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Op-Ed: U.S. think tank CFR calls for removal of Australian PM Abbott

Sydney - American think tanks rarely make undiplomatic statements. Australians woke up this morning to find that a peak think tank called the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) was saying that the Australian Prime Minister should be removed.

Op-Ed: Australia has lost one of her favourite sons, Gough Whitlam, 98

Sydney - Gough Whitlam was a maverick politician, ahead of his time and a true exponent of the core principles of the labour movement. He’s one of the few Australian Prime Ministers who truly revolutionized the nation.

Op-Ed: Maniacal NCOA report targets Australian public in austerity drive

Sydney - It’s official — government exists solely to increase the hardship of citizens. The National Committee of Audit (NCOA) has proven that any point of contact between Australian government with human realities is non-existent.

Op-Ed: Australia — Whistleblower exposes massive corruption

Sydney - New revelations about the links between organised crime and Australia’s ultra-hot construction industry have raised a stink that’s not likely to go away. Death threats against a union official have caused him to make some very ugly accusations.

Labor should defend carbon pricing in opposition: ex-PM Gillard Special

Australia's first female prime minister touts her tenure, reveals her personal grief over losing power in a leadership coup and shares her hope for the Australian Labor Party's future since Kevin Rudd lost the election and stepped down eight days ago.

Op-Ed: Tense Australian election heats up, fast

Sydney - While polls predict a Coalition victory over the Labor government, this is an anything but simple election. The campaigns have turned into minefields for some candidates, and the issues are very sticky.

New Aussie PM announced Special

Canberra - After a long and arduous internal leadership battle, Australia's Prime Ministership has at last returned to former PM Kevin Rudd.

Rudd wins, named new Australian PM

Sydney - Kevin Rudd has won round three of the Labor Party's leadership challenge. The votes were 45 for Gillard, 57 for Rudd. The challenge included an undertaking by both candidates that the loser would resign from politics.

Australian Labor split hits the fan as new challenge starts

Sydney - The Rudd vs. Gillard third round is now underway, with Labor Caucus members circulating a position to allow Kevin Rudd to challenge for leadership of the Australian Labor Party. If Mr. Rudd wins, there are also legal hurdles to jump to become PM again.

Op-Ed: Chorus of media telling Gillard to go as gutless Labor implodes

Sydney - The Australian Labor Party is a truly awful mess. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is now one of the most unpopular leaders in Australian history, not easy to do. The ALP meanwhile, is firing cutlery into her back and its own like a machine gun.

Op-Ed: Labor misses the point as Gillard re-elected unopposed

Sydney - In what Labor is calling a conclusive victory, Julia Gillard is still Australia’s Prime Minister. Expected opponent Kevin Rudd said previously he wouldn’t run, and didn’t. Gillard supporters have been “scathing” but missing the storyline.

Op-Ed: Gillard faces spill, no confidence motion in Parliament

Sydney - Australian PM Julia Gillard has had better days. Minister Simon Crean called for a vote on the Labor leadership. Gillard said no. Members of Caucus then petitioned for a vote under party rules.

Op-Ed: No bloody way! Single mums on dole when kids turn 8? Bye, Labor

Sydney - You have to wonder what sort of animal gives policy advice to the Australian government sometimes. Under a new plan OK’d by PM Julia Gillard, 100,000 Australian single mothers will be put on the dole when their kids turn eight years old.

Australia: Study in refocusing as Gillard changes directions

Canberra - Julia Gillard’s first moves as PM have been to take the initiative on issue management. The change in tone and direction is marked, and has been backed up by coordinated media releases, shutting down some issues, and creating new focal points.

Op-Ed: Australia: Revolt against Rudd will be ugly

Canberra - The image of Australia as a nice place for relaxed politicians is going to be on hold for a while. PM Rudd is in big trouble, and the sound of knives is being heard throughout the land.

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