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Autism News

Taking an antidepressant while pregnant increases autism chances

Canadian researchers released results of a study on taking antidepressants during pregnancy and it raises concerns. They found woman have a far higher chance of having a child who will be diagnosed as autistic if they take antidepressants while pregnant.

Father wouldn't stop homeopathy on autistic sons, loses custody

Toronto - A father in Ontario lost custody of his two young sons, in part because he refused to stop trying to cure the boys' autism and other illnesses with homeopathy. The boys, aged nine and ten have "severe and profound" autism spectrum disorder.

Lethal autism 'cure' feared spreading to Britain

Police in Britain are investigating that country's first potential case of a parent giving their child bleach as a "cure" for autism.

Autism is being overdiagnosed, says study

On Friday, government researchers in the United States reported that autism may be overdiagnosed in as many as 9 percent of kids.

Autism groups slam GOP debate for claim vaccines cause autism

Simi Valley - After last night's Republican primary debate, autism advocates expressed outrage about candidate claims that vaccines cause autism and the dosing schedule should change.

Inside the civil rights movement for people with disabilities Special

One in six children in the United States will have a developmental delay or disability. Developmental disabilities begin during the developmental period of life, either prior to birth or during infancy.

Study finds autism linked to mother and diabetes during pregancy

A study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association found a link between autism and gestational diabetes. Women who develop diabetes earlier in their pregnancy have a higher chance of birthing a child with autism, the study found.

GPS-equipped clothing can help protect children with autism

A new clothing line that uses embedded global positioning system (GPS) tracking technology is helping parents protect autistic children, who are prone to wandering away from their homes or supervised spaces.

Oxytocin could be the new treatment for autism

The hormone oxytocin may help improve social deficiency-related symptoms of autism, according to research on a mouse model of the disorders.

New genetic link to autism

Scientists have identified a molecular network that includes many genes previously linked to autism spectrum disorders. Narrowing this down, one specific molecular pathway appears responsible.

Study links smog exposure during pregnancy to autism

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health reported Thursday that mothers who were exposed to significant levels of fine particulate pollution in their third trimester of pregnancy doubled the risk of having a child with autism.

Can broccoli extract ease autism symptoms?

An initial study has found improvements in behavior and communication skills among young men treated with sulforaphane. This chemical is a constituent of vegetables like broccoli.

Pilot study for infants with autism

A new trial has found that teaching parents certain therapeutic interactions for babies showing early signs of autism may improve the infants’ future social development.

Altering neurons improves autism in mice

Fixing impaired neurons appears to ease the symptoms of autism in laboratory studies on mice, where mice have the disorder. This is according to a new study published in the journal Neuron.

New autism genetic link revealed

In a new study, researchers determine that heritability outweighs non-genetic risk factors when it comes to the developmental disorder.

Can stem cells be used to treat autism?

Duke University is launching a $41 million stem-cell trial to explore the use of umbilical cord blood cells to treat autism, stroke, cerebral palsy, and related brain disorders.

Autism study at Duke draws skepticism from experts

Durham - A bold, new study led by researchers at Duke University seeks to examine the applicability of umbilical cord stem cells for use in the treatment of autism.

Parents accused of housing 11-year-old autistic child in dog cage

Anaheim - Law enforcement officials in California have been arrested the parents of an 11-year-old autistic boy who officials belive was being kept in a cage.

Service dog industry growing Special

“One out of 64 children is still being diagnosed with autism. Soldiers are still going to war. The need for guide dogs is greater than ever. Standards for the industry are coming in the very near future."~Jason Devito, Founder of Canines 4 Hope

Autism-Hormone link found

Some boys with autism were exposed to elevated levels of testosterone, cortisol, and other hormones while their mothers were pregnant, according to a new report.

Moms Determined: Chicago 'Thinking Mom' and 'Thinkers' featured

Autism activist and Chicago Mom Lisa Goes of the Thinking Moms' Revolution or TMR as well as other 'Thinking' Moms in the group have been featured in the introduction of a new documentary film called 'Moms Determined.'

Study links dog ownership to autism benefits

A recent study published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing has strengthened the notion that dog ownership can be beneficial to children on the autism spectrum.

University of Sydney study shows no autism and vaccination link

Sydney - It's a theory that has spread throughout the internet, and alternate media circles. The link between autism, and vaccination has gained steam, but a new study has dispelled the link between vaccinations and autism.

Study: Heredity, environment equal factors in autism

Most autism studies have pointed to inherited factors as a leading cause of the disorder, while a few have looked to environmental factors as a contributing cause. Now, a massive new study concludes that both, in roughly equal parts, may be responsible.

Restaurant Chili's cancels fundraiser for families affected by autism

Chili’s, a popular U.S. restaurant chain, has cancelled their fundraiser for a national autism group. Chili’s had previously announced that they would be donating 10 percent of customers’ checks to the National Autism Association.

Donald Trump stirs autism-vaccination debate in public once more

Real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump once again stirred the autism-vaccination debate, this time on Twitter, by sharing his belief that autism is due to high vaccination dosage. In 2012, he maintained the same view on Fox News.

Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Autism Month Team TMR Announcement

Autism month in the United States starts with the announcement of the formation of Team TMR, a not-for-profit 501c3 organization created by the founders of the Thinking Moms’ Revolution. TMR is a group of 23 moms and one dad.

New finding about autism (video)

Abnormal cellular layering has been found within the brains of children with autism. This points to inappropriate development prenatally, according to new research.

Autism 'patchwork' begins during pregnancy

Washington - The brains of children with autism contain a built-in patchwork of defects, suggesting that the developmental disorder begins while they are growing in the womb, said a US study.Researchers described their findings in the New England Journal of Medicin...

Autism 'patchwork' begins during pregnancy

Washington - The brains of children with autism contain a built-in patchwork of defects, suggesting that the developmental disorder begins while they are growing in the womb, said a US study Wednesday.Researchers described their findings in the New England Journal ...
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I am more than Autism
I am more than Autism
Sydney Opera House lit up in blue for World Autism Awareness Day
Sydney Opera House lit up in blue for World Autism Awareness Day
Avonte Oquendo  14  of Queens  went missing on October 4th.  Surveillance footage has video of him r...
Avonte Oquendo, 14, of Queens, went missing on October 4th. Surveillance footage has video of him running away from his Long Island City school.
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A photo of an autistic girl
A photo of an autistic girl
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