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Has quantum artificial life been created?

A model of quantum artificial life on a quantum computer has been developed. This could mean, in the future, machine learning, artificial intelligence and artificial life will be combined on a quantum scale.

Q2'18 was good to US-based AI startups

PwC and CB Insights have released their MoneyTree™ Report for Q2 2018 and US-based artificial intelligence companies saw an increase in funding, but not an increase in deals.

Startup at odds with doctors over claim about AI diagnoses

Babylon Health announced Wednesday that the company's AI had undergone a series of tests and had "demonstrated its ability to provide health advice which is on-par with practicing clinicians." Doctors are disputing this claim.

Microsoft agrees to buy exited M12 AI startup Bonsai

Microsoft announced yesterday via a press release that they have signed an agreement to buy AI startup Bonsai in an effort to further artificial intelligence research.

Startup offers an easy way to build deep learning algorithms

Using a visual interface, this AI startup is making it easier to build deep learning algorithms — as simple as dragging and dropping.

Teaching machines to think like humans

Detroit - Developing a different type of neural network made with memristors can significantly raise the efficiency of machines to think like humans, according to new research.

Plant protein set to be the next big sweetener

Sweeteners are a popular alternative to sugar, especially for those dieting. Some sweeteners carry health risks and some don’t quite give the same sugary taste. In a breakthrough, scientists report on a new candidate.

Man-made meteor shower proposed for 2020 Olympics

A Japanese startup plans to create a man-made meteor shower for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremony. At $8,100 per meteor, the meteor shower could cost millions of dollars depending on the number of shooting stars and length of the shower.

Trolls turn Microsoft's AI chatbot into a Hitler-loving racist

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled an innovative Twitter chatbot designed to research human interaction. Mere hours later, the company was forced to pull it offline though as merciless trolls turned the chatbot's personality into a pro-Hitler racist.

Essential Science: Artificial light disrupts wallaby reproduction

Perth - Humans are steadily "lighting up" the natural environment. However, new evidence shows artificial light disrupts animals' normal rhythms. This affects both defensive and mating behaviors.

Computer solves 120-year-old mystery of worms in three days

A computer has solved a mystery that has been puzzling scientists for over 120 years in just three days. Using complex predictive simulation software, the system managed to explain how sliced-up worms turn into independent organisms.

The Musio AI robot wants to be your helpful 'curious new friend'

A new advanced artificially intelligent robot is seeking funding on Indiegogo. Boasting a unique personality and the ability to talk naturally, Musio wants to be your "curious new friend" with human-level intelligence and the ability to learn information.

'World's angriest AI' being built to train call centre staff

An AI company in New Zealand has tasked itself with building the angriest robot ever made. It has invested over £200,000 into the product which is intended to help companies deliver better customer service by telling them how to understand angry callers.

Scientists create artificial enzymes

London - Researchers have created artificial enzymes in the laboratory. These enzymes are encoded by artificial genetic material and can function as biological catalysts.

The Neptune Memorial Reef: a reef where you can stay forever

America's Neptune Society is known as a reputable cremation provider for when those dear to us pass away. Since 2007, however, customers have also had the option of having their ashes scattered on the seabed — on an artificial reef.

Artificial jellyfish could potentially save lives

Scientists have created an artificial jellyfish that could potentially save lives in the future. The jellyfish is made out of transparent elastic silicone, which could help form future organic organs.

Artificial blood for humans developed from pre-historic mammoths

Blood from pre-historic woolly mammoths is now helping scientists advance modern medical procedures. New artificial blood for humans will be based on the reduction of each patient's body temperature.

Man gets world’s first synthetic organ transplant

Stockholm - An Icelandic man has recieved the world's first completely artificial trachea transplant. Doctors, scientists and researchers hope to use this technology to do more with regenerative science.

Dog with 4 prosthetic paws becomes online star

A dog who lost all four paws due to frostbite is now able to run with the help of prosthetics, and has become a star on the Internet, as people watch video footage of him in action.

Miniature horse gets artificial leg

Denton - A miniature horse in Texas, who was born with part of one leg missing, is now able to run thanks to his new artificial leg.

China ends drought with artificially induced snow storm

In an effort to bring an end to a lasting drought, Chinese meteorologists seeded clouds with chemicals and brought this seasons first snowfall to Beijing.

China announces first live panda through frozen sperm

The first live birth of a panda through artificial insemination was announced Friday at Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in China's Sichuan province.

Artificial brain could be a decade away

A scientist based in the United Kingdom says an artificial brain that is fully functional could be developed within the next decade. Using rats, he has already simulated some parts of the brain.

The Original Metal Man: UK Man With First Artifical Heart Dies At 68

He was the first successful artificial heart operation to take place in the world in 2000, yet sadly today, the man with the metal heart has died at the age of 68. The British man had raised vital funds for charity since his life giving operation

The Holy Grail Of The Science World Has Been Found And It Can Save Lives

UK experts have come up with artificial blood which will save lives in situations of mass trauma in the future

Artificial Lung Successfully Saves Lives

Transplant surgeons used an external artificial lung to keep a dying patient alive while waiting for a lung donor. This is the first documented case in North America

Fintastic! Dolphin fitted with artificial tail

What do you get when you put a tire manufacturer with a finless dolphin?

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