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Aspartame News

Aspartame and the safety of sweeteners

Aspartame is one of the world’s most widely used sweeteners and it has been used for decades. Nonetheless, the safety of the chemical is called into question from time-time. A new video sets out the case.

Op-Ed: Artificial sweeteners sabotage gut flora, cause sugar intolerance

Rehovot - One urban legend seems to be true according to a new study – Artificial sweeteners have damaging effects, sabotaging gut flora by promoting unhealthy flora and leading to health problems. Worse, small amounts of the sweeteners can cause the problems.

Sweet relief: Diet colas might not do any harm

Good news for those who prefer diet drinks. A risk assessment by the European Food Safety Authority has found that the low-calorie artificial sweetener aspartame is safe for consumption by everyone, including children and pregnant women.

New study suggests diet sodas may increase risk of diabetes

Two French researchers have completed an extensive study examining the risk of developing type 2 diabetes comparing the results of drinking diet sodas against soft drinks sweetened with sugar.

PepsiCo 'quietly' alters Diet Pepsi sweetener, plans new campaign

PepsiCo is "quietly" changing the formula in its Diet Pepsi product. The company has been slowly rolling out the new Diet Pepsi for weeks now and will continue to do so for the near future. The company plans to launch a new ad campaign next month.

Study: Aspartame, saccharin cause greater weight gain than sugar

A new study shows that saccharin and aspartame cause a greater weight gain than sugar, even with the same intake of calories.

Study: Aspartame linked to blood cancers

A new human study shows that aspartame use is linked to increased risk of leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), and multiple myeloma in men.

Video interview: Monsanto's history marred by scandal

Washington - RT America produced an interview show between Elizabeth Wahl and Abby Martin, discussing the scandalous history of the agro-giant Monsanto.

Op-Ed: Aspartame's cancer causing mechanism discovered-FDA must ban it

Although the FDA states that there’s no link between aspartame use and cancer, research on animals shows that aspartame can cause cancer.

Study: Sugar substitutes may cause weight gain

Adding to the growing list of supposed dangers caused by artificial sweeteners is the possibility of weight gain. A new study on rats found that no-calorie saccharin could make weight loss harder to manage.

Aspartame linked to cancer: study

Italian researchers at the Ramazzini Foundation in Bologna, Italy find aspartame on rats causes leukemia, lymphoma and breast cancer. FDA and “Equal” manufacturer dismissed the Italian study's claims.

MIA Investigates Aspartame & The FDA - A Toxic Tale

This sweetener is marketed under a number of trademark names, such as Equal, NutraSweet, and Canderel, and is an ingredient of approximately 6,000 consumer foods and beverages sold worldwide.

Does Aspartame Kill

Aspartame (known as NutraSweet and Equal) and other artificial sweeteners are used in all kinds of products, keeping the sweet food manufactures costs lower than if using sugar.

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A variety of artificial sweeteners
A variety of artificial sweeteners
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