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Autumn News

Natural beauty of fall in Edmonton Special

Edmonton - Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I am only partly joking. Edmonton's weather makes fall seem fleeting in some years.

Photo Essay: Businesses proudly display their patches of pumpkins Special

With nearly 158 million Americans celebrating Halloween this autumn and more than 117 million households celebrating Thanksgiving, businesses are featuring the all-American symbol of the season, pumpkins.

Photo Essay: A Sunday stroll to the beach in Fuengirola, Spain Special

Fuengirola - The extreme heat of summer has gone, along with most of the tourists. However, it is still hot and sunny out there, ideal for a quiet stroll down to the beachfront.

Photo Essay: Ball's Falls for family autumn hikes and festivals Special

Toronto - As summer wraps up the weather becomes perfect for hiking and picnics in the autumn colours. As our thoughts turn to fall festivals and thanksgiving in southern Ontario make sure you add Ball's Falls to your list of places to go.

A changing of the seasons — Fall to Winter Special

Nashville - As the month of December grows near, and autumn turns to winter, the landscape in and around Nashville, Tennessee begins to change.

Taking a walk in Mississauga's Riverwood Park Special

Mississauga - Fall is such an inviting season, with the turn of the leaves, the welcoming of warm beverages, bountiful harvests and temperatures cool enough to let your hair down as you decide to take a walk through the colourful foliage.

Op-Ed: Autumn light in the southern Spanish countryside (video/photos) Special

While southern Spain doesn't experience the glorious splash of autumn colours experienced elsewhere in the world, there are some attractive sights to see in the countryside. This article shows some views near Coín in the province of Málaga, Spain.

Photo essay: Fall fun at Corn Maze in The Plains Special

The Plains - Corn mazes are popular events in many regions during the fall and Northern Virginia has its fair share. One popular autumn destination for many families in the Washington area is the Corn Maze in The Plains.

In Photos: Autumn – Time of reflection, prelude to Old Man Winter Special

Toronto - Autumn. It's a season of mixed feelings, a change of weather (for many), a preface to the hectic Christmas spirit and beauty. With cool temperatures and gray skies, it's certainly a time to relish in Antonio Vivaldi and Mother Nature's gift to the world.

Photo essay: Leaves change, temps drop as autumn comes to Detroit Special

Detroit - The leaves are changing and the calendar has turned. It's autumn in Detroit. However, it hasn't been feeling like it with temperatures dipping into the 30-degree range at night.

Photo essay: Fall arrives, but signs of summer remain in Virginia Special

Autumn has arrived, but signs of summer are still lingering in Northern Virginia. Last month the region saw definite signs of fall emerge, however warmer temperatures have returned this week.

What does autumn have in store for Canada? More warm weather

Toronto - Don't put away your flip flops and shorts just yet. With the unofficial final week of summer here, many are gearing up for autumn's cool temperatures, but one weather agency says it will be warmer than normal.

UK water companies fear drought in 2012, November remains balmy Special

This time last year a thin blanket of snow covered most of southern Britain as winter came along early. On Sunday the south east region of the UK continued in its dry, balmy and sunny conditions.

Frost returns to Toronto Special

The weather in Toronto was gorgeous this morning. It was sunny and wind-still, but there was also a sign of things just around the corner: rime and frost. I took pictures of a beautiful sunrise, and a glowing Tommy Thompson Park.

Freak autumn snowstorm brings down tree limbs across New Jersey Special

Cranford - An unusually early snow storm struck parts of northern New Jersey on Saturday, two days before Halloween, and weather forecasters are expecting as much as 10 inches in some areas of the state.

The Exhibition without the crowds

Toronto - The crowds are gone but Toronto's Exhibition Place is still in use every day with conventions, the Toronto Police and Fire Services and commuters using the GO terminal.

Photo Essay: Autumn in Toronto - 'It's good to live it again' Special

Toronto - Autumn in Toronto doesn't last for very long. But when it does occur, the colours, the weather and the occasions that are associated with fall are quite charming. This is what Torontonians see when the autumn leaves descend.

Photo essay: Fall season brings family fun to Northern Virginia Special

Once the kids are back in school, the weather becomes a bit crisper and before we know it, the signs of fall have arrived. For those in Northern Virginia, this year feels more spring-like than the past few autumn seasons.

