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Atmosphere News

New insights into atmospheric pollution sound warning bells

The global heating effect is leading to higher than predicted levels of methane, an insight that relates to better understanding aquatic microbial life. In other areas, the levels of harmful particles remain high, especially in the Sahara.

May 2019 sets new high for Carbon dioxide in atmosphere

Atmospheric carbon dioxide continued its rapid rise in 2019, with the average for May peaking at 414.7 parts per million (ppm) at NOAA's Mauna Loa Atmospheric Baseline Observatory.

Most of the Martian atmosphere was lost to space

Mars is much like Earth in many ways and billions of years ago when the Sun was hotter, scientists speculate that Mars could possibly had water and life. One longstanding mystery, in relation to this theory concerns, the Martian atmosphere.

Are soil microbes linked to climate change?

Without knowing how microbes in the soil contribute to atmospheric carbon, researchers are unclear how microbes impact on climate change. This conundrum has lead to a series of recent studies.

Soil microbes affect carbon levels

The life-cycle of soil microbes in warmer temperatures appears to affect soil carbon storage. The slower the rate of growth, the more carbon that is released into the atmosphere. A new study suggests that a change is taking place.

Op-Ed: Dubai is the perfect year-round summer holiday Special

Tourist friendly Dubai is a perfect destination, from long-haul stopovers, to family vacations and weekend getaways. Enjoying year round sun, Dubai is a must-visit city with something for everyone.

NASA offers first images of Sun's atmosphere

IRIS is NASA's brand new telescope for Interface Region Imaging Spectrometry has just delivered the first two images from Sun's atmosphere.

Op-Ed: Free-faller Baumgartner is one to celebrate in life and in death

Free-faller Felix Baumgartner is a man rushing the edges, delayed as he was today by winds; he will ascend and descend with an admirable madness licking genius in the stiff violence of the heavens.

Solar storm hurtling towards Earth expected for Saturday

The sky may appear to be extra shimmery this weekend, because of a solar storm that's on its way. Due to hit Earth's magnetic field on Saturday, experts say the storm started on Thursday when the sun unleashed a massive flare.

Canadian Tire to close 115 FGL stores, to expand Sport Chek

Toronto - Canadian Tire announced in a company statement Wednesday that it will be closing down 115 corporate stores, while focusing on creating a "super brand" under its FGL Sports. It said it will try to retain as many employees as it can.

Airborne study of weather and 'rivers in the sky'

Pasadena - A new airborn study lead by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and taking place from Feb. 11 via unmanned aircraft, is expected to improve our understanding of how 'atmospheric rivers' form and behave.

Low levels of solar radiation to blame for shrinking atmosphere

The atmosphere is shrinking due to the decreased activity in solar flares and radiation. This can effect the obit of satellites and other objects rotating the earth.

Couple escape unharmed as aircraft ice crashes into their house

Chichester - A couple from West Sussex, England, UK had a lucky escape last night as a block of ice, which apparently fell from an aircraft, crashed through the roof of their home into their guest bedroom.

Op-Ed: Environmental Concerns

There are two sides to the controversy on wind turbines - many who see the importance of encouraging sustainable clean energy and those who don’t.

Global Warming Changing Organic Matter in Soil

Scientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough have published research findings that show global warming actually changes the molecular structure of organic matter in soil.

Atmosphere Threatened By Ocean Pollutants

A large quantity of nitrogen compounds emitted into the atmosphere by humans through the burning of fossil fuels and the use of nitrogen fertilizers enters the oceans and may lead to the removal of some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

New Field in Planetology Opened by Aurora Lights Finding

The discovery of weakly polarized red light resulting from collisions with oxygen atoms at approximately 140 miles above the Earth's surface "opens a new field in planetology."

Op-Ed: Carbon Dioxide Doesn’t Have A Lot to Do with Climate Change or Warming

"We estimate that the sun contributed as much as 45–50% of the 1900–2000 global warming, and 25–35% of the 1980–2000 global warming. Even the IPCC estimates that there has been a warming influence from the Sun."

Storms show Jupiter’s internal heat

New data from Hubble and ground based telescopes is starting to figure out Jupiter’s eternal clouds. It’s taken a while to understand how our gigantic neighbor operates. Two “eruptions” have created storms in the atmosphere.

Global methane rise slowing down

The rise in concentrations of the greenhouse gas methane in the atmosphere has slowed down considerably in recent years, research suggests.

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Atmosphere Image

These two images show a section of the sun as seen by NASA s Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph  ...
These two images show a section of the sun as seen by NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, or IRIS, on the right and NASA's SDO on the left. The IRIS image provides scientists with unprecedented detail of the lowest parts of the sun's atmosphere, known as the interface region
It you look closely at the weather fronts in this image  you can see that Dorian has no strong steer...
It you look closely at the weather fronts in this image, you can see that Dorian has no strong steering current yet.
A technician of Canadian firm Carbon Engineering demonstrates how an air capture unit  pulls carbon ...
A technician of Canadian firm Carbon Engineering demonstrates how an air capture unit pulls carbon / CO2 from atmosphere in the form of pellets.
Carbon Engineering Ltd.

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