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Autism News

Self-Injurious Behavior makes NYC debut, to help autism charities

New York - "Self-Injurious Behavior" is making its New York debut at The 30th St. Theater at Urban Stages, as it coincides with Autism Awareness Month.

Major Canadian companies take part in Autism Job Fairs

Some of Canada’s top employers are coming together for the Spectrum Works Autism Job Fair to help people on the spectrum find meaningful work. The event is now in its third year.

Mother's gut health and autism connection

New research draws a connection between the health of an expectant mother's gut and autism in her yet to be born child. The inference that follows is that changing an expectant mother's diet could lower autism risks. However, further research is required.

Successful blood test for autism

Researchers have declared success with a blood test for autism. This is the first physiological test for autism, and the results indicate that the test proves a high level of accuracy following its second trial.

Freestyle queen Shannon opens up, talks autism awareness, SASI Special

Holbrook - On June 8, freestyle queen Shannon ("Let the Music Play") sat down and chatted with Digital Journal at the 2018 SASI "Blue Party," which raises awareness on autism on Long Island.

Review: 2018 SASI GALA is a success, raises autism awareness in New York Special

On June 8, the 2018 Blue Party GALA for SASI (Specialized Autism Support & Information) took place at Villa Lombardi's in Holbrook, New York.

2018 GALA for SASI to take place at Villa Lombardi's in Holbrook

Holbrook - On June 8, 2018, "The Blue Party" GALA for Specialized Autism Support and Information (SASI) will be held at Villa Lombardi's in Holbrook on Long Island.

Autism research advanced by eye tracking technology: Interview Special

Eye tracking measures human visual behavior in order to understand what drives human behavior. A recent eye tracking study of ASD adults led to a program that is helping ASD adolescents become better drivers.

Autism's social deficits reversed with anti-cancer drug

New York - New research suggests that autism's social deficits can be reversed by an established anti-cancer drug called romidepsin. This represents a breakthrough in epigenetics research.

New app MagnusCards helps those with autism: Interview Special

An app called MagnusCards aims to help people with autism do everyday activities like food shopping, brushing your teeth, and socializing. We spoke with the inventor, Nadia Hamilton.

New app changes how brain disorders are treated: Interview Special

The company Trayt has launched an app that aims to improve diagnosis, treatments, and quality of life for patients with autism, ADHD, and other brain disorders through big data and analytics. To find out more we spoke with the company's founder.

Autistic golfer dreams of Green Jacket

Anseong - Golf is among the most solitary of sports, its players engaged in a constant struggle with themselves as they compete against the implacable opponent of par.

Serotonin improves sociability in mouse model of autism

Tokyo - In promising new research, scientists working in Japan have linked early serotonin deficiency to various symptoms that occur along autism spectrum disorder. The research promises a new method for helping address autism symptoms.

Tackling autism by targeting gut bacteria

Beijing - As part of the research into probiotic and prebiotic supplements, researchers have reported on indications that suggest altering the bacteria found in the human gut could help to address the symptoms of autism.

Legislator Sarah Anker talks autism awareness, SASI Special

Wading River - Suffolk County legislator Sarah S. Anker (for the sixth district) sat down and chatted with me at "The Blue Party" at The Inn at East Wind in Wading River on Long Island.

Old drug sheds a new light on autism

University of California San Diego School of Medicine have completed an early phase clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of an established drug for the treatment of autism.

Dan Romano to partake in 'Blue Party,' to raise autism awareness

Wading River - Popular radio personality Danny Romano will be walking the blue carpet, as part of "The Blue Party" for a worthy cause this June.

Minnesota measles outbreak fueled by fear of Autism

Minneapolis - Minnesota health officials are scrambling to contain a measles outbreak that has mainly affected Somali-American children. So far, 44 cases of the highly contagious disease have been identified, mostly in Hennepin County.

No autism link to prenatal exposure to antidepressants

One concern is that mothers who take antidepressants while pregnant go on to have children who develop autism. A new scientific study disproves this.

Fecal transplants show success against autism

The symptoms of autism, tied with gastrointestinal problems, have been addressed through fecal transplants, according to one study. The study is small, but it does pave the way for further research into fecal transplants as a therapeutic tool.

Study links vitamin D deficiency to autism

Children who are born to women deficient in vitamin D, at 20 weeks, are more likely to show signs of autism by the time they reach the age of six, according to a new study from Australia.

New evidence of a genetic reason for autism

The causes of autism are varied. However one reason for some people with an autism spectrum disorder is likely to be genetic. New research has identified a new genetic cause.

Review: ‘The Accountant’ doesn’t make a mistake in adding up its assets Special

‘The Accountant’ is a slow-burning, intense thriller about a man of many conflicts who must use his talents to save his life.

Can modifying the microbiome reduce autism?

Scientists have found that the absence of a single species of bacteria contributes to autism-like social behaviors. Moreover, adding this bacterium back normal social activity is restored.

Diabetes treatment reduces obesity in children with autism

A standard drug used to treat type-2 diabetes, called metformin, has been shown to be effective in aiding overweight children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to maintain or reduce their body mass index (BMI).

Autism aid app developed for children in Ghana

Accra - The HopeSetters autism center in Ghana is trialing a new app designed to help children identified with an autism spectrum disorder. The center is located in the Ghanaian coastal city of Tema.

Connecting fungicides to neurodegenerative diseases

An alarming new study indicates that the newer generation of fungicides could be linked to conditions like autism and various neurodegenerative diseases. The study is based on an animal model.

Singer Shari Rowe 'lights it up blue' for autism awareness

Phoenix - Country Music Artist, Shari Rowe has led the campaign in the U.S. for this year's Autism Awareness Day. The theme for this year was "Light It Up Blue."

Is autism being overlooked in girls?

London - One in 68 children in the U.S. is affected by autism, with boys receiving four times as many diagnoses as girls. Is there a medical difference or are girls being missed out in terms of diagnosis?

De Niro changes course, pulls anti-vaccine film from Tribeca Fest

The Tribeca Film Festival and co-founder Robert De Niro have announced a program change, cancelling a decision to show the anti-MMR vaccine film, 'Vaxxed,' at this year's festival. De Niro said he was the one to schedule the film but has now removed it.
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Avonte Oquendo  14  of Queens  went missing on October 4th.  Surveillance footage has video of him r...
Avonte Oquendo, 14, of Queens, went missing on October 4th. Surveillance footage has video of him running away from his Long Island City school.
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Sydney Opera House lit up in blue for World Autism Awareness Day
Sydney Opera House lit up in blue for World Autism Awareness Day
I am more than Autism
I am more than Autism
Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck star in  The Accountant
Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck star in 'The Accountant'
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