Autumnal heatwave confusing flowers and plants in the UK Special

It should be chilly, damp and autumnal in Britain at this time of the year, but instead of falling leaves and plants dying off from ever-increasing cold nights, the country is basking in a heatwave with record temperatures reaching 29c (84f) on Thursday.

Autumn has started and the monarch butterflies are leaving Special

Each year in autumn, the monarch butterflies migrate thousands of kilometres from Toronto (and many other places in Southern Ontario) to their hibernation sites in Mexico.

Op-Ed: It's almost autumn in Toronto, the season of middle age Special

Toronto - It's almost autumn in Toronto. We're slowly creeping towards the end of the year. As I watched people walking around at one of the city's intersection it came to me that seasons are like a person's life. We're ending the middle age time of the year.

New reads for fall: Top picks from the bestseller's list

When the days begin to shorten and the air becomes crisp, certain books seem to fit the seasons, such as the perfect novels to curl up with under a blanket, or to accompany a hot mug in hand.

Outdoor creations at The Festival of (Autumn) Leaves Special

Autumn is here, and that means leaves, lots of leaves, dead leaves, and those leaves are the basic matter used in the creations to be seen in Lyon’s Parc de la Tête d’Or. This biennial event is a great favorite with children and adults alike.

Autumn's vivid colours descend on the English Shires Special

Following a spell of cold and dry conditions during late October in the Home Counties of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire (the Shires), and then a mild spell with strong Atlantic winds during November, autumn with all its vivacity, is here.

Autumn's colourful sights in Nova Scotia Special

Halifax - In a few short weeks the towering gates of the Halifax Public Gardens will be closed for the season. One of the finest surviving examples of Victorian Gardens in North America, it was established in 1836.

Toronto's Mt. Pleasant Fall Fair celebrates community businesses Special

Toronto - The Mt. Pleasant Village community in uptown Toronto celebrated the Mt. Pleasant Fall Fair where dozens of businesses showed the entire city why this uptown area “flourishes” and provides some of the best services.

Fall colours in Vancouver Special

Burnaby - In these warm and sunny days, the Pacific Northwest is showing its flying fall colours, especially visible in the parks of Vancouver, B.C. A visit in Burnaby's Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, BC reveals the first autumn colours and their variety.

Photo essay: Autumn in full bloom in uptown Toronto (video) Special

Toronto - The leaves are changing, the days are shorter and the weather is becoming gloomy. The season of autumn is in full bloom in Toronto and there is one place where one can admire the allurement and magnificence of autumn: Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

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Autumn Image

Upper Falls at Ball s Falls conservation area.
Upper Falls at Ball's Falls conservation area.
Autumn bears fruit for the  varied foliage
Autumn bears fruit for the varied foliage
England: A large tree with elongated branches in front of a lush green lawn. Hanbury Manor in the au...
England: A large tree with elongated branches in front of a lush green lawn. Hanbury Manor in the autumn.
A blackbird helps itself to worms while two horses wearing their autumn coats graze in the October s...
A blackbird helps itself to worms while two horses wearing their autumn coats graze in the October sun surrounded by golden and yellow-coloured trees.
Melting frost on a side view mirror.
Melting frost on a side view mirror.
Old Sturbridge Village is in Sturbridge  Massachusetts. There is no better place to view the state s...
Old Sturbridge Village is in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. There is no better place to view the state's fall foliage than at the living history village.
Old Sturbridge Village
The arrival of autumn in Toronto s uptown area.
The arrival of autumn in Toronto's uptown area.
A line of trees all with varying colours of gold  yellow and green
A line of trees all with varying colours of gold, yellow and green
The autumn scenery in uptown Toronto.
The autumn scenery in uptown Toronto.
The Water of Leith barely visible through some bare trees
The Water of Leith barely visible through some bare trees
The autumn scenery in uptown Toronto.
The autumn scenery in uptown Toronto.
NOv 12 2011 Nova Scotia
NOv 12 2011 Nova Scotia
Stopping for a moment to reflect.
Stopping for a moment to reflect.
We still don t have a good idea on all the factors that affect fall colours
We still don't have a good idea on all the factors that affect fall colours
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