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Asbestos News

Claire’s Stores products withdrawn due to traces of asbestos

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling for stronger regulation of cosmetics fowling its confirmation that traces of asbestos were found in three make-up products from retailer Claire's.

Groups petitioning Canada's government to ban asbestos

While asbestos has been banned in several countries, some for decades, it is not banned in many others, including Canada. A group of national union officials held a press conference in Ottawa this week to seek a ban.

Plaintiff turns down $1.3 million to settle Talcum powder lawsuit

Diane Berg, the first plaintiff that filed a federal lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson accusing it of being responsible for her ovarian cancer, refused $1.3 million to settle down her case before the trial began.

Op-Ed: Crayons found to contain asbestos, sparks health warning

A consumer group has triggered an alert after asbestos was found in children's crayons and a toy lab kit. The products were imported into the U.S. from China and not checked by a range of major retail outlets.

Michigan school going to court over asbestos claims

Dearborn - Michigan ‘s Dearborn Heights School District No. 7 is headed to court after a federal lawsuit was filed claiming that the district covered up potential employee and student exposure to asbestos dust.

Increasing number of people affected by asbestos Special

Every year, around 2,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer caused by heavy exposure to asbestos. Those likely to suffer from the disease are people that worked in construction, shipbuilding, engineering and power generation in the 1980s.

Charlie Chaplin museum delayed due to asbestos find

Corsier - Chaplin's World is a 55 million franc ($60 million) project, set to convert the Swiss home of Charlie Chaplin into a museum by 2015. However, plans have now been delayed as asbestos has been discovered in the building.

Chinese carmakers face market challenges after asbestos recall

Over 20,000 cars made by two Chinese carmakers have been recalled by Australian authorities after it was discovered asbestos was found in some of the vehicles' components.

Man sentenced 10 years for asbestos crimes

A man from Illinois has been given a 10-year prison sentence for illegally removing asbestos as well as exposing workers to it.

Op-Ed: Canadian government sees asbestos in shades of green?

There's something fundamentally ironic about the Canadian parliament buildings having to undergo billions of dollars of renovations over the next 20 years to rid its walls of asbestos, a known cancer causing agent.

Business consortium discusses exportation of asbestos in Canada Special

They die from their work. More workers in Quebec are killed from asbestos exposure than any other cause. In 2009 61 of 104 Quebec workers who died from work-related causes had an asbestos illness. At Jeffrey Mine those figures are from prior standards.

Both sides of Quebec's asbestos battle speak out

Both sides of asbestos mining spoke out today issuing press releases. One side claims that health and safety is at stake while the other claims its jobs are at stake.

The ethics of selling asbestos

In Canada asbestos has been banned for use but that doesn't stop the mining and exportation of the leading cause of a rare cancer known as mesothelioma from the remaining two mines located in Quebec.

Two robbery suspects in danger-bin stolen contain asbestos

Cannington - Two suspects who stole a construction waste bin from a work site in Cannington last Thursday may not know that they are putting their health at risk. The bin contained asbestos material.

EPA declares health emergency in Montana, federal aid on the way

President Obama has declared the town of Libby, Montana under a public health emergency. As many as 200 people have been killed because of asbestos. Federal aid is on the way.

The Aftermath Of Toronto's Propane Fire; Questions On Safety, Insurance And Damages

It turns out the biggest danger from yesterday's fire at Toronto's Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases wasn't the flames but the asbestos in the wreckage. Hundreds can't return home and as many as 50 houses have been deemed uninhabitable.

After Report Of Asbestos Jail Guards Refuse To Work

A jail where 76 inmates are held in Nova Scotia has had asbestos discovered in the building. As a result of that discovery several of the guards are refusing to step back into Cape Breton Correctional Facility.

Retired Subway Cars to Be Sunk Into Ocean Waters to Double as Reefs

1600 retired stainless steel subway cars from NYC are heading to deep waters where they will double as artificial fish habitats. While one source says the environmental impact will be minimal, another says the impact needs to be further studied.

NHS Advisors Change Their Minds Over Cancer Drug

In a new report from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, it states that the drug, Alimta, currently blocked from treating asbestos related cancers can be used from now on to treat patients with the terminal illness

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Asbestos Image

Many of the older homes  like these on Ash Street in La Grande  have had problems with asbestos that...
Many of the older homes, like these on Ash Street in La Grande, have had problems with asbestos that was used in the interior of houses as part of insulation.
Asbestos (tremolite) silky fibres
Asbestos (tremolite) silky fibres
Aram Dulyan
More workers need to undertake Asbestos Awareness training.
More workers need to undertake Asbestos Awareness training.
Aaron Suggs

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