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Artificial intelligence seen with negativity above all

Artificial Intelligence is being looked at with the same worried eyes that many had on nuclear power. What will it take to overcome the people's disbelief?

SXSW anti-robot protesters call for 'morality in computing'

Austin - Anti-robot demonstrators took to the streets of Austin, Texas during the popular South by Southwest culture and technology festival to protest the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and call for what they called "morality in computing."

Review: Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Chappie’ still has some major glitches Special

Writer/director Neil Blomkamp’s third sci-fi feature, ‘Chappie,’ is an innovative look at artificial intelligence, though it’s not without its flaws.

Op-Ed: Future religion: virtual churches and artificial intelligences

Perhaps someday we will attend services in Virtual Reality churches, together with robots and incorporeal Artificial Intelligences.

Op-Ed: Bill Gates warns against artificial intelligence

The debate regarding artificial intelligence has reached the commercial sphere. Bill Gates has joined Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in warning of the risks to humanity from artificial intelligence. In an interview on Reddit, he explained his views.

Scientists inject worm's mind into Lego robot

Scientists of the OpenWorm project have mapped the connections between the 302 neurons in the brain of the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans, simulated them in software and put the program into a Lego robot.

Op-Ed: Why Elon Musk is right about dangers of artificial intelligence

Elon Musk, the famous entrepreneur who created Tesla Motors and SpaceX, is certainly no Luddite but he is vocally warning us against the threat of artificial intelligence. Here's why we should heed his advice.

Elon Musk warns of potential dangers of artificial intelligence

Elon Musk, who has made a fortune betting on future technologies and trends, has tweeted a dire warning about the potential dangers of one of the 21st century's most advanced achievements: artificial intelligence.

Op-Ed: Elon Musk's worry about AI should prompt tech-in-education debate

Famous inventor and tech mogul Elon Musk, he of Space X and Tesla Motors, has just cautioned us against the dangers of artificial intelligence. While AI may be dangerous, we should also be worried about the more basic danger of over-reliance on tech.

Op-Ed: Is the Malaysian Airliner still up there flying on autopilot?

Cape Town - The Malaysian Airliner was still on autopilot when it disappeared. Was it this century’s “Flying Dutchman” or the second warning this week that technology is now the master, and doesn’t have to explain what it is doing?

Chess star Demis Hassabis wins it all, sells company to Google

London - At 12, Demis Hassabis was the strongest chess player in the world for his age. He has come a long way in the two and a half decades since then. He sold his company Deep Mind Technologies to Google for around £300 million ($498 million).

The 'Singularity' is here, but without any emotion

Technological singularity sometimes referred to as simply "Singularity" is a point in time when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. Some debate that "Singularity" is here today. Others wonder, will it ever come to pass?

Video: US stealth drone X-47B launched from aircraft carrier

The US Navy has conducted the first launch of an unmanned autonomous aircraft from an aircraft carrier. The test flight of X-47B stealth drone, designed to launch from an aircraft carrier, was conducted over the Atlantic.

Rapyuta, Roboearth's collective brain for robots goes live

It’s not quite the Borg Collective of Star Trek fame but this week, the prospect of sentient, reasoning robots took a step closer as the European Roboearth project deployed its alpha version of a standardised knowledge base for robots.

Siri iPhone 4S voice app: 'Talk naturally - I understand, reply'

Before and after the release of the iPhone 4S, tech reviewers profiled Siri, its voice-recognition software that allows users to speak in their natural voices to schedule meetings, send messages, locate resources, place phone calls, and more.

Op-Ed: Computers learn languages from game manuals- And win more often?

MIT researchers set a computer program a test- Start a game with no idea of how to play it, with only the game manual as a reference. The game was the famous Civilization strategy game. The computer played, learned and won.

Germany hosting RoboCup 2011, a soccer competition for robots

Magdeburg - RoboCup German Open 2011 is an international soccer tournament for robots taking place at Magdeburg, Germany, with the ultimate goal of developing a robot soccer team capable of beating the human World Cup champions.

Watson machine ties contestant on 'historic' round of 'Jeopardy'

New York - Host Alex Trebek stated at the top of "Jeopardy" that it would be an historic day one of the hit quiz show. The latest competition pits Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and Watson, an IBM computer.

Orchestrion world tour employs Artificial Intelligence

Vancouver - Pat Methany is one of jazz fusion's most innovative and vibrant talents, and with his new Orchestrion World Tour he is bringing a new robotic band with artificial intelligence to a concert hall near you.

Computer Program that Writes Sports Stories Demonstrated

It's a lazy journalist's dream and a dedicated journalist's nightmare. A computer program unveiled earlier this month spits out sports copy when game stats are input.

Op-Ed: Scientists getting techno fear about intelligent machines?

Perhaps the oldest story line in science fiction is intelligent machines dominating the world. From Daleks to drones to C3PO and Robbie the Robot, machine intelligence has always had an audience. Now, it’s got real scientists worrying about it.

Could a Computer Ever Replace David Beckham?

A recent competition pitting Artificial Intelligences (AI) against each other has been won by a system designed to take free kicks like a professional soccer player.

Computer language can analyze on its own to study complex protein molecules

The computer language “Little b“ is unlike other software program, it can create its own code on the fly and analyze data with new codes.

Human Level Artificial Intelligence Will Arrive in 2029?

A panel of futurists across a number of disciplines have picked 2029 as the year the Arti-Intels finally get up to human speed. No word yet on when they're expected to arrive at self-doubt and on to self-destruction.

Look mom, I married a robot!

Anyone who has read the famous Kinsey report knows that humans will have sex with just about anyone and anything, from chickens and dogs over dildos and donkeys to yes, even humans. Sex with robots seems a logical evolution. But what about relationships?

Artificial intelligence, self programming computers, and brain implants: Homo Mecho

A new article of faith and mystic aspiration has appeared in the IT world: The “singularity”. A conference on Artificial intelligence (AI) in Silicon Valley says that ethics are needed for the future of the partnership between mankind and machine.

The Robot-Soldier Relationship and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

When overseas conflicts occupy land and minds, some soldiers begin to develop emotional relationships with their robot friends. Welcome to a world where robotics reaches another level of mind-blowing innovation.

What do you mean 'Toasting lizards has nothing to do with artificial intelligence'?

Working on artificial intelligence, I'm bound to have the most popular textbook on AI on my shelf: Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach. However, I've frequently noticed some funny things in the index, and finally decided to do a short summary.

New Humanoid Robot Walks More Like Humans

Dexter is a humanoid robot created by Anybots. His design differs from robots like ASIMO in that instead of following a preprogrammed sequence of motor movements which produce a certain walk, it dynamically adjusts its gait in a fashion more similar to hu

Finding Religion Through Code

MIT scientist Noah Vawter has created the "Religious Speech Sensor" (RSSense), a piece of software that can be used to search speeches and statements using phrases from an electronic transcript of the bible and flags any suspected matches.
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