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Op-Ed: Changes in Journalism Better or Worse?

Harrison - Some say that Journalism has changed for the better and some saw for the worse. I honestly believe that it can go both ways.

Freelance writing jobs in decline after Google algorithm change

The Google algorithm change, which meant to optimize search quality by targeting writing mills, has wreaked havoc on the freelance writing job market according to

New York Times to start charging online readers in 2011

The New York Times has announced that it begin to charge online readers in 2011 and will use a metered system, which will provide free access to some articles and a fee for additional articles.

Study says men really do read the articles in racy magazines

Michael I. Norton and Zoe Chance, from Harvard University set out to find if men were telling the truth about buying Playboy for the articles. What they found may surprise you.

Wall Street Journal to charge 'micro payments' for articles

News Corp, the parent company of the Wall Street Journal, will begin to charge readers for individual articles on its website. The company will also offer a premium subscriptions option.

Wikipedia reaches 10 million articles

Wikipedia reached the magical figure of 10 million articles on Wednesday, when an article about a 16th century goldsmith named Nicholas Hilliard was created on the Hungarian version of the site.

Bet On The Outcome Of News Stories On

Hubdub is a new prediction site that claims it´s of great use for news editors. People can vote on the likely outcome of news stories and editors are invited to include the expectations in their coverage.

Are In-Depth Articles Better Than Blog Postings?

Jakob Nielsen writes about the importance of well-thought-out articles versus short and sweet blog postings, stating that writers should strive "to demonstrate world-class expertise" and "avoid quickly written, shallow postings."

Digital Journal Tip: How Do I Make My Articles Stand Out?

Do you ever wonder how come your articles do not get noticed even though you have put so much effort into them? Do you want to improve your articles and get more upvotes? Here are some tips I hope will help you improve your experience on Digital Journal.

How To Generate Traffic To Your Own Website Through Submitting Articles On The Web

There are many websites which promise the world when it comes to generating more traffic to your own website or blog, but which are the best?

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This is the best view I have managed to get for several articles shared recently.  I take out the pr...
This is the best view I have managed to get for several articles shared recently. I take out the preview, because its the generic look.
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