. It's Time for the 99% to Give Back to the 1%". The community the article claims should give back to the wealth creators.

Op-Ed: The fallacy of America's racial wealth gap

A recent study by three academics has claimed there is a widening "racial wealth gap" in the United States. As usual, things are not that simple.

President Obama rejects Ayn Rand as for 'misunderstood teens'

New York - United States President Barack Obama sat down with Rolling Stone magazine and the legendary author and philosopher Ayn Rand was brought up in the interview. The president confirmed he read her work, but dismissed it as for "misunderstood teens."

Behind the scenes of the World Premiere of Atlas Shrugged Part II Special

After writing an interview that I did with Hollywood producer Harmon Kaslow about his movie Atlas Shrugged Part II, he invited me to attend the World Premiere of the movie at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC.

Op-Ed: Misunderstanding Ayn Rand

Bruce Levine is a psychologist who is critical of both the mental health industry and corporatism; his heart is in the right place, but he is on shaky ground when he attacks Ayn Rand.

'Atlas Shrugged' Producer Harmon Kaslow discusses film adaptation Special

Los Angeles - Ayn Rand’s magnum opus “Atlas Shrugged” is one of the most popular novels of all time. After nearly 20 years in the making, the book is finally hitting the big screen. Producer Harmon Kaslow spoke with to discuss the film.

Op-Ed: Anarchist publisher making waves Special

Does the world need another biography of Aleister Crowley? Troy Southgate thinks so, and he’s making waves with a new book about The Great Beast.

Op-Ed: Social engineering American style

A social engineer is normally a highly motivated, verbose, collection of clichés living in the pocket of someone else. Not any more. The means is now the end. The process now defines the product, and it's a very inferior product.

Op-Ed: The Conservative Manifesto — Now with 50% more bull

All life on Earth was created, fully clothed and equipped with renewable subscriptions, by the blessed non-sexual union of Our Ronnie and Our Maggie in 1980. It was from this hallowed point that the Great Return To the Womb began.

Op-Ed: Ayn Rand materialism at the core of America's anger

Baby boomers hold the reins of power during a time of anger, hate and lack of moral leadership, all due to predominant philosophies learned in critical years.

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Courtesy of Atlas Shrugged - Strike Productions
Courtesy of Atlas Shrugged - Strike Productions
Courtesy of Atlas Shrugged - Strike Productions
Courtesy of Atlas Shrugged - Strike Productions
Courtesy of Atlas Shrugged - Strike Productions

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