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China urges talks after US brands N.Korea a terror sponsor

Bejing - China called Tuesday for extra efforts to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis through talks after US President Donald Trump re-branded Pyongyang as a state sponsor of terrorism.Beijing has repeatedly pushed for negotiations to end the standoff.

Bomb plot foiled ahead of ASEAN summit in Philippines: police

Manila - An Islamist plot to bomb a Manila shopping mall as US President Donald Trump and other world leaders arrived in the city for a summit has been foiled, Philippine police said Friday.

UN head warns on rights, stereotypes in terror fight

London - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned governments Thursday to remember their rights and obligations when tackling terrorism -- and rounded on the media for "demonising" minorities.

Attacks targeted more countries in 2016 but fewer killed: report

London - The number of people killed in extremist attacks declined for the second successive year in 2016 but more countries were affected, according to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) released Wednesday.

Single IS plot behind string of French, Belgian attacks: prosecutor

Brussels - The Paris and Brussels attacks, a botched shooting on a high-speed train and a foiled plot in Belgium may have all been part of one big Islamic State group operation, Belgium's federal prosecutor said Monday.

France mourns Paris attack victims, two years on

Paris - France marked two years Monday since its worst ever terror attacks, releasing colourful balloons into the sky to remember the 130 people killed on a Friday night out in Paris.

Eagles of Death Metal in surprise show to mark Bataclan attack

Paris - Two members of Eagles of Death Metal, the US rock band who were on stage at the Bataclan during the Paris attacks, played a brief concert nearby Monday to mark the second anniversary of the massacre.

Istanbul airport attack suspects on trial over terror

Istanbul - Forty-six suspects -- one third of them Russian nationals -- went on trial Monday in connection with last year's triple suicide bombing of Istanbul's main airport, an attack that killed 45 people.

France mourns Paris attack victims, two years on

Paris - France on Monday marked two years since its worst ever terror attacks, when jihadists killed 130 people in Paris and injured hundreds of others.

Two years on, Paris attacks suspect keeps his silence

Paris - Two years after the deadliest terror attacks in modern French history, the only surviving suspect to take part in the carnage in Paris remains an enigma.

Row in Greece over two-day leave for extremist assassin

Atenas - A political row erupted in Greece on Thursday after a key far-left assassin implicated in deadly attacks on US, British, Turkish and Greek targets was given a two-day leave from prison.

Bataclan gets its mojo back after pain and grief

Paris - Some said it should never open again -- and others doubted whether the public would ever return. But two years after 90 people were massacred by jihadists at the Bataclan, the Paris concert hall has got much of its old mojo back.

Philippine extradition hearings begin for doctor accused of New York plot

Manila - A Filipino doctor accused of wiring money for a foiled New York jihadist plot appeared in a Manila court Tuesday to fight extradition to the US, saying the Islamic State group hacked his social media accounts.

France seeks Turkey detainee in Paris attacks probe

Paris - French investigators probing the 2015 Paris attacks have asked Turkey to hand over a detainee suspected of helping the jihadists with logistics, sources close to the case told AFP Tuesday.

Remains of five NY truck attack victims returned to Argentina

Buenos Aires - The remains of five Argentine men killed in the truck attack in New York arrived in Buenos Aires on Monday, en route to the victims' home town of Rosario for burial.

Paris terror attacks, two years on: what we know

Paris - Two years after the terror attacks on Paris nightspots that left 130 people dead, seven people are in custody in France while key figures remain at large and may be dead.

Bataclan survivors' tattoos show their pain and defiance

Paris - Since she was "buried" under the dead and dying at the Bataclan concert hall, Laura Leveque has "carried 130 corpses" on her shoulders."So I may as well mark it," she said.

US jihadists fail to build significant networks, act alone

Washington - Sayfullo Saipov, the radicalized Uzbek who mowed down eight people on a New York bike path, apparently developed his plot in relative isolation, like most other jihadist attackers in the United States.

Argentina's Macri to honor truck attack victims in NY

Buenos Aires - Argentine President Mauricio Macri is set to travel to New York to pay tribute to the victims of the bike path truck attack and seek investments, his office said Saturday.

Alleged Benghazi attacker appears before US judge

Washington - A Libyan accused of involvement in the 2012 attack on the US diplomatic complex in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including the US ambassador, appeared Friday before a federal judge in Washington.

US general freed from confinement at Guantanamo

Washington - A US Marine general who had been sentenced to confinement on the Guantanamo Bay naval base was freed Friday, two days after he had been found in contempt of military court.

Moroccan extradited to France over 2015 train attack

Paris - A Moroccan man suspected of helping to plan a 2015 attack on a Paris-bound train has been extradited from Germany to France and charged, a legal source said Friday.

Italy seizes 50 million euros worth of IS 'fighter drug'

Rome - Italian police have seized 50 million euros worth of tablets of a synthetic opiate destined to be sold by the Islamic State (IS) group in Libya to raise funds for attacks, a court said Friday.

Trump says IS will pay 'big price' for each attack on US

Washington - President Donald Trump said Friday that the Islamic State group will pay a "big price" for every attack it stages against the United States, following the New York truck attack by an IS loyalist.

Central Asia's terror attackers were radicalised abroad

Bichkek - When Sayfullo Saipov used a truck to mow people down on a New York street, ultimately killing eight according to terror charges, he guaranteed his former homeland Uzbekistan would receive the worst kind of headlines.

Trump calls for death penalty for NY attacker

New York - President Donald Trump called Thursday for the man charged over the New York truck attack to be executed, as the Islamic State jihadist group described him as one of its "soldiers.

Trump says New York attacker should get death penalty

Washington - President Donald Trump appeared to backtrack Thursday on the idea of sending the New York truck attacker to the US prison for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

Brother of French Jewish school shooter gets 20 years for terrorism

Paris - The brother of a French jihadist who shot dead seven people, including three Jewish schoolchildren, in 2012, received a 20-year jail term Thursday for terrorism in the first trial arising out of a wave of attacks by homegrown radicals.

New York City truck attack: what we know

New York - Eight people died when an assailant acting in the name of the Islamic State group drove a pickup truck along a New York City bike path Tuesday in the city's worst terror attacks since September 11, 2001.

CIA releases vast Bin Laden archive seized in compound

Washington - The CIA on Wednesday released a vast archive of intimate Al-Qaeda documents, including Osama Bin-Laden's handwritten diary, seized in the deadly 2011 raid on his Pakistani compound.
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