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NASA scientists: Climate change is moving the North Pole

Beginning around the year 2000, the North Pole abruptly changed its direction and started drifting east, and its all thanks to us, scientists have discovered. The geographic North Pole is located smack in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

Fishing boats finds WW2 mustard gas bomb in catch

Danish fishermen fishing around the island of Bornholm, south of Sweden, found a dangerous mustard gas bomb among their catch after trawling the hazardous region of the Baltic Sea.

Yahoo launches Axis web browser, receives acclaim from pundits

Sunnyvale - Digital media company Yahoo has launched its own web browser, Axis. The company describes it as an innovative tool to surf the Internet and make it easier and faster. Will this surprise move help revamp the struggling but once dominant Internet giant?

As the World Turns: Earth could still harbor life without a moon

Moscow - It has been believed for a long time that the moon is needed to maintain life here on Earth, but a new study suggests otherwise. New simulations show that the tilt of our planet's axis would only vary about 10 degrees if we did not have a satellite.

Japan earthquake shortened day on Earth, tilted axis by 25cm

Tokyo - Scientists have learned that last week's devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake, which caused nearly $200 billion in damage in Japan, actually shortened the Earth's day by a fraction and it shifted the planet's axis by 25 centimetres.

Op-Ed: Has The World Wobbled on its Axis?

Have you checked your horoscope lately? Has the day gone by as predicted? Or has your world suddenly gone off the rails? Maybe you’ve noticed you haven’t quite been yourself and you might be feeling like a stranger in a strange land?

Warming oceans could shift earth's axis

A recent study claims human-induced warming of the oceans could shift Earth's axis up to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet). This shift could happen by the end of the century.

Sixaxis will only rumble in America?

Sony is open to releasing a redesigned version of PS3's Sixaxis controller, according to Sony America president Jack Tretton, but it's possible that changes made in the US would not appear elsewhere.

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Axis network cameras allow you to monitor your office or home office environments remotely.
Axis network cameras allow you to monitor your office or home office environments remotely.
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Courtesy Axis

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