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Asteroids News

Government releases national Near-Earth Object preparedness plan

While the chance of a large asteroid hitting the Earth may be remote, the consequences would be catastrophic. The federal government released a new report today outlining the steps the nation will take to prevent or prepare the country for such an event.

Are asteroids humanity's 'greatest challenge'?

Paris - Throughout its 4.5-billion-year history, Earth has been repeatedly pummelled by space rocks that have caused anything from an innocuous splash in the ocean to species annihilation.When the next big impact will be, nobody knows.

If asteroid hit was 30 seconds off, dinosaurs might still be here

Dinosaurs were wiped out 66 million years ago after an asteroid struck Earth in the Yucatan Peninsula. Scientists now believe had the asteroid arrived 30 seconds earlier or later, dinosaurs might still roam the Earth and humans might not be here.

Forearming for Armageddon: Asteroid Day 2015

London - Asteroid Day 2015 is scheduled for June 30 and, with less than a week to go, organizers are putting the final touches on more than 50 events planned worldwide with the aim of raising public awareness about asteroids and their detection.

Huge Australian asteroid impact ‘Curtains for many life species'

Canberra - Geophysicists have discovered evidence of what may be the world’s largest asteroid impact in central Australia. The impact zone from what would have been a huge meteorite stretches over 400 kilometers.

Bright lights on dwarf planet perplex NASA as probe nears

Washington - The discovery of another bright light on the dwarf planet Ceres has NASA scientists perplexed as the US Dawn probe prepares to enter the orbit of the largest object in the asteroid belt and possibly resolve the mystery.

Rosetta: Next step, hitching rides on comets across the cosmos?

No, its not a new sequel to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, its a serious possibility and the successful landing of the Philae probe could be a first step towards it. In fact, NASA has already funded research to look into its feasibility.

Fireball meteor explodes above Ontario and New York State

Peterborough - From Ontario to New York State, last Sunday, many people reported seeing a possible meteor streaking across the sky before exploding in a blinding fireball near Toronto.

Galactic dark matter may account for Earth being hit by comets

Cambridge - Earth coming under bombardment by comets could be a regular astronomical event, suggest two Harvard University researchers in a recently published research paper.

Killer nuclear-level asteroids from space — but help is at hand

Seattle - How often do asteroids hit Earth? You may suppose such events occur more often in movies than real life, but you’d be wrong. This week, three astronauts revealed that Earth’s been pummelled 26 times by asteroids since the turn of the millennium.

NASA's asteroid sample mission gets go-ahead

Littleton - An innovative NASA space mission with the ambitious aim of collecting samples from an asteroid in 2018 was given the green light, Wednesday.

Six-tailed asteroid baffles scientists

It's been described as looking like a "rotating lawn sprinkler" and "definitely freakish," but there's one thing NASA scientists agree on concerning a newly-discovered asteroid — they're not quite sure how it exists.

Earth's water probably came from early asteroid strikes

There is a strong possibility that asteroid strikes, which occurred over a billion years ago, gave Earth a very good portion of its water.

How a spot of re-decoration might avert an asteroid collision

A theoretical solution using a coat of paint could prevent a future near-Earth asteroid attack, according to a student whose novel solution won a 2012 ‘Move an Asteroid’ technical paper competition.

Deep Space Industries plans to mine near-Earth asteroids by 2025

A firm called Deep Space Industries was launched Tuesday. The company plans to pioneer efforts to colonize other parts of our solar system by building robotic spacecraft that can mine precious metals like nickel and platinum from near-Earth asteroids.

Mysterious fireball streaks across Texas sky

San Antonio - A ball of fire streaked across the sky at daytime in Texas last week. Thousands of Texans witnessed the incident. The ball of fire burned so brightly in the sky that one San Antonio resident described it as "like a little piece of the sun falling."

NASA's Chandra detects Milky Way's black hole devours asteroids

NASA astronomers say a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A* at the center of the Milky Way may be vaporizing and devouring asteroids. This, the experts say, could explain the frequent flares observed in the center of the Milky Way.

