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Asian News

Review: Otherworldly artist Sha Sha Higby dances at the Throckmorton Special

Mill Valley - Described by some as “other-worldly,” “haunting” “evocative” “exquisite and ephemeral” International performance/sculptural artist, Sha Sha Higby is one-of-a-kind. Her work will be appearing at the Throckmorton in Mill Valley in November.

Philippines top Southeast Asian team in FIFA world rankings

Climbing four places to 137th, the Philippines is currently the top-ranked Southeast Asian team in the latest FIFA world rankings.

CCTV: Man fires shots into Philadelphia Chinese store, wounds 3

Philadelphia - CCTV security cameras caught the action as a man fired his gun into a Chinese food store in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, wounding three people.

Indonesia ban for women 'straddling motorbikes'

Lhokseumawe - In the West, 21st Century women take their rights and freedoms for granted. 'Straddling a bike' may seem an odd thing to be restricted, and deemed male only, but in Indonesia that is what is about to happen.

Judge jails thugs who mistakenly thought they were attacking EDL

Whitechapel - Sentences have been handed down at Snaresbrook Crown Court to ten percent of those involved in an attack on The Blind Beggar pub in Whitechapel causing $6,000 worth of damage. However, the English Defence League (EDL) were not inside.

Bank of Canada head issues apology for $100 bank note controversy

Ottawa - Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney issued an apology for the decision to exclude a woman that appeared to be of Asian descent, according to focus group participants. Carney called the move a mistake and the design process would be reviewed.

10 questions with YouTube's Chengman Special

Chengman is one of YouTube’s most popular personalities, with over 30 million total views, several viral hits, and an international fan base. It may be hard to believe that he got his start with a simple home video. This is his story, as told by him.

The real Peter Chao? 1-on-1 with the YouTube comedian Special

Peter Chao (username pyrobooby) exploded onto the YouTube scene 3 years ago with his controversial, forthright comedy. Today, his videos boast over 159 million views. I sat down with him for an exclusive look into his life, career, and Internet stardom.

Review: Re-Spiced explores racism you can dance to Special

Zooming down musical memory lane, a Chicago theater examines Western culture's lyrical take on Asia and the Middle East and what it finds is unsettling and exhilarating.

Video: Chicago gang shouting racial slurs attacks Asian teen

Chicago - Police have made arrests in the case of a 17-year-old Asian boy beaten by a gang of six attackers while another filmed the attack. The footage of the attack posted on YouTube helped the police in their investigation.

Netflix to consider Asian expansion?

Rancho Palos Verdes - Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix, plans to expand into another country by the end of 2011. The announcement came at the recent All Things Digital conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Toronto politicians call for apology from Maclean's magazine

Toronto - Speaking at a press conference at City Hall Wednesday, Karen Sun, executive director of Chinese Canadian National Council said Toronto’s reputation will be "tarnished" if city council doesn’t demand an apology from Maclean’s magazine.

Young Asian flies into Canada disguised as elderly white man

Vancouver - A young Asian man managed to board an aircraft and fly to Canada disguised as an elderly white man, using only a points card and someone else’s boarding pass for ID.

Police hunt man who robbed elderly woman in the street

Dalkeith - Lothian and Borders police are hunting a man who stopped an elderly woman in the street and robbed her in broad daylight.

Op-Ed: Asian sex slaves, the forgotten immigrants

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in the United States, and a prime opportunity to take a hard look at the stark truth behind the dirty, little secret of our nation’s failed immigration policies.

Asian antelope could be nearing its extinction

Discovered in 1992 at the hostile areas of Laos and Vietnam, the Saola antelope is at the narrow edge of extinction, according to experts.

Study Says Global Financial Market Losses Reach $50 Trillion

The global financial crisis slashed the value of financial assets worldwide by a massive $50 trillion last year, with developing Asia suffering more..

Giant Snakehead Fish Found in British River

The giant Snakehead is causing some in England to panic. The fish with razor sharp teeth from South East Asia has been known to eat anything in it's path including humans. If it has breed it could cause an environmental crisis.

Rail Tracks A Means Of Suicide In UK

Dealing with suicide is always heartbreaking. In Britain there has been a series of suicides using the railway tracks involving Asian women. Abusive relationships seems to be at the root of many of these suicides.

Greenpeace slams ASEAN's energy direction as "recipe for disaster"

Singapore - The environmental group Greenpeace slammed on Friday the conclusions emerging from a meeting of South-East Asian energy ministers for "committing the region to a dirty energy future."

An Asian Parasite Maybe why Honey Bees Are Disappearing

An Asian parasite may be the reason why the honey bees have been vanishing in North America and in Europe. A Spanish research team has determined that this parasite is the underlying reason for the mass disappearance.

Asian Women More Prone to Cancers Due to Western Diet

In a new report, it has been proven that Asian women who tend to consume a more western diet other than one of their own culture are more at risk of cancers such as breast cancer

Australia makes Asian Friends

Australia is making friends with Asian. this is good news.

Asia's Richest Woman Leaves $4.2 Billion to Fortune Teller

Asian real estate tycoon, Nina Wang had no children, and so she left 4.2 billion dollars to her fortune-teller.

Sea Levels Rising in Asia Due could Cause Widespread Hunger

Rising temperatures due to climate change are causing sea levels to rise and could cause food shortages for 130 million people because of drought.

Why Are Rare Lions Drowning at the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary?

The Gir wildlife sanctuary in India doesn't seem to be doing it's job as protectors of the rare Asian lions it breeds.

Bee-eating Asian hornets visit Europe, decide to stay

They dress in tones of yellow and brown, sound like tiny Italian motor scooters at full throttle, and eat live bees for breakfast.

"The Host", the next Godzilla?

Add one monster, some horror, a bit of comedy, and a whole bunch of asians running around screaming and you have the next possible Godzilla-type movie.

Bird flu virus is Asian strain

The avian flu which killed 2,600 turkeys at a Bernard Matthews farm in Suffolk has been confirmed as the Asian strain of the H5N1 virus.

Asian students dominate university campuses

Asia produces far more engineers and doctors than rest of the world combined and now even in the universities in the US, Asian students far outnumber other groups irrespective of their demographic share. This is a smart and intelligent demographic group.
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For more than 60 years Macy s has hosted its annual spring flower show. Each year at store locations...
For more than 60 years Macy's has hosted its annual spring flower show. Each year at store locations like San Francisco, shoppers are delighted with floral and plant arrangements to celebrate the season.

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