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People can categorize words while asleep

Paris - According to a new study, the human brain can process information and even direct responses to cues while a person is sleeping.

Oops: German bank employee dozes, transfers €222,222,222.22

Hessen - The employee was supposed to transfer €62.40 from a retiree’s bank account, but fell asleep with his finger on the "2" key and transferred €222 million instead. Thank heavens he wasn't typing the number "9."

Video: Radio legend Mike Francesa falls asleep on air, again

New York - Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa appeared to briefly fall asleep again while at the microphone during his WFAN radio show Wednesday.

Video: Twins fall asleep face-first in their plates of spaghetti

Watch 22-month-old twins MJ and AJ, fall asleep face-first into their plates of spaghetti in sheer exhaustion after a day at the beach swimming and building sand castles.

Why men only want to roll over and sleep after sex

It is a constant source of tension between couples — the woman wants to cuddle and chat after sex, but the man just wants to roll over and have a good snooze. Scientists have come with an explanation that could make women understand men better.

Thief collects loot, then takes a nap on sofa

George Town - A burglar in Malaysia gathered up jewellery and watches but then feel asleep on the homeowner’s sofa. He was still there when the family returned home.

Op-Ed: Man dies after friends insert eel into his rectum

The China Sun is reporting the death of a Sichuan chef after his friends apparently slipped a large eel into his rectum, killing him in a prank gone horribly wrong. He died from massive internal bleeding and a police investigation is underway.

Briton Turns ‘Beast’ While Asleep

He is sleeping separately from his wife since many days, even he placed a metal barrier between them. It’s an unique story of a 70-year-old Derek Rogers, who is suffering from a rarest sleeping disorder. The disorder causes his brain to send violent sig

CNN Anchor O'Brien Falls Asleep in Global Warming Hearing

"CNN "American Morning" anchor Miles O'Brien fell asleep during the discussion, according to several witnesses. Only a colleague's nudge prevented the slumbering former science correspondent from missing the entire discussion."

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WFAN host Mike Francesa falls asleep on air
WFAN host Mike Francesa falls asleep on air
screenshot via YouTube

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