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Astronomers News

SpaceX launch will test new coating for Starlink satellites

SpaceX successfully launched 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit on Monday night, including one with a non-reflective coating as SpaceX seeks to reduce astronomers’ concerns over the brightness of the satellites in the night sky.

Astronomers are latest victims of Mexico's gang violence

Astronomers have become the latest victims of Mexico's violence with activities at two observatories being reduced because their staff suffered crimes while traveling to the remote mountain sites, researchers said Thursday.

'Death Star' that eats planets discovered

Analysis of the star located 300 light years from Earth showed materials in the body indicating the star has swallowed some of the planets orbiting it. Similar to our Sun, the star provides clues about our own solar system and what is likely to happen.

Hawaii: Hundreds of protesters block controversial telescope

Honolulu - On Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano, construction on what would be one of the world's largest telescopes was blocked once again by protesters who say that the $1.4 billion dollar project would desecrate sacred land.

Largest meteor impact ever recorded hits our moon

Our moon has many impact craters, with an estimated 300,000 of them on the near side alone. Most of these craters were formed millenniums ago. Many of the craters are over 1Km. wide, with ejecta deposits leaving broad rings around the initial impacts.

Oldest known star discovered by Australian astronomers

Australian astronomers have discovered the oldest known star in the universe through what the lead researcher describes as a "needle-in-a-haystack" situation.

Get set for comet Ison, comet of the century

Kingston Upon Hull - In January Digital Journal reported about comet ISON, discovered by Russian scientists in September 2012 and expected to be visible from Earth in 2013, so much so that it would be visible to the naked eye. That event is rapidly approaching.

Amateur planet hunters find evidence of 42 new exoplanets

A team of amateur astronomers have discovered evidence for 42 new exoplanets or alien planets. One of the planets is a Jupiter-size world that is potentially habitable. They made the discovery while sifting through data from a NASA spacecraft.

UCLan astronomers discover largest structure in the universe

Astronomers at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) say they have discovered the largest known structure in the universe, a clump of active galactic cores that stretches an astounding 4 billion light-years.

Video: NASA discovers galaxy 13.3 billion light years away

NASA Astronomers have announced the discovery of what they believe to be the furthest known object from the planet earth.

Astronomers find planet '55 Cancri e' made out of diamond

Astronomers say they have found a planet "55 Cancri e," twice the size of Earth, orbiting a star much like our Sun and visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Cancer. They say the planet is made largely out of diamond.

C/2012 S1 comet heading toward Earth could outshine Moon in 2013

Russian astronomers have discovered a new comet C/2012 S1 hurtling toward Earth. Astronomers say that the comet, a two-mile-wide lump of ice and rock, may be the brightest in history and may shine brighter than the Moon when it passes close to the Earth.

Astronomers find evaporating exoplanet that may turn into dust

Cambridge - Scientists have recently discovered an exoplanet that is approximately 1,500 light years away. The exoplanet, though, will soon evaporate and turn into dust because it is orbiting quite close to its parent star.

Astronomers confirm existence of distant 'water-world'

Astronomers have announced discovery of a new type of exoplanet they describe as a "steamy waterworld," that is, a world with an atmosphere consisting primarily of steamy water. Astronomers say the planet is a new type previously unknown to science.

ESA telescopes capture new images of Hubble 'Pillars of Creation'

Two of the European Space Agency's (ESA) orbiting observatories have captured new and spectacular views of the gas pillars in the Eagle Nebula (M16) that were the subject of the iconic 1995 Hubble images dubbed "Pillars of Creation."

Astronomers discover 18 new Jupiter-size alien planets

Pasadena - A team of of scientists led by Caltech astronomers have announced discovery of 18 new Jupiter-size gas planets in an alien planetary system. The discovery was published in the December issue of The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series.

Astronomers discover enormous black hole size of 6 billion suns

Washington - Astronomers in the United States have discovered a gigantic black hole in a nearby galaxy that has a million times the mass of our sun. This provides evidence that black holes can form before the creation of galaxies.

British amateur team successfully launch paper plane into space

Madrid - It took three men over a year to build a paper plane - with a 3ft-wingspan, made of paper straws and covered in paper. They attached a helium balloon and launched it from Madrid, Spain.

September 18 first International Observe the Moon Night

Saturday September 18 is the first International Observe the Moon Night, a project initiated by NASA and supported by a number of prominent professional and amateur astronomy organisations.

Passing asteroid caught on camera

Remanzacco - Two Italian amateur astronomers, Ernesto Guido and Giovanni Sostero, have managed to photograph one of the two asteroids that passed close to Earth on Sept. 8.

Earth-like planet discoveries on the horizon

Astronomers believe that we are close to discovering planets similar to Earth in the near future. The announcement was made this week at the annual American Astronomical Society conference.

Op-Ed: Astronomers Say Jesus Born in June, Not December

Christmas should be in June, according to some astronomers who think they have found the 'Christmas star' thought to have led three Mages to Jesus' crib in a stable.

Lost tool bag of NASA's found in space by astronomers

NASA astronauts lost a tool kit bag on Nov. 19 while trying to do the repair work at the International Space Station. They thought they would never see it again, until amateur astronomers were able to spot it orbiting Earth.

Eta Carinae, Chandra, happy astronomers, and really big bangs

It’s hard not to like astronomers when they find something to theorize about. Like kids with a chemistry set, but maybe a bit more budget conscious. Eta Carinae has been a real challenge for their theories.

Astronomers Watch as Star Explodes

Drawing oohs and aahs from astronomers that were peering through telescopes, a faraway star explodes and sets off one of he brightest supernovae ever seen.

Its exactlly 20 years celebrations that astronomers spotted one of the brightest exploding stars

Astronomers spotted the brightest star in 1987 in more than 400 years.

Waterless planets surprise astronomers

According to research published in Thursday's edition of Nature two different teams of astronomers used NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope for this new type of extrasolar planet research but both came up dry.

Astronomers find black hole in odd place

"The black hole, estimated to be about 10 times more massive than the Sun, was found inside a globular cluster in a galaxy about 50 million light-years from Earth, said."

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