NEOShield to address global threat of near-Earth objects

Recent cases of close approaches to the Earth by space bodies called near-Earth objects (NEOs) have lead to the emergence of a new international effort to address the threat posed by these celestial flotsam.

Passing asteroid caught on camera

Remanzacco - Two Italian amateur astronomers, Ernesto Guido and Giovanni Sostero, have managed to photograph one of the two asteroids that passed close to Earth on Sept. 8.

Universal to make Asteroids! the Movie

Universal Studios has won the bidding war for the next game to movie adaption; accept this time they can't get the story wrong.

Scientists Publish Evidence of Asteroids with Earth-like Crust

A Research team reports two rare meteorites found in Antarctica two years ago are from a previously unknown, ancient asteroid have an outer layer or crust similar in composition to the crust of Earth's continents.

Is Earth being hit by the wrong asteroids? Well, no, but there is a reason for that

It could be embarrassing, being hit by the wrong sort of asteroids and not having a good statistical explanation. Seems that the vast majority of asteroids mostly aren’t made of the same stuff as the meteorites that hit Earth every day. What a relief.

Nukes not the best option to stop asteroids, says Apollo astronaut

Apollo 9 legend Rusty Schweickart slammed NASA's plan to stop earth bound asteroids out of space with nuclear weapons saying that nukes is not the best option to deal with the threat.

Move Over Global Warming, Let's Talk About Global Catastrophes

The Global Catastrophic Risks conference started yesterday morning and death by asteroids, comets and gamma ray bursts was on the agenda as experts discussed the statistical likelihood of these types of global catastrophes.

Deep Impact: We can’t actually afford to get hit by an asteroid, just now

Say the world was under threat from an asteroid, and the guy from NASA says “Well, we don’t really have the budget…” At the moment, they’re talking about a budget for detecting asteroids, not a budget for doing anything about them.

Useful Suicide Bombers: Robots that save the Earth

A fleet of exploding probes could prepare the way for warding off hazardous asteroids. Several of the small spherical robots would land on a single asteroid, some exploding while others listen for vibrations that could reveal the object's inner structure.

Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Asteroids, Experts Say

BERLIN (dpa) - It is time to stop worrying and learn to love asteroids - or at least learn to love watching for them, say German scientists who have come up with an ingenious plan for spotting "invisible" asteroids long before they pose a threat to Ear...

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Asteroids Image

This collage was prepared by Emily Lakdawalla at the Planetary Society (USA) and shows the relative ...
This collage was prepared by Emily Lakdawalla at the Planetary Society (USA) and shows the relative sizes of all asteroids visited by spacecraft
Collage by Planetary Society USA/E. Lakadawalla.
Artist s concept from the 1970s of asteroid mining.
Artist's concept from the 1970s of asteroid mining.
Denise Watt/NASA
The solar system takes 1 cosmic year lasting about 225-250 million years to orbit the Milky Way s ga...
The solar system takes 1 cosmic year lasting about 225-250 million years to orbit the Milky Way's galactic centre but during that time it oscillates above and below the galactic plane every 32 million years or so.
Physics 7, 41 (2014) | DOI: 10.1103/Physics.7.41
Artist s conception of a space mine
Artist's conception of a space mine
Deep Space Industries
When the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrives at asteroid Bennu  it will study the asteroid from a distance...
When the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrives at asteroid Bennu, it will study the asteroid from a distance before swooping down and grabbing a sample. On board of the craft will be the names of everybody participating in the "Messages to Bennu!" campaign.
NASA/University of Arizona
Artist s conception of a fuel processor spacecraft
Artist's conception of a fuel processor spacecraft
Deep Space Industries
This composite image shows the comparative sizes of eight asteroids.
This composite image shows the comparative sizes of eight asteroids.
It’s a Rocky World: This artist s concept shows a massive asteroid belt in orbit around a star the...
It’s a Rocky World: This artist's concept shows a massive asteroid belt in orbit around a star the same age and size as our Sun
NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle (SSC)
Dragonfly will have a picker to capture asteroids for mining
Dragonfly will have a picker to capture asteroids for mining
Deep Space Industries

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