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Op-Ed: How not to report on Libya

Tripoli - I was browsing news about Libya when I discovered an article claiming that the Libyan PM complained that the UN was attempting to impose an unworkable agreement on the various competing factions that would never be accepted by parliament.

Op-Ed: Blissful igorance as U.S. military jams own satellites 261 times

Moscow - When a Moscow press agency starts quoting a USAF Space Command lieutenant general on the subject of the US jamming its own satellites, you have to wonder — did the Wizard of Oz do a satellite show spinoff? Did Howdy Doody defect?

Associated Press issues harsh denunciation of FBI operation

Olympia - Further negative response to the announcement by FBI Director James Comey that the intelligence agency impersonated an Associated Press employee in 2007 is coming out. The FBI agent impersonated an AP employee during a criminal investigation.

Teens arrested after attack on mentally disabled man

New Castle - Three Delaware teens have been arrested and charged with allegedly assaulting a mentally disabled man after complaining that they were being harassed after a video of the assault was posted on the social media, officials said Monday.

Op-Ed: Associated Press changes its tweet tone after backlash

Washington - The US Congress has been a strong supporter of the Israeli Operation Protective Edge waged by Israel in Gaza resulting in the deaths of over one thousand Palestinians most of them civilians.

'Vietnam: The Real War' by the Associated Press

Historians argue over the official start of the Vietnam War. Some say 1962, others say 1965. But in the United States, events have begun to commemorate some of the conflict's 50th anniversaries.

Former F.B.I agent faces prison for bomb plot leak to AP reporter

Washington - Just nine days before his arrest in Indiana on child pornography charges, a former F.B.I. Agent “illegally” leaked classified information about a failed Al-Qaeda plot to the Associated Press, the Justice Department revealed Monday.

Op-Ed: Memo to GOP — Don’t be a scorpion

A scorpion comes to a flooded river and cannot cross, so the story goes. The scorpion asks a nearby frog to ferry him to the other side.

Op-Ed: America the Once Beautiful

As Americans we have become hardened to the realities of our life, making the most of a bad situation and accepting that there can be very little change in the situation in Washington DC.

Op-Ed: What creates a political activist? Special

I had to know what it takes to create a political activist. Twitter is an amazing social network and it's where I ran into Diane Atkins, organizer for the Impeach Obama project, someone I suspected was a firebrand, I was right. Native New Yorker to boot!

Obama criticism 'offensive,' but Benghazi is not Paris

Washington - Making the Sunday morning press circuits, White House insider Dan Pfeiffer condemned GOP criticisms of President Obama as "offensive" and "absurd," while Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) insisted on a need for greater embassy security.

Op-Ed: Facing tough media questions on IRS scandal a royal pain

Facing tough media questions on what is another scandal plaguing the Obama Administration, we are once again hearing the same worn out excuse, I know nothing.

Op-Ed: Politics and Comedy — May the farce be with you

A fine line exists between satire and bad taste. Mel Brooks danced up to that line with his “Springtime for Hitler and Germany” in “The Producers.”

AP's Twitter account hacked, tweeted about White House attack

On Tuesday an @AP tweet caused panic and hit the stock market, by broadcasting that the White House had been the subject of two explosions, and that President Barack Obama had been injured. AP's Twitter account had been hacked.

Charges dropped in ricin case

Tupelo - According to a report filed by AP News The United States Government has dropped charges against a Mississippi man who was accused of sending letters laced with ricin to President Obama and two others.

Associated Press drops term 'illegal immigrant' from Stylebook

The Associated Press (AP) announced Tuesday that it is dropping the term "illegal immigrant(s)" from its style guide and that it will no longer recommend journalists using it when referring to immigrants in the US.

Op-Ed: LGBTQ+ — Because Homophobia, Homomisia and Anti-Gay are not Okay 

Journalists and other commentators are still scrambling ferverishly to come up with more precise, accurate and neutral descriptors to best characterize the diverse sentiments expressed about the LGBTQ community or towards LGBTQ behaviors and practices.

Associated Press selling ads in 1.5 million-follower Twitter feed

New York - The Associated Press will become the latest news organization to begin selling ads in its 1.5 million-follower main Twitter feed, the company announced. Samsung will be the first company to issue sponsored tweets.

Creater of Obama's 'HOPE' poster avoids prison in sentencing

New York - Shepard Fairey, the artist whom created Barack Obama's 2008 campaign "HOPE" poster, got off without jail time after being convicted for destroying documents and fabricating others in a civil lawsuit he brought against The Associated Press in 2009.

Op-Ed: The old vs. the new — AP’s NewsRight vs. Google and Twitter

Sydney - AP, like News Corp press and some others, have been bitching about news aggregators for years. They’re seen as “stealing” news and undermining the bottom line of these previously exclusive sources. There’s a few things wrong with this position.

Six days with the Taliban: A view of the militants from inside

Ishtiaq Mashud, an AP reporter, recently spent six days with Taliban militants from Pakistan close to the Afghan border. He gives a fascinating account of his travel with the group in South Waziristan, an area the Pakistani military claims it controls.

Op-Ed: NYPD Spies On Ethnics - Is Liberty A Worthy Cost For Safety?

New York - As allegations emerge that the New York Police Department has been spying on ethnic communities with the assistance of the Central Intelligence Agency, questions concerning violation of liberty and overstepping of jurisdiction arise.

Associated Press to open news bureau in North Korea

On Wednesday, the news organization Associated Press finally came to an agreement with Korea Central News Agency to start a bureau in North Korea.

Op-Ed: Public 'sins,' media bias and how to gain trust in the news

How do you know when information is accurate and whether the person who wrote it might be your neighbor’s kid who just copied it or the local plumber with a political agenda? Ethics and numbers are issues worrying the public and reducing its trust.

AP issues fact check on President Obama's Libya mission speech

Following the speech President Obama delivered on Monday evening regarding the US-led coalition's military strikes on Libyan targets, the Associated Press issued fact checks on the matter.

CNN will not use Associated Press wire services for one week

Atlanta - CNN has announced it will evaluate its need for the Associated Press wire service next week in order to determine if it can handle original reporting on its own.

Associated Press, Yahoo to Tighten Content Restrictions

An expected deal to be made in the next few weeks between Yahoo and Associated Press may herald tighter restrictions and a hike in cost.

Nebraska's Defensive Lineman the AP Player of the Year

Nebraska Cornhuskers' highly touted defensive lineman Ndamong Suh has been named AP college football player of the year.

AP names Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson 'Male Athlete of the Year'

The Associated Press named its "Male Athlete of the Year" for 2009, and for the first time in the 78-year history of the award, it went to a NASCAR driver.

10-year-old Mermaid girl dies in Maine

The 10-year-old Maine "mermaid girl" dies at the Maine Medical Center on Friday after a cold quickly turned to pneumonia.
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