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Assange News

Sweden to meet Ecuador officials Monday over Assange

Stockholm - Swedish officials will meet their Ecuadorian counterparts on Monday to find a way for Swedish prosecutors to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over a rape allegation.

Britain making 'formal protest' to Ecuador over Assange case

London - Britain is to make a "formal protest" to Ecuador over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a minister said Thursday, as two of the four allegations against him expired because of the statute of limitations.

Swedish prosecutors drop Assange sexual assault probe

Stockholm - Swedish prosecutors dropped a sexual assault probe against Julian Assange on Thursday after the time limit on the case expired, but still want to question the WikiLeaks founder about a rape allegation.

Sweden to drop Assange sex assault probe as deadline expires

Stockholm - Swedish prosecutors are set to drop a sexual assault probe against Julian Assange on Thursday when the case reaches its expiration date without investigators having succeeded in questioning the WikiLeaks founder.

Assange sex assault case deadlocked over asylum: Sweden

Stockholm - Sweden's sexual assault inquiry on Julian Assange is deadlocked with Ecuador over a dispute regarding the WikiLeaks founder's asylum status, Swedish officials said Monday.

Swedes waiting for Ecuador as Assange deadline looms

Stockholm - Swedish prosecutors said Thursday that they were still waiting for Ecuador's permission to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London, as the statute of limitations nears for some of his alleged crimes.

Ecuador weighs Swedish request to question Assange

Quito - Ecuador said Wednesday it is considering Swedish prosecutors' request to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over rape allegations.

Swedish prosecutors ask to question Assange

Stockholm - Swedish prosecutors said Monday they had submitted a request to British and Ecuadorian authorities to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London in June and July over rape allegations.

Assange agrees to be questioned in London: Lawyer

Stockholm - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has agreed to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors in London over rape allegations, his Swedish lawyer Thomas Olsson said on Thursday.

Assange demands rape case files before Sweden questions him

Ginebra - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will agree to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors in London over rape allegations, but only if he is given access to the investigation files, his defence said Monday.

Ecuador sees 'light at end of tunnel' in Assange case

Washington - The surprise offer by Swedish prosecutors to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at Ecuador's London embassy over rape allegations offers a clear breakthrough in the deadlocked case, Ecuadoran Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said Thursday.

1,000 days inside the embassy: Assange's London life

London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who on Friday agreed to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors in London over rape allegations, has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy for nearly 1,000 days.

Sweden offers to question Assange in London in U-turn

Stockholm - Swedish prosecutors offered Friday to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London over rape allegations, in a U-turn that could provide a breakthrough in the deadlocked case.

WikiLeaks' Assange loses appeal against Swedish arrest warrant

Stockholm - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday lost his appeal against a Swedish arrest warrant over alleged sex crimes, the latest setback in a four-year legal battle.

Assange will not leave until assured no US extradition: lawyer

Sydney - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will not leave the Ecuador embassy in London until it is guaranteed he will avoid extradition to the United States, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Assange says will leave Ecuador embassy in London 'soon'

London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange indicated Monday he would leave Ecuador's embassy in London "soon" but his organisation played down the comment, saying he would not depart until there was an agreement with Britain's government.

Op-Ed: This 4th of July, let's celebrate our future independence

There's an old joke that goes something like this: "Do they have a 4th of July in England? – Yes. That's how they get from the 3rd to the 5th." If independence is what we won from England, could we fare any better from our own government?

Where in the world is NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden?

The whereabouts of the whistleblower at the heart of the recent U.S. phone and Internet surveillance controversy are unknown. Edward Snowden checked out of his Hong Kong hotel Monday night, BBC News reports.

Op-Ed: Assange's balcony speech, and one humble opinion

London - Julian Assange made a rather pontifical speech on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy this past weekend, with the current Wikileaks farce at a stalemate.

Op-Ed: The Assange impasse

Julian Assange lies cramped up in the Ecuadorian embassy at Knightsbridge. Britain wants to extradite him to Sweden, while Assange wants to be granted passage to Ecuador.

Op-Ed: Fooling nobody — Pussy Riot and Assange are much the same thing

Sydney - During the Cold War, anyone who spoke against US and USSR governments could be, and was, literally persecuted. Thanks to Joe McCarthy and Joe Stalin, nobody had any actual right of protest. Things haven’t changed much.

Secret LA terror plot revealed

Wikileaks has recently released a series of emails from global intelligence agency Stratfor; what is contained in several of these emails though may make a serious impact on the upcoming presidential election.

Op-Ed: Can Assange or Manning get a fair trial? Doesn’t look like it

Sydney - Julian Assange’s move to the London embassy of Ecuador may look like a desperate move, but there may be good reason for the desperation. Readers note- This is a very long article, because it's a very difficult subject and involves legal principles.

Will Julian Assange be handed over to U.S. after Sweden?

Now that Julian Assange's appeal against extradition has failed, fears are that he will then be shipped on from Sweden to the U.S.A.

Assange 'The World Tomorrow' — guests targeted by the FBI

Sources close to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have told RT, “The FBI is apparently collecting evidence to indict Julian Assange before a grand jury. Sweden must not be the final destination of the designed extradition.”

Julian Assange 'The World Tomorrow' — Ep. 7: Occupy movement

London - "There's nothing that terrifies the U.S. government more than the threat of democracy breaking out in America." Julian Assange interviews representatives from OWS and Occupy London.

WikiLeaks: Bin Laden corpse 'Dover bound'

Washington - WikiLeaks recently ended its long period of silence with the new release of five million e-mails from the global intelligence company Stratfor. One such email relates to Osama Bin Laden's body.

Op-Ed: Anonymous denies Sony credit card theft- Smear campaign?

Internet activist group Anonymous has denied involvement in the Sony credit card hacking, after a file called “Anonymous” was found on Sony’s servers. Anonymous strongly denies allegations that it was involved in the hack.

Op-Ed: Milking the Internet cow — Making money out of reporting Assange

“News” is now circulating citing unnamed Pentagon sources that the US is finding it difficult to collect evidence against Assange to indict him. No official statement has been made, but the Internet is abuzz. Everything is “news” on this subject.

Former Swiss banker gives WikiLeaks data on 2,000 people

London - WikiLeaks has received sensitive information on more than 2,000 people in various firms and multinationals across the world, Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, said at a press conference in London on Monday.
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A screenshot from the WikiLeaks documentary WikiRebels
A screenshot from the WikiLeaks documentary WikiRebels
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Wandsworth prison.
Wandsworth prison.
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (R) speaks next to Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino d...
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (R) speaks next to Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino during a press conference inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on August 18, 2014
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