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Atari News

Google's DeepMind now learning by challenging Atari

Google's London based DeepMind has developed a training method to teach artificial intelligence how to play video games, on the Atari platform.

Pre-orders being taken for Atari’s retro VCS console

Interesting news for fans of classic video games. Atari's retro-style VCS console is now ready for pre-orders. The console may look retro, but it comes packed with some very modern hardware. Get ready to play classics like Pong, Armor Battle and Utopia.

Atari co-founder ‘Ted’ Dabney dies

Ted Dabney, who co-founded video game pioneers Syzygy and Atari, has died from cancer, aged 81. Dabeny also produced produced Computer Space, the first commercially available arcade game.

Atari's 'Ataribox' will be a mini retro console with modern games

Atari has revealed the first details of its upcoming Ataribox console. The miniature device has a retro design that's clearly intended to replicate the success of Nintendo's Mini NES. It will be capable of running new and classic games on modern hardware.

Atari is making its first new games console in 20 years

Atari has confirmed it is making a new games console that will mark its return to the hardware business after a two decade absence. Not much is known about the new device. It is based on "PC technology" though, implying it will use high-performance parts.

Classic video game console baffles neuroscientists

Researchers have used a classic video game console to try to analyse neural networks. Since looking at the networks in the brain is a highly complex process, the researchers hoped studying an old Atari 2600 system would prove simpler. It didn’t.

Atari games found in landfill now for sale on eBay

Alamogordo - Several Atari games were unearthed at a landfill in New Mexico, and the city of Alamogordo have put the games up for sale on eBay.

Filmmakers find first trove of buried Atari game cartridges

Alamogordo - Filmmakers digging Saturday in a New Mexico landfill found hundreds of cartridges of "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," considered by many to be the worst video game ever made.

Atari landfill to be dug up in search for smashed ET games

An Atari landfill that is supposed to house dozens of one of the worst video games ever made is going to be excavated in the near future.

Video: 'Primal Rage II' footage discovered

Footage has been uncovered for Atari Games' "Primal Rage II" which was being developed in 1995. The game ended up being canceled.

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain...reenacted with the Atari 2600 game Outlaw.

Vintage ATARI BERZERK Commercial!

Commercial for the vintage Atari 2600 game: Berzerk

Classic Vintage ATARI Commercial!

"What will we come up with next"

Vintage ATARI Centipede Commercial!

Retro Gaming Excitement

Hacking Videogame Consoles

Making Portable Ataris, xbox 360 Laptop & More!

Atari Founder Likes Xbox360, Disses PS3

He talks more about his new business than he does about the PS3 in this article, but his new idea could turn out to be something to check out...

Six Atari Classics to Launch on Xbox Live Arcade For Xbox 360

Beginning in January 2007, Atari will release six titles on Xbox Live Arcade throughout the year.

Atari Test Drives New Racing Game for Massive Multiplayer Market

Digital Journal — Atari deserves our applause for two reasons: The company is attempting a valiant comeback with their Xbox 360 racing game Test Drive Unlimited. Using that title to boost its reputation, the company is also taking a big step towards th.

Atari Experiences a Revival

Many veteran computer fans still have a warm spot in their hearts for words like "C64," "Amiga 500," and "Atari ST" as they look back fondly on the good old pioneering 1980s when they first played a game on the computer. While those days are long gone,...

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Atari Image

Atari’s retro VCS console.
Atari’s retro VCS console.
The third version of the Atari Video Computer System sold from 1980 to 1982
The third version of the Atari Video Computer System sold from 1980 to 1982
Ataribox images shared via Imgur/Reddit
Ataribox images shared via Imgur/Reddit
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