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Artifical intelligence News

What does 2020 have in store for AI and data management? Special

The areas that will ascend in 2020 include AI, NLP, and implementation/ integration of first-party/ third party data, according to Madhu Therani of Near. Areas for business concern extend to security and data privacy.

Artificial intelligence can improve on human doctors

The headline of this article may require re-reading: can artificial intelligence really improve upon human medics? If machines can learn to take medical decisions, is this a good thing? A number of health tech investors think so.

Psychologists use machine learning to diagnose depression

Austin - Psychologists from University of Texas at Austin have deployed the Stampede supercomputer help identify patterns in neuroimaging data that can predict for mental disorders.

Google Allo update generates personalised stickers from selfies

Google is continuing to slowly trickle new features down to users of its AI-powered messaging app Allo. This week, the company unveiled a special capability that lets you generate selfie stickers similar to Bitmoji from your real photos.

Google Translate invents its own language

Google Translate has just got a whole lot smarter. The artificial intelligence platform has begun using a neural network to translate between different languages, and to do so it has invented its own language.

AI predicted the U.S. elections better than humans

Trump or Clinton? The opinion pollsters generally called the result of the vote wrong. In contrast, an artificial intelligence system called MogIA predicted the result to a high degree of accuracy. Does this mean more investment in AI systems?

Google introduces artificial intelligence assistant

The competition for an artificial intelligence app — to book appointments, tell you the weather or answer your phone calls — has increased with Google announcing it is developing several apps.

'Majority' of Google searches now processed by 'RankBrain' AI

Google has revealed it uses an artificial intelligence system to process a large majority of searches made through its website. Known as 'RankBrain', the AI helps with ambiguous questions never answered before.

Artificial Conversational Entities: Can A Machine Act Human and Be Given 'Rights'?

An annual test will start next Sunday to determine if computers can think well enough to fool judges into believing the computer is human during the "Turing Test." If machines are determined to have a "consciousness" will they then be given "rights"?

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