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Attempted Murder News

Man who shot at George Zimmerman guilty of attempted murder

Sanford - A Sanford, Florida jury found Matthew Apperson guilty of three charges that resulted from an altercation he had with George Zimmerman in May 2015. The incident arose from an initial act of road rage.

Toronto cemetery rapist declared a dangerous offender

Toronto - Russell Kirkpatrick, 48, was declared to be a dangerous offender and sentenced to an indefinite term in prison after he pleaded guilty to the vicious assault and rape of a 61-year-old woman in a Toronto cemetery.

Road rage leads to shot fired into SUV carrying 5 children

Edmonton - In what is being called an extreme case of road rage, a shot was fired into a vehicle carrying five children and two adults just west of Edmonton, Alberta.

Police release video of man run over in apparent road rage attack

Las Vegas - After attempts to find the driver of a car that ran down an elderly man at a service station have been unsuccessful, Las Vegas police have released a security camera video of the incident.

Alberta man gets 14 years for setting girlfriend on fire

Leduc - The 23-year-old received the sentence after previously pleading guilty to five charges stemming from the August 2013 incident in which he beat his girlfriend and then set her on fire.

Op-Ed: Justice for Jordan Davis? — Michael Dunn not convicted of murder

Jacksonville - The verdict is in for Michael Dunn. He has not been convicted of first-degree murder for the killing of Jordan Davis, 17, an unarmed black teenager, for playing what Dunn described as "thug music" loudly.

Greece: Afghan with swastikas throws woman over coastal wall

Police in Corfu have arrested an illegal Afghan immigrant after he robbed a 20-year-old student and callously threw her over an eight-meter coastal wall. Police were surprised to find the Afghan had tattoos of swastikas and other Nazi symbols on his body.

Customer shoots at waiter over stale food

Delhi - A drunken customer turned a gun on a waiter over a complaint about stale food. Fortunately the waiter ducked and avoided the bullet.

Woman attempted to murder boyfriend with DD breasts

Unna - A German woman is accused of using her breasts as deadly weapons - literally, as her boyfriend says she admits to trying to suffocate him during sex.

'Internet Black Widow' arrested in Nova Scotia

New Glasgow - The 77-year-old woman faces a charge of attempted murder after her current husband was taken to hospital. The woman has previous convictions in Nova Scotia and Florida that include one for manslaughter in the death of a previous husband.

German woman in coma after drinking poisoned Capri Sun

A married couple in northwest Germany fell seriously ill after drinking Capri Sun pouches. The police believe the fruit drinks were tampered with after being purchased, and are treating the case as an attempted murder.

Pregnant Michigan woman abducted, set on fire and shot, survives

The mother is expected to make a full recovery and her unborn child is believed to be fine after the violent abduction. Police have two suspects in custody.

iPhone records Grandmother shooting her son-in-law

Thinking ahead and anticipating a verbal confrontation when he picked up his son for a court-ordered visitation, a Florida man activated his iPhone and was able to record his mother-in-law firing three shots at him, striking him twice.

Motorway maniac still at large

Galleywood - Last week, a driver was nearly killed on the A12 in Essex when a maniac heaved a concrete slab through her front windscreen from a bridge. To date the person(s) responsible have not been arrested as police warn of copycat attacks.

Man arrested for the assault of 73-year old cemetery worker

Manchester - Greater Manchester Police have arrested a man in connection with the robbery and assault of a 73-year old cemetery worker.

Op-Ed: What is a credible witness? Ask Edgar Steele

Boise - The sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn was dismissed because his accuser was considered “not credible” as a witness, but many people have been brought to trial and even convicted on far less credible evidence.

Teen charged with attempted murder after cop dragged by vehicle

Toronto - In an incident reminiscent of those that took the lives of two York Regional Police officers in the past four years, an 18-year-old Toronto man faces four charges including attempted murder

Op-Ed: Was Edgar Steele framed?

An in-depth article and analysis relating to the possible framing of controversial American attorney Edgar J. Steele for the attempted murder of his wife.

Man arrested for attempted murder of mall security guard

Toronto - Toronto Police have arrested a man in connection to the September 13, 2010 attempted murder of a security officer at Fairview Mall.

Toronto youth accused of attempted murder in stabbing case

Toronto - A youthful offender is facing attempted murder charges after the stabbing of a 66-year-old man at an Eccleston Drive apartment building this weekend.

Man charged with attempted murder, family burned

Florida - A man in Florida, Puerto Rico, was accused by police of burning his family with a blowtorch. The man's parents are in the worst condition.

Ontario man sought for attempted murder

Brampton - Police in Brampton are looking for a suspect wanted in connection with the attempted murder of two Brampton residents Saturday.

Teen attempts to kill Toronto police officer this weekend

Toronto - A Toronto teen pointed a semi-automatic pistol at a police officer Saturday pulling the trigger during a tense foot pursuit. Luckily the pistol malfunctioned and did not fire.

Victoria Rathgeb faces life in prison for attempted murder

Los Angeles - A former Playmate of the Year is now facing charges of attempted murder after years of alleged abuse from her husband. On October 16 Victoria Rathgeb is accused of shooting her husband at close range in Hollywood.

Weekend Toronto party turns violent

Toronto - A group of friends in Toronto were at a party in the early hours of Sunday on Bloor Street West near Shaw Street when a party member shot another. A Canada-Wide Warrant has been issued for the suspect.

Toronto man arrested for attempted murder

Toronto - On Monday a heated argument turned ugly in Toronto when one of two men used a beer bottle was a weapon. One man was stabbed several times.

Toronto bus driver stabbed, man charged with attempted murder

Toronto - A Toronto Transit Commission bus driver was attacked Friday evening by a man with a knife in the Brimley Road and Steeles Avenue East area of Toronto.

updated: Two Toronto men wanted for attempted murder

Toronto - Toronto Police are looking for two men that allegedly fired a shot at security officers at Fairview Mall on Monday evening.

Toronto man accused of stabbing father in Burlington

Burlington - A Toronto man, 21, has been charged with the attempted murder of his father this weekend in Burlington after police found the victim walking to get medical attention.

Toronto man accused of stabbing three people

Toronto - A Toronto man was stabbed earlier this week when he tried to stop a man who had stabbed two women during an argument. Police are looking for the suspect.
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Las Vegas police released a security video of a man hit and run over by a car in a Las Vegas gas sta...
Las Vegas police released a security video of a man hit and run over by a car in a Las Vegas gas station lot. The driver is wanted for a charge of attempted murder
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
A block of concrete that was hurled through a car windscreen from a bridge on the A12.
A block of concrete that was hurled through a car windscreen from a bridge on the A12.
Essex Police

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