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Op-Ed: Will the next president tear up the Iran agreement? Special

Washington - The Iran nuclear agreement may be a done deal, but its detractors are hardly ready to back down and its advocates are preparing to dig in for the long haul.

Op-Ed: Iran nuclear talks to resume this week — New details emerge

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry heralded the recent preliminary agreement with Iran as a historic event. So far, America has catered to many requests while Iran promises little in return.

Saudi Arabia on Iran deal: Concerns on being 'lied to' by U.S.

In the wake of the controversial deal brokered with Iran in Geneva over Iran's nuclear ambitions, Saudi Arabia, concerned about being "lied to," is opting for its own proactive foreign policy agenda.

Hassan Rouhani wins Iranian Presidential Election

Meet Iran's newly elected president; the face of the country's ambitious nuclear program, and the icon of the Iranian people, Hassan Rouhani.

Khameini: We dont seek nuclear but if we do, no one can stop us

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday that his country is not seeking nuclear weapons, but if it wanted to, no country could stop it from doing so.

Ali Khamenei: No talk unless US and the West stop pressuring Iran

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that the United States is seeking talks while making threats, Iranian media reported. The United States was accused Thursday, by The Iranian supreme leader, of holding a gun to Tehran's head to pressure it to hold direct talks.

Iran, North Korea sign technological cooperation agreement

Tehran - A memorandum of understanding on scientific and technological cooperation has been signed between Iran and North Korea, during Kim Yong-Nam's visit to Tehran.

Top general comments on possible Israel-on-Iran unilateral strike

London - Speaking of Israel's threat to attack Iran, General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters on Thursday, “I don't want to be complicit if they [Israel] choose to do it.”

Khamenei: Iran will not develop nuclear weapons

Tehran - At a gathering of leaders of developing countries in Tehran, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that Iran will never develop a nuclear bomb, but will continue the pursuit of peaceful nuclear energy.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei encourages Iranians to make more babies

Tehran - Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has encouraged Iranians to procreate and make more babies. Khamenei has spoken out against the country's contraceptive service, calling it "wrong."

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei joins Instagram

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has extended his Internet credentials by joining photo sharing site Instagram. Already a hit on Twitter the Ayatollah has now been spending his free time uploading photos to Instagram.

Sanctions begin to hit the Iranian people hard

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has told the Iranian people that sanctions will only make them stronger. The Iranian people though are already feeling the painful consequences as sanctions begin to bite.

Iran moves to ban oil exports to Europe ahead of sanctions

Tehran - On January 23 the European Union agreed to a ban on Iranian oil imports from July 1. Iran has reacted preemptively and will vote on Sunday for a ban on all oil exports to the EU from next week.

Iran wants Israel punished for assasination of nuclear scientist

Tehran - Ali Larijani, a close ally of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and speaker of the Iranian parliament, has demanded that Israel be punished for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan.

Ahmadinejad accuses Ayatollah Khamenei's son of embezzlement

Tehran - Amidst ongoing political infighting in Iran, prior to the Presidential elections in two months, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accused his one time supporter Mojtaba Khamenei, son of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, of embezzlement.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran's elected presidency system may change

Tehran - During a speech on Sunday Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a veiled warning to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, by stating that the role of an elected president is subject to change.

Raping Freedom of Speech in Iran

After major protests last summer in Iran because of the contested elections, the crackdown on journalists is still ongoing. Mass arrests of journalists in Iran were reported Tuesday, February 16th by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Khamenei claims Iran is not interested in nuclear weapons

A day after a U.N. watchdog report was released that stated they believed that Iran was working towards a nuclear weapon, the supreme leader of Iran refuted the report.

Iran to deliver 'punch' against the West on Feb. 11

While delivering a speech to a gathering of air force personnel, Iran's cleric leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said his country is prepared to deliver a sober warning to the West.

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